Doggystyle like a bitch with Sienna West

After playing with her and making her suck Rico's dick, Marco owed one to Sienna and decided that today is the perfect day to settle things between them. He woke up hard and stiff, ready to give the latina milf with huge tits everything she wants. If she wants to fuck like a bitch, today she will howl from pleasure.

Finally expirienced making a girl squirt for my 1st time ever, her fist time too, actually she claims i made her feel an orgasm for the fist time , she said she had never felt that sensation it happened when i ate her despretly at a parking lot one time i mean ive been fucking her for 2 years now but when i made her firt orgasm was within the first month or soo,it was summer so she had this loose long drees and when the wind blew her drees you could see her amazing georgus ass because she was wearing a thong , so i knew id fuck her that night but dint know when we ended up going to the store for drinks n chips to take to this frien gathering we were having , asoon as i pulled to the parking spot i took.my seat belt of reached for the lever on her seat pulled it all the way back making the seat lay all.the way and i lift her dress and started rubbing my tounge on her pussy over her pantys, she dint want to because it was at a parking lot but asoon as i pulled her thong to the side and gave her a nice firm long stroke with my tounge on her clit..she shut right the fuck up lol...im just eating her depretly because she looked fuckin hot with that dress on thats night so im doing my thing i can hear her breathing really hard with short and long pauses i knew she was engoyng it, not even a minute eating her out she starts trying to pull me away while she kept breathing harder , i knew ahe was bout to expirienced an orgasm so i force my self into her pussy and concentrate on licking het clit while massaging it of course then all of a sudden she says, STOP!!! STOP PLEASE OTS VERY SENSITIVE , WHAT WHAT WAS THAT!!!! i tell her uve never felt that she says nooo that was soo good omg i felt like i was in the clouds, i tell her nice i just made u feel ur fist orgasm , i couldnt belive it because she was already 22yrs old so shed been with other guys but she was very surprised about wht she felt she said i promise on my mothers grave ive never felt that , so my self confidence rose and i just wanted to keep.making her feel that over and over again,now i wanted to make her cum on every possible way so id plan renting hotel and buying flavored lubes and oils to make her feel.comfortable and yes id make sure she came every singe time,id tell her ro close her eyes and concentrate on the feeling and to.let me know right before she felt that sensation again,she wouldnt tell.me but id pay atrention to her breathing and to her movements she would grab the blanket and squeezit tight thats when i knew she was on the edge of cumming so i would do thing like finger her with my middle about an inch and a half deep in a curl up position because thats what ive read about stimulating the g spot,shed say stop thats when i knew she came k would try to keep.eating her ro see if she could squirt but she wouldnt let me because her clit would be so sensitive after cuming , i would also bring her to the edge of orgasm and right before shed cum i would get on top and fuck her hard so she can cum on my cock it was great she said,ot was getting borring i wanter her to cum while i fucked her doggie style took a while but ahe finally did,i would get on top fuck her slow and passionate and when i felt her getting to the edge of orgasm i would quickly pull out flip her over and grab her hipp hard with both hands amd just pound that pussy hard nonstopp but this time right before reaching orgasm i would slow down and pound her gently balls deep so she can feel full.lenght of my cock going in and out as she was cumming,everytime would get better and better she would randomly call.me saying hey i need you to lick my pussy so good baby, im a quick nut so i think thats why i would concentrate on her first,especially when id get her doggie style i could only go in n oit bout five times and id be cuming inside her but it was enough for her shd say because my load was big and she liked that pulsating cock as i drained my balls in her pussy she had such an amazing ass nice big round but not exagerated, shed be embarassed because she had butt acne it dont bother me one bit,id stare at her cute tight lil ashole as i pound her doggie massaging it gently saying can i have this,shed say no im scared, every time i would eat her id licked her asshole assweel ut ahe was wierd but learned to love it, i worked really hard at convincing her to let me fuck her in the ass she finally accepted so i planed a getaway got a hotel room bought candels rose pedals and scatered them all.over the bed also had led heart lights on the bed, i wanted her to feel as comfortable as possible as she was gonna give up her buthole for the fist time ..man i felt like the luckiest man!. Also had drink so we drank before of course to lossen un the intense moment,ihad my oils and was ready, we start out like any other time eat her out fuck her good made her cum bout 5 times and i could see she was relaxed and ready for it so i start oiling her ass making sure it was nice n slippery id massage her clit and buthole at the same time and could feel her butthole soft n ready i tell her dont worry i wont hurt you ok,she says i trust you, i start by licking her butthole to get a feel of her muscles don there and would tounge fuck her butthole at times i felt it get softer n softer like looser and relaxed in a was so come up behind her as shes laying sideways and start rubbing my hard as cock on her crack and giving it lil pokes on her asshole at times, her asshole gelt really hot i mean in tempeture she was so turned on and exited , finally i put my head right in her hole pushing it slowly and gently, i could feel how tight she was ,, her first time of course, i followed what an older woman i had been with told me aboit anal.sex ahe tought me all.aboit it, she said dont pull.

