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After a moment however she pushed back onto him, now looking forward to pleasing her master however he wished her to. He loved how she arched her back, pushing her ass toward him, inviting his touch. In her mind-controlled state, she was enjoying the feeling even though it would be normally painful and revolting to her. They continued this way for a couple more minutes, before he turned and pushed her under the shower, Sarah giving a gasp and satisfied tremble at the hot, enveloping water.

“Yes Master,” she said as she got up from the bed and walked somewhat unsteadily toward the bathroom of the suite. He got up from the bed as well and looked toward the bathroom, noticing the steam of the shower creeping out into the main part of the suite. “Go ahead and get in the shower, Sarah. I’ll be right with you,” he said as he walked toward his camera. The strange man picked up the camera and carried it into the bathroom and set it up pointing toward the shower. He then gathered his clothes, so they’d be ready for him when it was time to go. With his belongings set aside properly for his departure, the hypnotist turned and walked back toward the bathroom. When he stepped in the shower, he found that Sarah was standing under the hot running water with a dazed, vacant expression on her lovely face. He took a moment to appreciate the water running down her tight, firm body and over her wonderful little curves, admiring how her skin glistened from the steam and moisture. In her mind-controlled state, she smiled prettily at him, running her little pink tongue along her lips and wiggling an inviting finger, inviting him into the shower with her, which he happily did, joining her under the warm, streaming water and she slid her arms round his neck to lean up and kiss him, their bodies pressing together, His revived cock pressing against her flat tummy as she craned up to kiss him.

"I hope you're enjoying yourself so far Sarah,” he said, looking into her vacant eyes as the water soaked them, steaming up the bathroom around them as his hands slid down her smooth back, stroking down to squeeze her tight ass. "Yes master, I just love to please you!” and she giggled girlishly as he continued to explore her mouth with his tongue and her ass with his hands. "That's good because, it's not over yet either,” he said with a grin, leaning down to kiss the mindlessly happy blonde actress. He brought them fully under the hot shower, Sarah pulling her hair back from her face as the water poured over them. They continued to kiss as he stroked and groped at her hot young body, Sarah doing the same to him, feeling his toned muscles and reaching down to take a firm grip on his cock, gently teasing at his rock-hard manhood as his hands pulled round to grope and squeeze her firm breasts, using his thumbs to circle her nipples before continuing to fondle her. Reaching out, he took hold of some shower gel and squeezed some into his hands, making her shiver as he drizzled some directly down her shoulders and back, making them both smile as he then proceeded to apply his hands to her and lather up the gel, running his hands down her chest and over her perky tits first, taking plenty of time about it as well.