Perky Outspoken Rider

He was clearly not letting her get away now as his hands slid up to her firm, perky breasts, crudely groping and pawing her enticing mounds and roughly pinching and pulling on her nipples, his crude groping adding another unpleasant dimension to her agonising ordeal. Sarah moans and protests ramped up another notch as she felt him beginning to stroke his tool deeper between her splayed cheeks “Liking it more now Sarah?” he taunted her as he continued to grope the helpless little actress, his cock ramming upwards between her splayed asscheeks, seeking entrance to her most taboo hole.

“Shit, no, no, Please, Stop! no, ahgg,” she cried. For his part, the stranger knew he was causing her a great deal of pain but her pleas and cries just spurred him to even greater levels of arousal and he felt the end of his tool, throbbing and swelling inside the gorgeous blonde’s anal passage

He savoured the feel of the hot water showering down over them as he held still, her anal ring clenching hard around his giant tool, He slid his hands to take a hold on her waist, just giving a slight rocking motion for a few seconds just to make sure she was ready and then he gave another slow, powerful push into her super-tight ass, looking down to watch as his cock disappeared from view into the booty of the tight blonde actress, hearing her give a strained groan as she took a bit more girth and plenty more length.

she panted as he grabbed a firm hold of her hips. He didn’t care if she found the experience painful. All he cared about was getting his throbbing member deep inside the blonde actress’ sensational ass and pumping her ass full of his sticky load. It didn’t matter. He began to savagely pound his dick up into her so hard that her entire upper body bounced up and down at her waist, slamming her face forward into the shower wall.