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This showed the lovely large mounds of her boobs clearly

This is another incident which happened with my widowed Aunt Sheen. As you know she was widowed with 2 children, a son and daughter, when she was around 45. Aunt Sheen had caught me jacking off to porn a few months ago. If you read my previous posts you will know how she seduced me after catching me jerking off. Turns out she had been desperate for a good fuck for more than a decade and finally decided to seduce me. She trusted me and we had been very close since I was little.

I am now in my late 20s and this incident is over 10 years ago. I was 19 at the time and lived in a big city in central India. I belonged to a conservative Muslim family and stayed in a huge joint family. Although there were over 30 of us, including my uncles, aunts, my cousins, my older sister, my twin sister and my folks we lived quite comfortably. Our immense house was designed to look like separate buildings from outside but were linked together from within.

Let me tell you about myself a bit more. I am over 5 ft 10 inches tall, fair with jet black straight hair with light brown eyes. I have an athletic built since forever and I’ve played soccer almost all my life, which helps me stay in shape.

I could see her large boobs

Now I’ll describe my aunt to you. Aunt Sheen is around 5 ft 6 inches tall and curvy, with heavy D-cup melons and a large, round ass which protruded noticeably. Picture a thick and curvy African-American MILF and you’ll get a good idea of how Aunt Sheen looked.

Coming back to the story…

It was April of 2006 and my college summer vacations had started. It was within a week into my vacation one night when I was at Aunt Sheen’s apartment upstairs in our 3-storied house. Aunt Sheen was alone at home as her son was working in Mumbai and her daughter Dee was visiting him.

Aunt Sheen asked me if I would like to come with her to Mumbai as she wanted to be there for her daughter’s birthday. She had planned to take a flight but the flights seemed to be full for the coming weekend. As it was her daughter’s birthday and her son had already planned an amazing treat for Dee at Mumbai it was important for Aunt Sheen to reach before Monday. So, as she was not used to traveling alone by train, she figured I could accompany her and stay a couple of days before returning home.

Aunt Sheen had not been able to get flight tickets to Mumbai but was lucky to get a seat on a return flight from Mumbai on Sunday. Having a chance to travel out of town for any reason was good enough for me. And I figured I could also fuck Dee at her brother’s place in Mumbai when I get a chance. So we were set to leave for Mumbai on an 11 o’clock train in the morning.

Tantalizing Train Ride to Mumbai

My folks had no problems with me going for a weekend trip. I packed my bags, and as planned, we took a cab and reached the train station, a bit past 10:30 on Friday morning. I was excited as Aunt Sheen led me to the first class cars on the train. These had cabins, instead of simple seats, as was the norm for the conventional train cars that traveled over long distances. The cabins had four bunk beds, with the upper ones extendable to allow passengers to store their luggage if they need. I was surprised to see that the plush berths were way better than the normal berths in the lower class cars.

I understood that Aunt Sheen was horny

These private cars had seating/sleeping arrangements for 4 passengers per cabin. Aunt Sheen had booked 2 seats and I was curious to know who would be our co-passengers. There was still 5 minutes left for the train to leave the station and Aunt Sheen told me to store the luggage under our seats, which were on the right hand side of the cabin. Aunt Sheen told me she wanted to use the rest room at the end of the narrow alley which ran parallel to all the other cabins in the train car.

I had stored my back pack and Aunt Sheen’s large flight bag under the seats and was busy connecting the headphones to my mobile to listen to music. It was then that a harried old lady entered the cabin. She was over 70 years old and a young guy was with her. I was surprised when the guy put the old lady’s large suitcase under the seat opposite ours and said good bye to her. I realized that this old lady would be the only other person in our cabin.

Aunt Sheen returned and I was surprised to see her dressed in a dark, long skirt and sleeveless top. Her skirt was quite fitting at her hips and highlighted her curvy sides immensely. The plain black-colored sleeveless top she wore now had a deep neck-line too. This showed the lovely large mounds of her boobs clearly. I could see her large boobs jiggle softly as she looked at me with a grin on her face.

I glanced at the old lade and saw her looking at Aunt Sheen. Aunt Sheen kept her large hand bag on the far end of the berth and took the seat to my left. It was then that Aunt Sheen turned to the old lady and smiled, greeting her. The old lady became friendly quite fast with Aunt Sheen and they began to chat.

When asked, Aunt Sheen told her how she had been widowed a few months ago and that she was taking a weekend trip with me, her “son” to get her mind off of her grief.

I listened to music on my mobile phone and didn’t mind Aunt Sheen and the old lady chatting. While talking to the old lady, I noticed that Aunt Sheen would keep her hand on my thigh, very near to my crotch. The old lady would see this as a motherly pat on the thighs but Aunt Sheen would squeeze my thigh whenever she touched it. I understood that Aunt Sheen was horny and was teasing me now.

Date: December 15, 2019
Actors: Mia Khalifa

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