Sex, oil and pleasure

Sarah closed her eyes and, in her mind-controlled state, enjoyed him fondling her, always having had a soft spot for having her nipples played with, and was mindlessly enjoying his soapy hands gliding over her soft breasts, loving how he used his fingertips to tease and play with her little peaks, helping to screw them up tightly. His hands eventually moved on, moving down her body, over her toned midriff and round her sides, taking in the taper of her figure as his hands moved to her hips, before sliding down in front to her smoothly shaven pussy. His slippery hands easily moved over her perfectly bald pussy, making her gasp and shudder as his fingers so suddenly slid down and underneath between her legs.

He just smiled as he more slowly brought it back up, letting a fingertip drag in between her moist, plump lips, stopping at her clit to give a short, skilful assault which almost doubled her over in intense pleasure. He went back to stroking her smooth crotch, taking particular pleasure in that, before kneeling to lather up her legs, squeezing at her thighs and sneaking odd fingers up into her pussy, making her clench and push down on him, getting very turned on now and wishing he'd do more than just let her stroke his hard cock, though even that was now out of her reach. Standing up, he slid his soapy hands all the way up her sides and then round onto her smooth back, taking it in from her shoulders to her booty as her soft, soapy hand took a reverse grasp on his rock-hard erection, making him gasp at the intense sensation of her slippery hand suddenly going to work on it, especially when Sarah deliberately worked him round the head to have maximum impact. His hands worked up and down her back, using his fingers to massage at her, and then down onto her firm, rounded booty, giving a very good squeeze to that to let her know he'd arrived. "Mm yes Master, your hands feel wonderful,” she murmured, closing her eyes and resting her forehead on his chest as her hand started to work a little harder at his rock-hard cock, feeling him thrust into her hand.

"So do yours,” he said with a smile, massaging her toned teenaged ass firmly, loving how his soapy hands slid over her smooth, slippery skin, grasping and pulling at her asscheeks quite aggressively now. Sarah leaned up to kiss him, passionately attacking his mouth with her tongue, entwining it with her own before biting down on his firmly, making him shudder and kiss her harder. His hands were working overtime now, as was hers, and he roughly pulled her tight ass cheeks apart and let a fingertip stroke straight up from the back of her pussy and over her ass, making her shudder in return and break the kiss with a breathy, ragged sigh. "You like the feel of that don’t you Sarah?" he grinned, looking down to see her shiver and bite her lip as he again stroked hertight teen ass, slower and firmer this time, his soapy finger gliding over her backdoor, feeling her tight, strong ring and the way she responded to being felt there for the first time. “Yes Master it feels wonderful,” the mind-controlled actress had no say in the matter; her master told her that she was to enjoy this and she did.