Nice Group of Friends

I met him on Tinder. He "swiped right" on my pic, and pretty soon after that we were texting and flirting. I hadn't shared too much with him, except that I was naturally large-chested and very submissive sexually.

Of course, when I told him that, he asked me out for drinks that same night. I accepted. ***** He's going to be here in ten minutes to pick me up for our first date. I look in the mirror and like what I see. Tiny black dress, visible corset, crotchless panties. My 34J tits look huger than usual, my ass looks plush but tight. I look like a dirty little slut. Good. I really want to get fucked tonight. ***** Fifteen minutes later, I am pinned face-down on the cold, hard tile floor of my apartment. My dress is bunched up around my waist and my little panties are stuffed in my mouth. Because my date ripped them off and put them in there. So he could get to my ass. So he could rape it. I realize I'm not dreaming. I'm actually getting raped up the ass on my own floor by a very strong man with a very large cock. My date. I'd let him in! I'd been expecting a gentleman, not a handsome, horse-cocked ass rapist! I begin to scream and cry, but this just encourages my assailant. "Ha," he hisses into my ear from his position above and behind me. "I fucking love it when little sluts scream. Little sluts who scream like they don't want this huge cock buried up their asshole." He slams my face into the floor and whispers terrifying threats into my ear. He's going to cut my throat. He's going to throw me in a dumpster. He's going to sell me to a sex slaver. He's going to rape me up the ass a thousand more times. He's going to beat me unconscious. With each threat he buttfucks me even more cruelly and forcefully, sawing his huge cock in and out of my tight little bottom as I sob and beg him to stop. He slams his cock up my ass, balls-deep, pulls almost all the way out, then slams it back in. Over and over again. I'm completely out of breath from the relentless pounding he's giving me. But still. He's a very skilled assfucker. Very well-hung, pumping his shaft in and out of my asshole rhythmically, holding my arms and face to the floor. I can tell he's pounded a lot of ass, and I've certainly had my fair share of dicks in mine. My body is betraying me as he grunts and fucks my bottom. I'm starting to feel like a very lucky girl

I can't believe it. I like it. My cunt is gushing as my rapist pounds my asshole. I can't help it. I love getting fucked up the ass. For fuck's sake, I was going to let him do it after our date tonight! I was going to let him get me drunk and then play it coy as he took my ass. Even if he didn't want to see me again! But that point is moot, because he's assraping as we speak. And something dawns on me—all the times I've assfucked myself with my dildo as I imagined being raped—my wildest sex fantasies are coming true as we speak. Now I'm moaning with pleasure, pushing my ass up against his cock, wanting more. I'm not blind to the irony of this situation—I'm getting brutally assraped and I'm about to cum. At this point, though, I don't care. There's a fat cock stuffed up my ass. Where else would I rather be? "Yes, Mister," I whisper. "Use my bottom. Use my slutty little horny asshole. I deserve it. I'm such a filthy little butt slut. I deserve to get my ass raped. I've been asking for it. Yesss, Mister. Yes, fuck my ass!" I tell my rapist I'm about to cum. He laughs. "You worthless fucking slut. Go ahead. Cum." And I do. My cunt explodes into orgasm. I scream loudly and squirt pussycream all over my rapist's balls. He just keeps raping my asshole. And I just keep cumming. Then he's ready to blast. I can tell. I consider asking him to cum in my ass, but before I can speak, he's begun. He grunts and calls me a cunt and pumps load after load of his rapist sperm up my ass.

Then, unbelievably, he stands up, puts his big cock away, pulls me to my feet, and looks into my face. He extends his hand. "Hi. I'm John," he says. "Ready to go get dinner? I've been looking forward to this. You're gorgeous, by the way. Wow." I stare at him with confusion. Should I be screaming and calling 911? My dress is still bunched around my waist, ripped to pieces. There's red lipstick smeared all over my face and mascara dripping down my tear-streaked cheeks. My hair is a matted, disheveled mess. I just stare at him. Didn't he just assrape me on the floor? John slaps me across the face. Hard. "Here's what we're going to do," he growls. "You're going to go get cleaned up, and we're going to go have a wonderful dinner. After that, we'll find a dive bar and go in for a few drinks. I will slip some drugs into your fourth drink, and when I think you're about ready to pass out, I will take you into the men's room and rape you again. "I will push your face down into a filthy toilet and fuck you up that tight ass. Then I'll throw you onto the floor and rape your throat. And those huge titties. I will cum wherever the fuck I want. Then I will leave. I'm going to leave you there, unconscious on the dirty floor with those melons out. I hope you get raped again. I hope you get gangraped all night long. In fact, I will make sure the bartender knows you're in there and to pass it around to all the guys. You deserve it. Maybe he'll charge them. What do you think? What's a good price to pay to fuck a pretty passed-out girl up her pretty ass?" I consider his words. My pussy is creaming for him. My nipples are hard. I decide to go with my gut. "Let me go get cleaned up for you. I'm sorry I'm such a mess; it's very disrespectful of me."

"Good slut. Go. Wear something even sluttier than this dress. I want your massive titties on display." I nod and slink back toward my bedroom. As I fix my face and change my dress, he calls out from the living room. "Just because I'm going to leave you in a men's room tonight doesn't mean this is our last date. We'll go out again for sure! Maybe tomorrow? "But I'm definitely going to rape your ass again. Maybe next time with a knife on your throat. I'm going to attack you when you least expect it. I only like to fuck when the bitch is screaming." I can do that. I can scream and cry for him. I already can't wait for him to buttfuck me again. Against my will or otherwise. My cunt is drooling and creaming when I emerge to greet him again. All fixed. "I dollar," I croak. "That's what I'm worth. A dollar for the jukebox." He smiles and pulls me into his arms and we share our first kiss...a deep, wet sloppy French kiss. We swap spit and slobber into each other's mouths. He feels up my giant jugs with his big, firm hands, and groans at their massive size and softness. He pinches my nipples. They've been rock hard since he first rammed his dick up my butt, but I don't tell him that. "That's a good girl. You're worth a lot more than a dollar, but you don't need to know that. Goddamn. I'm going to make love to these enormous breasts," he murmurs, fondling them. "So many times. Soft, fat tits for my hard, fat rod. A perfect match. I'm also going to French-kiss that tiny little asshole. I can't wait to taste it. Not everything I do is anal rape. Although I do that a lot." I like the sound of this. All of it. And I realize that what just happened on the floor was totally consensual, and that he'd known it would be consensual when he first pushed me to the floor. I smile to myself, realizing John and I are embarking on the roleplay relationship of a lifetime. Rape roleplay.

He kisses me again. I link my arm with his and we leave for our first date. I relish the feeling of his cum dripping from my asshole. I cross my fingers that he gives me another load before the night is over