Wet Dreams Cum True with Harley Jade

live in a canal town, and as I was walking along the canal one day the strangest thing happened. I was walking along the canal on the way to work, it was a beautiful sunny day, and the wind swept through my hair. As I walked along, I saw at the side of the towpath, a topless man urinating in the bushes. I walked up to him, and being the community champion I am, said “excuse me, you’re not allowed to do that there.” He turned around, and I saw, from head to toe, perfectly tousled light brown hair, defined cheekbones, perfectly formed abs and biceps, and a trail of fuzzy hair leading down to an immense 10 inch dick. He said in a deep, smooth accent, “what are you going to do about it?” I stuttered, but could not utter a syllable. He firmly gripped my face, pulled it close to his (which emanated aftershave) and said “do you want suck my cock?” And, still speechless, I affirmatively nodded.

He guided my mouth to the tip of his penis, and I licked the tip, and he gently inserted the monster in its entirety into my mouth. I gagged with its enormity and struggled for breath, but he kept thrusting, and I looked up at his beautiful face, and he said in between pleasured moans, “you like that don’t you?”, and I said, with a great monster in my mouth “mmmm... MMMMM!” He pulled his beast out of my mouth, and aggressively jerked off, smiling and grunting with delight, until he unloaded a creamy stream of cum into my mouth, which O gratefully swallowed. It tasted like the sweetest, most magical elixir you could imagine. He pulled me up to my full height, and pulled me close to his amazing body, with rivulets of sweat dripping down his pectorals. He gently kissed my lips and my neck, getting up to my ear telling me “i’m gonna fuck you.”

He removed every piece of clothing on my body, and thrust me to the ground, and licked my virgin hole, as I trembled in delight. He slowly started to insert his magnificent cock into my arse, and I spontaneously let out a loud moan. He started to thrust fast, and I started to scream with delight. I started to jerk off, my cock being paltry in comparison to his, and spewed a load onto the ground. He then pulled out, and dispensed yet another portion of his magic elixir onto my ass, and kissed me once again. We then parted ways and continued our original route, but I will always remember that magical experience