out just leave it in and go deeper lil by lil butthole will acomodate circumfrance of cock, exactly what i did i would go deeper and stop asoon as shed moan in pain, i would make my penis pulse by contracting muscles because i wanted her to feel mmy cock opening and stretching her asshole i could feel going threw layers of tightness around my head every time i went deeper she was loving it, next thing i know im all the way in and says feels wierd but its not that bad, i couldt go all the way in n out hard because it hurt her,so i just leave my cock inside and give it light thrust with out pulling out so much, she was nice n clean and so warm,she said hurry up before i get over it so i go ahead and enjoy the moment for a bit then whisper in her ear "are u ready for my load baby" she says yes fill my asshole with cum" Omg i fucken came so hard as i was coming i went as deep as i could amd she said" omg que rico"i feel ur cock shooting cum deep inside me every time it pulsates ur load feels so warm " My dick limps and pull out no cum dripped because she was so tight, claims she was dripping cum for the next couple days lol 2yrs now and start having issues where she said im not gonna let u fuck me no.more because all u care about is getting drunk n loaded,it buged me because we were just fuck buddys and she was taking it to seriously i dint wanna loose that nice piece of ass now that i had her all trained to my pleasure but i let her go bout 2 weeks go.by and im drunk.n loaded like she said and just think to.my self fuckitim sending her a txt, i say i really want to have you right know been craving you really bad yes or no? Im not giving a fuck if she gets mad her response surprised me, she goes mee too! Give me a few minutes and ill be free, my whole persona rose and start thinking everything ima do to her this time without feelings just straight pleasure, i chug couple more beers cuz gives me more stamina and wanted to fuck her good for hours so she wouldnt forget how good i fuck her,we meet at a spot and fo to the back seat of my car she rigjt away wants to start arguing about why do i look for her if im drunk...i go shut the fuxk up and come here i grabbed her hard pulled her down and layed her on her back start kissing her agresivley almost like if i were to rape her...she says nothing and follows me ahe knew we were both in for a good fuck since we hadnt seen eachother in days, i see her getting really turned on by how aggresive i was going , as im kissing her undrresing her im whispering u like it rough huh baby ,yes im all yours , u want to fuck you hard dont you, yes fuck good and make me cum,before telling her the next i say dont get mad just ay along, I pull her hair back make her arck as i lick her breast while saying u want to get fucked like a dirrty lil slut dont you? She quickly answers yes yes fuck me like a slut i deserve it im a slut treat me.like one! Fuck man this got me rock hard its been my fantasy to fuck a girl like that and just use her as a object without getting mixed feelings and for her to be ok with it,i right away pull.my pants and her panty down dont even eat her just straight shove my cock and force it into her not giving a fuck it it hurt her or not, i thougt it wouldnt because she was so turned on and probably realy we by now, she just brathes deeply but dosent say a word, u like that u fucking bitch huh!? I.love it omg yes im ur slut fuck me like one, Like i said being drunk boost my stamina so i go as fast and hard as i could while role playing Ur gonna come to.me everytime u horny u lil bitch, Yes im all.yours anytime u want U dint know u liked getting fuck like a slit dint u? Nobodys ever fucked me like u do im ur slut and will be forever Even when ur married ur coming to me? Yes because i know for sure my husband wont disrespect me and fuck me like the slut i am only u will U fucking slut Ill tell him im going with my girlfriends but little will he knoe that ill be getting fuck hard and treated like a total whore yes yes U ll be back home satisdied with ur pussy all streched out Dripping my cum Yes exaclty he's not gonna knoe that i love getting fucked hard and that i love xuming on ur cock omg more more yes yes Hes not gonna suspect anything necause we are cousins and he know we get along really well This is when she paused for a moment and looked at me Id never told her that while fucking she really is my 2nd cousin but never seen her till we were adults,in the outskirts of the town i lived wverybody saw us like 2 really good coisins who got along really well I tell her just play alo g its been my dream Ok

