Porn Games with Angel Rivas

We couldn't miss this event that only happens every 4 years. These are our first Olympics games so let's celebrate and compete with our favorite foreign pornstar, Angel Rivas. First, a beach volleyball game and here Angel wins, distracting us with her lovely body shape. 1-0 to Russia. During the 15 meters run Angel plays her cards again: the bouncing of her breasts almost beat us again. Nick wins by a cock. 1-1, a tie. This will have to be resolved by playing a non-olympic game which gives way more pleasure than winning a gold medal. Let's Fuck!!!

Double cream and blue tits For the last few months before I left school, I had a part-time job with my uncle, Roger. Roger by nature I used to call him, not to his face obviously. He was my uncle on my father's side, and he was a right character. If ever you wanted anything, then uncle Roger would somehow manage to get hold of it. I wouldn’t consider him as a criminal, more of a loveable rogue. Come Christmas we never had to buy a tree because my uncle would always suddenly appear with one, along with the biggest turkey you have ever seen, saying, with a cheesy grin on his face, “they just fell off the back of a lorry.” Uncle Roger used to have a milk round. Back when milk was delivered to your doorstep in glass bottles at stupid o'clock in the morning. And when the Blue tits would peck holes in the foil bottle caps to get their beaks into the layer of cream at the top of the bottles. Three mornings a week I would have to drag myself from my warm bed at four-thirty in the morning, my blurry eyes stinging. At five o’clock we would arrive at the diary to collect our milk order.

Aside from the money, there was another good reason for getting up so early. The lovely Tess worked in the diary. She was a bit older than me and had finished her education. If I hadn’t been working for my uncle then I probably would never have met her, as she had gone to an all girl’s school, in the neighbouring town. By her looks alone I felt she was well out of my league. Tess had long dark hair, tied in a ponytail and her brown eyes left me spellbound. To top it all, she had the most amazing arse that wiggled delightfully as she walked. I would always make sure I was behind her when she sometimes helped us load the crates onto the milk-float. I spent many happy moments with Tess, in the shower. In my dreams of course, while I was gently washing my cock. I imagined feeling her camel toe through her tight trousers. Her naked tits as she took off her bra. Me, lathering her naked body with my soapy hands. I imagined slipping my fingers into her sweet pussy hole and sliding them in and out. Me standing behind her, my hard-on wedged between the cheeks of her arse with hot water cascading over us and while I wrapped my arms around her. Tess would ride my fingers, bucking her hips back and forth, until she jolted with orgasm. At this point, I had generally shot my load, all over the tiles and watched as my sticky cream slide down the wall. Next time, I will fuck her, before I cum.

Enough of that… Laden with crates of milk, we trundled off down the road in our three-wheeled electric milk-float with the sound of glass bottles clanking together. Uncle Roger was a well-built chap. He also had an infectious laugh and the swagger that women loved. One of my duties was to enter each customer’s order into his pocketbook, to make it easier for him, come collection day. I soon noticed that one or two customers had different collection days to the rest. Nothing strange with that I hear you say. But these customers also received a free bottle of double cream after each visit and I was always told to wait in on the milk-float while he collected his dues. When I asked my uncle why these customers got free milk, he just laughed. “I have to look after my regulars, Lad,” he winked. The following morning was one of those special collection days. When Uncle Roger went to the door, I followed him. Like a deranged stalker, I lurked in the shadows. I heard the knock on the front door and shortly after a woman’s voice greeting my uncle by his first name. The door clanked shut and all fell silent. I peered through the hedge and there was no sign of him. He must have gone inside. A second or two later I saw an upstairs light turn on behind drawn curtains. A few seconds more and the light turned off. I waited and I waited. I went back to the milk-float. At length he returned, whistling as he walked. “Double cream?” I quizzed. “Double cream, Lad” he replied, grinning from ear to ear. The following week was the half-term break. For the whole week, I would go to work with uncle Roger, I also got to see Tess every day, and her cute arse, even if it was only for a short while. And even if she barely even noticed me, I felt side-lined, as every other milkman collecting their order flirted with her, attracted to her like moths to a porch light.

There were three special collection days on the round that week. That meant I also had a busy week stalking my uncle watching him deliver his gold top to the ladies. Mrs Woolard was quite tall and had long fiery red hair. She had been widowed, about a year ago and lived by herself in a big house just outside of the village. When uncle Roger knocked at her door I was already peeping through a gap in the fence. “Mrs Woolard,” I uttered to myself, as she opened the front door and greeted my uncle wearing just her flimsy see-through nighty. She must have been in her forties, but she still had a lovely figure and boy did she have a pair of tits. Despite me being several feet away I could clearly see her saucer-shaped nipples grinning through that nightie. I was gutted when my uncle went inside and closed the door behind him, I hardly got to see her pussy properly, bulging through those skimpy knickers. I waited, jealously, for the upstairs light to come on. When it stayed dark, I thought, maybe her bedroom was at the back of the house, so I went to investigate. I was pleasantly surprised to see, as I crept around the corner, that they were in the kitchen. The light was on and the curtains were partway open. Mrs Woolard had a round kitchen table, and there she was, bent over it, resting on her elbows. Her nighty had come adrift and her huge tits, splayed onto the table. It was a moment to savour as Uncle Roger lifted the hem of Mrs Woolard's nightdress while she leant over the edge of the table. With both hands he pulled down her lacey knickers, fully exposing her enormous, pale white, arse. He continued pulling those panties until they were at her feet and she had stepped out. The filthy bastard even pressed them to his face before he put them in his uniform, coat pocket. I could tell he was in a rush to sink his cock into Mrs Woolard's fanny as he frantically fumbled to unfasten his trousers with one hand, while with the other, he stroked her warm, soft flesh. I couldn't really miss his huge erect cock as it stuck out proudly, after dropping his trousers and pants.