You can touch my Ass

Lady Rebeca hits the streets to publicly display her amazing ass. She loves teasing around and asking people to rate her ass. But she does not only ask them to rate it, she also allows the pedestrians to touch it...

Every once in a while I get lucky and my girlfriend lets me bang her in the ass. Well, last night I'm fucking the shit (wrong expression I know) out of her pussy, she turns around and says, "You can stick it in my ass if you want, come on", that made me hornier than I already was, so I pull out of her pussy, I smack her ass and start to slip it in her winky. When about halfway in I run into an obstruction. The first thing that pops into my head is man, that's kinda gross bumping up against a turd with my dick, but then I figured maybe if I just kept banging her I could shove it back in far enough to get the damn thing out of my way. So I did.

Well, that was a bad idea because jamming the turd back in caused the gas behind it to back up and just about the time I went in for what probably would have been the thrust that got the turd out of my way, the gas exploded. It shot my dick and the turd out like a rocket. Now, if getting your dick explosively expelled from your chick's ass and then getting hit in the gut with a flying turd doesn't make your dick soft, you're a better man than I am.

Anal sex is not something that I'm really passionate about these days. The only thing my girl said was "do not dare tell this to ANYONE!", and I didn't