Yes just like that i like it when my cousin fuck me like a slut yes yes U never knew ur own cousin would fuck this good right baby cousin Omg u fuck me so damm good cousin u fuck.me better than my husband thats why im here cheating on him with you more yes yes more just like that cousin dont stop I never would imagin my cousin had such a good pussy and that i would be lucky enought to have it but from now on ur letting me have it any time i want right u lil fucking slut cousin Yes cousin anytime its all.yours u make.me cum So good Ur a Fucking lil slut amd u know it Im ur fuckin lil slut couisin only urs omg yes yes dont stop dont stop please! Thats right babay cousin cum all over ur cousin dick come on do it u fucking slut Omg my husband never fucks me this good cousin only you doo im coming im coming OMG!!!! She starts orgasming trying to pull away because it leaves her pussy super sensitive im still enjoying every second of it and dont wanna cum just yet so i keep pounding the fuck out of my lil cousins pussy hard and fast i mean the more i pound it the slippier it gets amd i can feel my shirts bottom portion completly soaked OmG i cant take it stop yes more just like that hold on keep going deeper lol She dint even know what she was feeling all i knoe is at some point she squirted and we both dint realized She must of cum 4 5 times without me pulling out not a single time i dint let her push me away this time i had her so locked in she couldnt move only time i pulled out was when my dick slipped out and i reached to grabb it to put it back in and noticed my shirt was super soaked i smell it and she says sorry is that pee? Because i felt like i was pissing various times, i go doesnt smell.like it it smells like ur pussy when u cum i think y just made u squirt. I guess i did because the bath towel she was laying on was damped and wasnt from sweat i was just to much for it to be that wet, she is already tired and satisfied but not me at the pace i was going i wanted to fuck her this hard amy possible way i could i eat her out a bit so i can taste her squirt omg it was sooooo delicious amd smelled good to me like pussy in its own very natural.way I tell her im not done with you lil cousin so fucking turn around and get on all 4 so i can fuck you hard u fucking slut Ok cousin like that u like it Right before i shove my hard as cock i grab her by the hair and pull back making her arch and sticks her ass right out for me Dammm i felt like the luckiest man alive i mean who get to fuck their own cousin like this that taboo feeling drove me nuts Her pussy is so slippery and streched out now that i shove my cock hard n fast balls deep while pulling her hair and telling her U like getting fucked just like this dont you fucking whore slut Yes i do cousin i love it when u fuck me like the slut i am My stupid husband never fucks me like this he dosent knoe i love getting treated like a whore by my cousin Im loving all the roleplay amd dont stop poinding her pussy not one bit windows are cover n fog amd i shove her face to the glass squezzing her right cheek into the glass and kissing her left licking her ear while whisperring dirty stuff , as she slides her hands down the foggy windows,i felt her cum a few time again as i would pull out eat her from behing while shes on doggy fucking her hard then pulling out and eating her again i can feel with my tounge how her pussy was streched out from all the hard pounding my shirt now more soaked and the inside of the car smelled like sex ass vagina cum amd dick all mixed, i finally decide to make my self cum now that id benn pounding her doggie style for bout 15 20 min which i could never last being sober, i let her know i was gonna cum inside her when i did my orgasm wasnt as intense as other times but i felt alot of plesure in my mind wierd.. I tell her ok slut thx now hit the road She begs me to stay n sleep in the car till morning i had to work the next day but saw her pretty face full of plesure asking me to keep her company I had just fuck her like never before she dint want to.let me go. I decide to stay but it was uncomftorable since it was a small car, so i kept waking up at random hours with my cock rock hard from all the liquor i still had in my system so i would simply lift her cheek adt shove my cock we were sleeping side was and she was srill slipeerry so id go right in, her sex drive was still high because i would pound her hard for bout 20 seconds and made her cum...not me tho..would fall asleep for alil bit leaving my stiff cock inside jer pussy wake up again and fuck her hard once more till making her cum it was unbeliveable i felt like a sex machine! 