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Tickle your bare soles Before she could get up however she fealized she was tied to her bed as her hands were tied to the bed posts behind her and her bare feet were tied to the end of the bed. “What the hell…who would do this?” She asked herself expecting to hear an answer. All of a sudden a beautiful woman with auburn hair and a nice summer dress walked with a smile on her face. “So your awake Clara? How are you feeling?” The woman asked. Clara stared in disbelief at her situation and the womans face. This woman was none other than her best friend Jessica, a very kind woman who she hadnt seen in months. Jessica looked at Clara with a playful smile. Clara didnt know what to ask at first so she decided to apologize because as much as she wanted to know why her friend had tied her up she decided that her friend owed her an apology. “Im sorry for forgetting about you. I…had no idea you were even trying to get in touch with me…if i had known you were i would have dug up your contact and ask for you.” Clara said sadly. Jessica just laughed. Her bare feet were always ticklish “Dont worry about it sweety im not mad. Besides now that i have you tied up…i can…” Jessica began to say before she walked to where Clara’s feet were. Clara had no idea about what Jessica wanted with her feet but she was hoping that it wasnt painful. “Tickle your bare soles.” Jessica whispered seductivly. Clara’s eyes went wide at hearing that. Her bare feet were always ticklish and now her best friend was about to test that out. She was excited but also nervous. “You wouldnt dare!! My feet are so ticklish” Clara giggled with a smile on her face. She couldnt believe her luck. She was a lesbian into tickling and her friend knew that so she was using that knowledge just to have her way with her feet Jessica giggled. “I know sweety. These yummy feet are going to be tickled so much youll be driven crazy! Im going to make you cum! Ive had feelings for you for so long and now i have your bare tootsies in my grasp” Jessica giggled. Clara couldnt wait her bare helpless soles were going to be tickled beyond belief and there was nothing she could do to stop that. Soon she felt Jessica’s nails tickle her bare soles. She threw her head back on the pillow and laugh very loudly. Jessica smiled and licked her lips as that helpless laughter made her so wet. Your making me FUCKING WET God did that laugh turn Jessica on. She needed to play with herself so badly she couldnt take it. It was driving her crazy. She wanted to hear that music more so she scribbled her pointed nails faster over her bound captives soles “Oh Clara!! Your making me FUCKING WET!! Laugh for me my angel!! Laugh!!” Jessica exclained. Clara did just that. She laughed continuesly as Jessica expertly tittilated her bare foot bottoms to the point that she was laughing so hard tears were falling down her eyes. Both Clara and Jessica were so turned on. Clara never thought tickling would turn her on this much and yet it was. Jessica groaned, that laughter turned her on so much. She wanted to hear so much more of it. She scribbled even faster delighting in the womans laugh. She wanted to tickle those bare soles so god damn much. Jessica panted as she got off on her friends laughter. She started to hump the air as she tickled the woman’s bare soles. All of a sudden she couldnt take it anymore she took her other hand and masturbated as she used her other hand to tickle her friends bare soles