Bathing season expert Julia Roca

After getting Misty more comfortable me. I've made her cum several times. She's started to initiate giving me pleasure and keeping our secret. I've got to find a place where I can fuck her

tonight! I can't wait any longer. I walked around the church campgrounds looking for a place that I can take Misty and fuck her. But it's got to be far enough from the bunk rooms if she yells when I break her hymen but not too far so I can get back if I'm missed. I found it!!! There is a tool shed at the edge of the river and the opposite side of the bunk rooms. I started stashing towels so I could lay them down so Misty wouldn't get bruises or scratches from the old wooden table. During the night service I whispered to Misty during the alter call that God spoke to me and told me to continue to help you prepare yourself to be able to make your boyfriend happy. But God doesn't want everyone to know because God knows she is special and this is only for her. Some how that worked. I told her that after bunko checks I needed her to go to the bath house and wait for me. So after bunk checks and the counselors meeting which felt like it took hours to end. I went to my bunk and waited till I heard footsteps. I then snuck out of my bunk house and stayed in the shadows to not be seen. I saw Misty sitting on the long bench next to the female bathroom. Misty was only wearing a tight tank top. Her massive titties were bulging at the top and she was wearing only panties. I could see her pussy hair from each side. Her hair was hanging loose and falling in her face. I motioned for her to be quiet and to follow me. She grabbed my hand and I lead her through the shadows to the old till shed. I knew I didn't want to be gone long but I also was so excited to be the one to take her innocence. Once inside I pulled her into my arms. "Misty God has spoke to me and he wants me to prepare you for your boyfriend and for your husband. " I whispered as my hands were grabbing her ass cheeks and my mouth was pressed against her ear. I moved me mouth to hers. She opened her mouth like a fish. I moved my tongue against hers. Using her for my pleasure. I pulled her in tighter. Her nipples were straining against her tight shirt. My fingers grabbed her ass cheeks pulling them apart. I broke our kiss and I picked her up and sat her on the towels on the table. I reached and pulled her titties out over the top of her shirt. I pinched and squeezed her titties. While I stared at her the only light was from the moon. I moved one hand in between her thighs. I slid my finger inside her panties. She was wet. Her pussy hair was wet and sticky. I began to kiss and lick her neck. I moaned in her ear "Misty God wants me to show you how babies are made..... but..... it may hurt for just a second. Will that be alright?.... you trust me don't you?"

She nodded her head yes. With that I laid her back and pulled her panties off. She laid there with no panties, her feet on the table, knees bent. Her titties were still out of the top of her shirt. Her neck was red from where I was just sucking on it. I bent down and sucked her nipple into my mouth. My other hand went to her pussy. My fingers spread her stick pussy lips. I sucked her nipple moving my mouth from nipple to nipple. Sucking harder each time. She spread her legs further apart and she moved her hand to my head. She pulled my head closer. I sucked her nipple harder while my hand squeezed the tittie I just abandoned. I worked her clit between my finger and my thumb. She moaned and I felt her pussy gush. As she tightened her legs arms my arm. My fingers became soaked with her pussy juice. She was Cumming!! I released her nipple from my mouth and grip and gently kissed her hot sweaty skin. She was still panting. She eased her thighs apart again. I pulled her to the edge of the table. I rubbed the head of my cock between her soaked, Hot sticky pussy lips. I lightly rubbed my fingers lightly over her stomach and titties. "Misty this is the part that may hurt a little. It won't hurt for long though then it will feel really really good. You trust that God is using me to help you make your boyfriend and husband happy... right?" I asked. Trying to sound concerned and supportive and not animalistic which I really want. Misty nodded her head yes. I leaned forward and I began to kiss her face, bite her lip and then move my mouth to her nipple. Since she has cummed every time I suck her nipples. I sucked her nipple and squeezed the other. I moaned into her fatty titties and I kept the head of my cock between her pussy lips pressed against her hole. I moved my mouth to the other nipple and I sucked it hard. I felt her flinch and moan. Her hands grabbed my head and pulled my head tight. Her body began to quiver. This is when I moved my hand over her mouth. I pressed the head of my cock into her pussy. Oh my God she was tight. Once I felt her hymen against the head of my cock I thrusted further. She cried out as the hymen tore. I pushed my cock deeper. Her pussy gushed her pussy juice around my cock and I felt it dripping from my balls. Feeling her pussy stretch around my cock was the best feeling. I was lost in pleasure. As I continued to sink my cock further still. Misty was still crying she was trying to push my shoulders to get me off of her. He legs were kicking trying to stop me from driving my cock balls deep. My cock is larger than normal. I have known this since I was a little kid. My cock is 8.5 inches hard and 4 inches thick. And I was determined I was going to get every inch of my cock into her. She kept turning her head side to side and trying to push me away. This was v turning me on more than ever. I thrusted once more and I fel

I couldn't hold off any more. I had to cum. I moaned as I came. I shot stream after stream of my cum deep in her pussy. I calapsed on her. My body is shaking and sweaty. I pulled my cock out after I emptied my balls. I slowly moved my hand from her mouth. I stood and pulled her up. She was still crying and shaking. I heard her pussy queef as she sat up. The smell of cum mixed with sweat was filling the old shed. I hugged her and 'shhhhh'd' her. I lightly rubbed my fingers across her sweaty skin. Once she stopped crying. I pulled her chin up and kissed her forehead, then her cheek, then her lips. She held her lips tightly closed. I couldn't help but smile. "Misty my pretty pretty girl. You did so good." I whispered. She moved her forehead to my chest and wrapped her arms around me. "My pretty pretty girl. You did so good. God is going to be so happy with how you're practicing " I bullshitted her. She hugged me tighter. I figured I'd add another security level. "I wish God would let me find a pretty, sweet, kind, sexy, giving and God fearing girlfriend like you". I lied. Misty lifted her head and replied "So you think.... I mean.... I could pray for you to... find a girlfriend Brother Josh." "Oh Misty would you? I would love that Misty the prettiest girl in the whole world". I asked. She nodded yes. I grabbed her face and kissed her. This time she opened her mouth like a fish but she stuck her tongue out. I sucked on her tongue as I moaned into her mouth. I stepped back. I told her she needed to go take a shower then go to her bunk. As she slid off the table her knees were weak.

I liked that I fucked her weak in the knees and I was just getting started. I held her arm as she put her panties on and fixed her titties back in her shirt. I grabbed her chin hard and hissed. "Misty this is God's plan and only you and I know about it. Your daddy will get very very mad if he finds out. So this is us doing God's work. Ok?" She smiled and nodded.