2.5 years go by we now dont encounter as often but when we doo its an explosion last time we fucked this good was not to.long ago when she txt me im ao horny what are you doing, im alil busy but i can see you realy quick.we meet same thing go in the back seat this time im not desperate this time i kiss her slowly touching her body grabbing her beautiful.ass amd breast, lay her down on the back seat kissing her neck her chest down to her breast sucking them gently enjoying every second of it im sliping my hand down her pants as i lick her breast i gently rub her pussy focusing on her clit she says omg i love everyrhing you do to me, un buttons her jeans so that i could rub her pussy better i slipp my hand under her pantys and play with her clit some more so she could get wet.i slipp.my middle finger into her pussy slowly she is so fuckig wet goes right in i start stimulating her g spot with my middle finger inside while my thumb stimulating her clit shes breathi g hard we both arent saying a word suck on her breast more putting more pressure with middle finger she arches and takes a deep.breath Ahhhhhhhh .... Just made orgasm by fingering her , i stick my index finger in rub her inner vaginal walls pull fingers out and make her lick her own cum off my fingers we both en up kissing her, u like how ur pussy tastes, Mmhhmm she responds Let me eat ur ass imean ur whole ass just turn around and drop ur jeans,.. She does exacly what i tell her i cover myself with a sweater because i was parked on city streets, And omg wow when she pulled down her pants she had this super sexy thong on and her ass looked so good as she layed side way i tell her open ur ass for me baby she lifts her left cheek with her hand, bamm her cute lil butthole right in front of my face , i rub my toungue all.over her booty bitting her check slurping all the moister she was realeasing , make her cum again and says lets sit up what if someone walks by,,, we get up she tells me u want me to suck u off or u wanna fuck my pussy,,, i wanna fuck that cute lil princes u know that she laughs n says ok get ready im gonna put the windows all the way up, she reaches from the back seat to to turn the ignition to pull up window she has her pants doen and thong off im staring at her beautiful and just go ahead take her from her hips and pull her down hard to sit on my cock we both facing towards the road like you normally sit in a car but shes on top of me,.. When i sat her down hard on my cock she made this hot lil moan n gesture,i pull her back towards me wraping her with my arms shes putting her head back enjoying this dick perfect height i can kiss her neck and nibble on her ear, she says rub my clit i say spit on it, she puts saliva on her right hand and rubbs it all over i join in rubbing her gently while thrusting my hips so that my cock goes in n oit instead of her jumping on it because it would of been noticable, looked like she was just sitting ontop of me but i was givving it light pounding she then says omg that feels soo soo good im so exited, i put more force into the pounding and she says yesss! I love it her clit feels hard like erected i can tell she super turned on, she wants to start riding me hard i tell her dont move ill do it just spread ur cheeks wide open so i can go deep, so she does i feel my cock slide in the rest of the way she then says omg! Ur cock is touching me on a special spot , i start thrusting harder the harder i go the more her breathing rises she moans quietly reapeating.. Yes just right there go go harder more more omg i love it!!she was bout to cum so i start have her sit up of me a bit so i can pound on her pussy harder in about 4 5 strokes my cock slips out, i had my hand rubbing her clit still so when my cock slipped out i felt a burst of water, i tought condom had fallen off but touched and was still there i go did u feel.anythi g different she says yes i felt as if i was peeing,,, i say i just made u squirt u dork let me try again , she says no my pussy is so sensitive righ now hold on a sec, Im shocked by the way how i felt her squirt right on my hand i always wanted to make a girl.squirt and see how it comes out i tell her omg thx ive never done that, let me taste it i lean her down on her back shove my face all.over her pussy but cant really get a taste of it,oh well perhaps next time , i think it was the.position we were in so im gonna definnatley try and do it again i now knoe shes capable of squirting... Shes the first girl that has givben me a rim jib she says she read it somewhere and that she wanted to tryit... Feels wierd but good i can feel.my cock getting harder so thats a plus