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most of her time naked or in shorts

Further reading got me wondering why one would want to be naked most of the time if not all the time. My mother too depending on the weather spent most of her time naked or in shorts . Our maid isn’t the best at adapting to situations so my mother covers up while she’s at home. She keeps a set of clothes nearby just incase we have a courier or a delivery man around. So at the very curious age of 15 , armed with Google as my guide I too stepped into the whole new different level of living.
To start off, I was always comfortable with my body. Or at least I would like to think so. I’d slept naked a lot of times before so it was a matter of being able to be naked in front of other people. Since my mum was the easiest test subject so I decided I would try in front of her. Slowly the clothes started turning up less at the washing.

I was fully naked underneath

I decided the best way to go about this was to wear a long tee with no lingerie inside . Gave me a sense of security and at the same time knowing that I was fully naked underneath and thus was getting used to calming my nervous. Pokies became a regular thing. Wet thighs again was a regular thing. From going downstairs to my building and even riding around at night got ticked off. I must admit that not have anything underneath the tee itself was quite comfortable & liberating. Often made me think what it would be like to be stark naked in a public setting. Daring and close to impossible in my country for sure.
One day during the summer I got back from a long day at college. The humidity that day was intense and I was sweating inside out my the time I got back home. My bra was definitely drenched in sweat and I could feel it itch under my boobs. As soon I got home I threw my things aside and got the tee, bra and my jeans off.

I’m going to be spending the entire day naked

My mum walked out , naked telling me ” it’s a really hot day today isn’t it”. I said ” Please don’t mind me I need to get these panties off cause they are wet and itchy”. And in one swift movement I was naked , for the first time as an adult in front of my mum. For her it wasn’t a big deal and she just went about doing her thing. I settled down in a lazy boy and then it me that the first thing that I wanted to get over with , being naked in front my mother had just happened. I shouted out saying ” Ma, I’m going to be spending the entire day naked , let me know if anyone is coming home so that I can wear something”. Afternoon turned evening and my dad was home. Now this was a new and different hurdle all together. I was in a dilemma whether to cover up or whether to go down naked. I decided it’s best to have a word with him about this change in my lifestyle and not make him feel uncomfortable straight away. So I put on my long tee and went down to say hi. After catching up for a bit I asked him ” Pa , I’ve decided to become a home nudist like ma and if not fully naked , I’ll be wearing my lingerie . My dad looked at my mom and then at me and said ” seems like your a chip off the old block. I’m cool with it but I have some rules “. At first it was a sigh of relief but then what rules was he going to impose?

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Date: January 20, 2020

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