Tweets battle with Nicole Aniston

i was into my mom for a long time.i slept with her when younger sister started sleeping with grandmother.so everynight i normally cuddle with mom and sleep.she wear nighty when sleeping.so at midnight when i cuddled with mom.i used to touch her belly everynight normally.but touched her breasts sometimes.it started like this.

One day grandmother and Younger sister went to grandmothers village for 3 days.that morning my mind was telling me ,"i found mom alone for 3days so I should do something".mom had high pressure.so i gave her juice but with extra sugar.she got her pressure high.she had sleeping pills but she used that sometimes.but she had to take 1 medicine daily.so that day i after dinner mom was going for medicine packet.i told her ill take that.she told me to take one sleeping pill.i went in her room and took two sleeping pills.i gave her two sleeping pills instead of one.she took that.she went to sleep.i laid beside her.i was cuddling with her.after 1 hour i pushed her and called her.i saw her in deep sleep.i pushed her many times but she was not responding.i carefully touched her boobs.she didn't move.i pressed it again and again to check her. I became sure that she was in sleep.i became happy.i wasn't thinking anything but sex i know that's not right.but what would i do that moment.i turned on the light.i saw her sleeping like dead.so i sit beside her and took off all the nighty buttons.i made her naked.after i saw her whole nude body infront of me i was too much happy i took off my pant.at first i wanted to check.so i sit between her legs and put one finger inside her pussy slowly.i saw she wasn't moving at all.so i became confident.i took my penis head infront of her pussy.slowly i put it inside.that time i was watching mom face.i took out inside fully and she didn't even move a bit.i felt her worm pussy.it was not tight and my penis was not big also.its small.but i was feeling like heaven.so I started pushing slowly.after thursting for less then 1min i was about to cum.so i slowly took it out.but after i took it out i cummed all over her pussy.i got scared watching my cum all over her pussy.i cleaned her after that.i closed her nighty buttons and laid beside her.i was too much scared so i laid like that.but after a while i thought of fucking her again.i thought i fucked her once nothing happened now.so i can do it once more.maybe i wont get any chances in future.so i got up.i wanted to be sure that she was still sleeping.so i grabbed her boobs slowly and pressed them.i saw she wasn't moving.so i took all off her nighty buttons.this time i took some precautions.i took my shirt and placed it under her hip and belly.i didn't wanted my cums on bed.while i was placing shirt under her i was moving her and i noticed that she was sleeping very deeply that she didn't feel anything.so i became more confident.i took her legs like missionary style.then sit between her legs.i took my penis inside her slowly.i watched her face while i was putting it i inside.i saw she was not feeling anything so this i started thursting fast.its not a shame for me telling u guyz that I can't fuck hard.i cum Normally in 2 or 3mins maximum.it means i cant satisfy a woman.but i can go long very slowly.i know thats not sex.but its sex for me.ok back on topic.i was sucking one of her boobs and i was fucking fast.i was about to cum in 2mins.i took out my penis and cummed over her pussy and belly.i saw my mom laying naked i infront of me and my cum was all over her.it was a life time satisfying moment for me.i took one picture that i will remember this night.then i laid beside her.i didn't clean her because i wanted to do it again for the last time.i took more pictures of us.i was less afraid after that.after some time i fucked her again and cummed over her.then i cleaned her and then i laid beside her.

I know i didn't do it right with her.but please dont judge me.it happened a long time ago.so if u guyz wants to hear what happened next.comment and i will tell you guyz everything