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I had been running around like a headless chicken, trying to ensure I had all the bits I needed for the convention at the spa resort where I hoped to get a promotion at work from the information I would glean at the convention. Adele my wife was coming along for the trip and I was getting stressed out as I tried to ensure we arrived on time. Somehow, god knows how but we arrived early and we settled into our room, well more like a suite with two double beds, lounge, en-suite and a Jacuzzi. I decided to make use of the Jacuzzi and slid in beside my wife and before long I had her bouncing around on my cock as we made love in the bubbles. We went down in time for dinner and I introduced Adele to some of the others I knew. There was one guy called Frank, we called him ‘frank the wank’ as it was common knowledge he had a large cock which we all nicknamed the ‘pussy pleaser’. As well as that, he always ended up screwing someone at these conventions. I was even less happy when I discovered he was in the adjoining room to ours, so I told Adele to keep clear, telling her he would only be interested in getting her out of her panties. She laughed and made some comment about him not being that bad. As the night went on Adele ended up at the bar chatting to this Frank, as I tried to keep an eye on her, and talk business with the others. Eventually our discussion ended and the guys drifted off to their respective rooms. By now Frank and Adele were sitting in a booth together, I bought a drink and moved over to sit beside Adele. The three of us chatted and soon the conversation turned to the point that Frank’s comments were becoming inappropriate, telling her she had a lovely figure and that she was a sexy lady. I asked him to stop making such comments and he apologised but all too soon he was back making them until Adele told him that she was happily married and his comments were unwanted and frankly disgusting. He apologised however we had both had enough of him, so the two of us left and retired to our room. I apologised to my wife for his behaviour, but she reassured me that she wasn’t upset at me as it was his problem for being such a lout. We enjoyed a lovely night making love twice and falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day I spent all day at the seminar whilst Adele, spent her time shopping and visiting the spa. By the time we had finished it was dinner time and I had to quickly change and we shot to dinner. With me having missed a proper lunch and only had a snack with coffee to keep me going, I foolishly drank too much beer and then onto spirits, by eight pm I was more than a little tipsy, in fact I was done. I made my excuses and my wife and I retired to our room. I must have flaked out almost immediately and awoke around twelve midnight to fine Adele missing and my head somewhat aching. I made my way down to the bar but she wasn’t around. I asked at the desk if they had seen her but again it was in the negative. I returned to my room and made a coffee as I tried to think where she could be. Just as I was about to leave and look for Adele again, I heard noises coming from Frank’s room, a steady ‘knock, knock, knock’ I soon recognised as the bed banging against the wall, I laughed out loud just to myself as I thought, so ‘Frank the wank’ had found another poor sod to fuck yet again. I took a can of cola from the fridge and popped the ring just as the woman he was so obviously fucking began moaning, I stood puzzled for a few seconds as something rattled around in my drink hazed mind that I recognised. Then I heard something that made me feel as if my stomach had dropped, and I had to swallow hard just to keep breathing."You’re mine tonight baby, and I’m going to fuck you really hard!" "Oh yes Frank fuck me, fuck my wet pussy." The voice was so familiar it only took me seconds to realise it was Adele, my wife that Frank was fucking. "Oh god, fuck me harder….don’t stop….give me that big cock." Her pleas went on and on, "Fuck me my pussy’s so wet…you feel so huge…stretching me like no one ever has before" she panted." That’s it Frank …fill me up with your big beautiful cock!" I knew there was no mistake; the voice was most definitely my wife. My wife who had been so disgusted with him the night before. She was the one Frank had in the next room and who was getting banged, by that big pussy pleaser he was renowned to have. Adele, my wife, my faithful wife was screwing the guy who she had said she hated last night. There was me, instead of rushing next door to try and stop what was happening. I was becoming aroused at my wife’s infidelity; I was more intent on trying to find some way to watch my slut of a wife, getting fucked by Frank’s big pussy pleaser.

Wondering how I was going to see, whilst not being seen, I decided to try the balcony doors. As both the balconies adjoined it was easy enough to position myself outside the patio doors. This I did and what a sight beheld me as I looked in on the adulterous pair. My wife Adele positioned over the end of the bed, and Frank sawing in and out of her pussy with his big pussy pleaser. Going by the distance his hips were drawing back and then pushing forward, he was obviously very well endowed. The groans and moans of my wife could clearly be heard, as an open side window allowed whatever was being said inside to travel outside. I looked around to ensure I was not being observed, I need not have worried the rest of the rooms around were in darkness. There were large artificial bushes that formed a mini hedge for privacy surrounding one corner of the balcony. This allowed my uninterrupted viewing and listening pleasure. I returned to the action in the room and just as I did I heard Adele having an orgasm; "Oh god Yes!"…"keep going Frank, I’m going to cum…I’m going to fucking cum!" "Oh my god Frank, fuck me with that big cock. Please don’t stop, it feels so fucking good." As Frank yelled "Yeah bitch, I’m going to fuck the arse of you"…"Your tiny dicked hubby won’t be no fuckin use to you now bitch" "Frank, Frank oh god, I’m going to come, I’m coming!…I’m fuckin cuuuuuummming!" I felt a pang of jealousy as he made her cum, also by his comments, but the sexual arousal I was feeling, was so good I didn’t want it to stop. Indeed I wanted more, I wanted to see my wife fucked senseless by this big cocked stud. I had dropped my trousers and underwear in a heap around my ankles, and was frantically beating my aching, rock hard cock like a madman. I came just as Adele had her orgasm the spurts shooting out the end of my swollen cock, before hitting the glass of the patio doors. Stepping back out of sight, I used my underpants to clean myself up. After I had cleaned myself up, I returned to watching Frank totally dominate my wife. He had flipped her over onto her back, her head hanging over the side of the bed. Frank then moved to her head, rubbing his big bulbous cock head all over Adele’s face. "Yes baby, you look so hot laying there, waiting to slut yourself out for Frank’s big cock"