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Finding the outline of his cock

“I am much older than you.” He leaned back in the chair and she trailed her fingers from his knee up his thigh. She moved them across her groin until she found his shaft stirring beneath her warm hand. Finding the outline of his cock she began to trace it through his expensive silk trousers, stroking him from base to tip.

Deep inside her, between her legs

Ryu shrugged out of his suit jacket and lay back in the chair, relaxing under her touch. As his erection grew, she could see he was hiding a pretty good package under that expensive suit. Deep inside her, between her legs, she felt her body starting to react.

When she stopped massaging him, he opened his eyes and watched her. She pulled on the knotted belt of her robe. The patterned silk slipped off her shoulders and revealed her red bra and panties. The bra lifted her C cup breasts high and her cleavage was inviting. The cleverly designed bra even had slits in the lace that allowed her nipples to peak through at him. Her panties were a tiny piece of fabric, just enough to cover her small blond triangle of hair before disappearing as a thread between her legs.

He reached out and cupped her breast in his palm

His eyes grew wide and flooded with desire as he took in her outfit. “Red is my favorite color.” He reached out and cupped her breast in his palm. “They’re natural!” He was surprised. In a land of A cups, anything larger was almost certainly attained with a surgeon’s help.

“Every part of me is natural,” she responded with a wink. He looked at her long blond hair then his gaze dropped to her skimpy red underwear. He raised an eyebrow in question and she nodded.

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Date: February 14, 2020

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