Cock compensation with Veronica Avluv

Well I’m a fit bisexual male in my early 30’s. I’m 225 solid muscle filled with tattoos and about 511. I enjoy woman more and like to date woman but occasionally I like me a nice gorgeous twink to fuck. So a few years back I was home alone having some drinks. I was extremely horny and when I get really horny I usually want some gay sex. I love pussy but nothing like a gay blow job or some tight hole. So I went on Craigslist, back then when craigslist was still open haha. It was the luckiest day ever. After a few mesages and scouting some hole. I revived a message from this gorgeous twink. Right away he send me a photo of him sitting on his knees showing off that perfect bubble ass. Instantly my dick got throbbbing hard to the point where I started leaking pre cum. My heart started to race that I could barely right back. We finally exchanged photos and meeting place. I went over to his apartment, it was pretty late like round midnight. I finally got there after being in the car so horny I could barely control myself. I got to the door and there he was . Gorgeous sissy twink just waiting for daddy. Right away I say hi with a kiss and grabbed his ass with one finger poking his hole. Just to let him know I’m about to own that ass. We went over to him room where he just dropped his shorts and there it was . Nice tight bubbly ass. It was beautiful. I started to lick his ass and bend him over . I loved that bubbly ass so much I literally was French kissing his asshole and walls of his cheeks. Spreading those cheeks. I could tell he was getting so horny that I heard it in his breathing .

His leg started to shake as I kept running that hole sloppy. I noticed he had poppers and he took a couple sniffs and his asshole just opened up. I knew he wanted the dick already. I’m hung about 7 inch really thick. I whipped it out and he just looked at me and looked att my cock . I smiled and said I’ll be gentle . I finally bent him into her and toot his ass in the air. I have a fat head so I started to slip in the head slowly just poking just the head In and out . Letting the head naturally slip out his hole. Just hitting those nerves on the rim of his ass . He stated to moan like a woman . I knew I was getting him worked up . Once his hole was naturally taking my head no problem I slipped my fat dick half way . Started to do half slow long strokes. All the way in all the way out until the tip of the head is about to come out and stroke it half way in . Now he really started to moan . But not any kind of moan . Moaning like losing all control . Almost like he is crying from the pleasure . Now that his hole was gaped good I started with with the long strokes .

Creating a nice strike of half strokes and long strokes . Just pure pleasure for that asshole. Then the long strokes I started to go all the way in until I hit his little spot. I can feel it in the tip of my dick when I hit it . So I would stroke all the way out and all the way in . Poking his g spot two times before I pulled all the way out . Now his ass started to cream getting wet making all kinds of noises . He was whimpering with pleasure and and legs trembling . I knew I was getting close to eruption. So I put him on his stomach layed him flat and mounted on top of him jumping his ass with my whole dick inside just slamming hiis g spott . He started to scream and moan like a bitch and I began licking his ear and talking to him in his ear. Telling him to open that hole up LET ME IN !! LET ME IN !! I told him this is my ass now !! I’ll fuck you to you love me !! Most people get really hot to with dirty talk so I knew that was just going to take him over the top. I pounded that ass so good cum leaked out his cock all the way down to his leg and he began to spasm cumming over and over again. I just stood over him yelling for him to look at me while he was spasmimg as I stoold there with my big cock just dripping from his ass juice. After that fucking he went to the bathroom and was saying that he is glowing hahahahaha he was on cloud 9 and was all over me . He was like oh my I’m glowing ! I would laugh and just think he got the fucking of his life . He told me that he’s never been fucked like that and he will never forget it . It was the beat ass I ever fucked . After I told him I was bi and dated woman he didn’t care . The very next day I got this long email from him talking about how his anal orgasom was unbelievable. I knew he was whooped hahahahaha . I hope you guys enjoy this story