Rebecca Linares's Anal

Sarah woke up to the phone ringing at 8:00am on Saturday morning. "Hello," she mumbled into the mouthpiece. "Good morning Sarah," a deep masculine voice greeted her. She immediately woke up, sitting up in bed. "Good morning Sir," she replied. She was a weekend sex slave and usually was at her Master's house by now but he had requested that she stay at home in bed until she heard from him. He had a special day planned for her and she was to await his instructions. "Get up and go take a shower. As usual, make sure your pussy is completely shaved. And when you're done, put on that little red robe. I'll call you again at 9:30." He disconnected without another word and she hung up the phone as she rose from the bed. She stepped out of the shower and quickly toweled off. She combed out her long black hair watching the curls bounce up. She pumped a large amount of moisturizer into her palm and began to rub it into her skin. Over her full 36C breasts, watching the dark pink nipples harden beneath her touch and across her flat stomach and narrow waist. She spread the creamy liquid over her freshly shaved pussy and then behind to her firm round ass. Finally she slid it down her long lean legs. She applied her makeup, not needing much, and was almost ready. Examining herself in the mirror, she knew she had a great body, she saw it men's eyes all the time. She caught at least a few hungry glances every day. She was only twenty-two but had been Master's part time sex slave for over a year now. He repeatedly asked her to move into his home and be with him full time, but she also needed the freedom that the week days gave her. Her desire to be submissive existed only on a sexual level, every other aspect of her life required that she be dominant and in control. She walked out of the bedroom and slipped her arms into the sleeves of the red silk robe, letting it fall around her, barely covering her ass. Her nipples hardened in the cooler air of her bedroom, showing plainly against the soft fabric. The phone rang and her pulse quickened, the call display showing his number. "Hello Sir," she answered. "Are you ready?" he asked. "Yes Sir," she answered. "Good. Put me on speakerphone," he ordered. After she had done so, he continued. "There will be a knock on your door in a moment. Answer it wearing only the robe and leave it wide open, fully revealing your body." Just as he finished speaking the knock sounded. With shaking legs she walked through her small apartment and opened the door. A young man carrying a stack of flat, white, boxes stood on her threshold. His eyes traveled hungrily over her naked flesh, drinking in her sexy body. "I have a delivery for you," he finally announced. "Invite him in," Master's voice ordered from the phone set near the door. "Please come in. You can put them..." she began. "Have him take them into the bedroom," the disembodied voice interrupted. "...in the bedroom," she finished. She turned and led the way, the delivery guy's eyes glued to her barely covered ass. "Put the boxes on the desk but don't leave yet," Master ordered him. The delivery guy recognized the voice of the man who had hired him to deliver the boxes. He had prepared him for a very hot assignment but he had no idea it would be like this. "Take off the robe Sarah, and get on the bed, on your hands and knees," he told her. "Yes Sir," she replied, obeying him. "Your name is Todd, is that correct?" he asked the young man. "Yes Sir," he replied breathlessly. He was staring at Sarah, his cock growing hard in his pants. "Sarah here is my sex slave. She will do whatever I command her to do. Do you think she's sexy?" he asked. "Hot damn, yes, she's sexy," Todd replied. "Would you like to fuck her?" the voice from the phone asked. "Oh yes Sir, I would," he replied, beginning to wonder if that's where this was leading. "Would you like to fuck her ass?" Master asked. As Todd answered eagerly, Sarah gasped at this question. Was he going to command that she accept a total stranger's cock up her ass? Even though she was shocked she was also surprised to feel a surge of wetness in her pussy. "Spread your legs wide Sarah and put your head down on the bed. Todd, open the first box and tell me what's inside." He pulled the lid off the small box on top and lifted out a butt plug. "It's a butt plug," he answered. "I want you to fuck her ass. Fuck it good and hard. Spank her a few times too and after you cum inside her, push in the plug, keeping your seed in her ass. You should find some lube in the top drawer of the nightstand." "Yes Sir!" Todd exclaimed happily. He found the lube and was spreading it on her ass when Master spoke again. "Don't bother using your fingers or anything to open her up. Just ram your cock in." "Alright," he replied, impatiently unzipping and pulling off his jeans. She watched as he tugged off his boxers and stared at the long thick cock protruding from his body. "Oh God," she whimpered. Todd chuckled. "Yeah, it's big, baby," he said, gripping his cock and wiggling it in her face.

He knelt behind her on the bed and recalling the Master's words, he slapped her ass hard a few times on each cheek. She gasped loudly at each swat. He spread her cheeks wide and positioning his cock at her ass hole, he pushed in a hard, gaining a couple of inches access. Sarah cried out loudly at the penetration but Todd just grabbed her hips and rammed in deeper, getting about halfway causing a loud moan to erupt from her throat. "That's right, give it to her hard," Master ordered. He wanted to hear Sarah scream. Todd rammed his cock in the rest of the way, plunging in deep. Master's wish was granted as he heard her scream over the phone. "Fuck her hard," he growled. "Yes Sir," Todd grunted. He began pumping quickly and deeply in and out of her tight hole, gripping her hips hard, occasionally raising his hand and slapping her ass. Sarah lay beneath him, whimpering, hoping the pain of his big cock would soon ease and she could begin to enjoy the fucking. "C'mon, baby, c'mon. Doesn't it feel good? Feels great for me. You've got one hot ass," Todd groaned as he plowed his cock deeply into her. Eventually the waves of pain eased and an incredible pleasure began to fill her when Todd suddenly pushed in hard and with a shout, "Oh God yes, I'm cumming," filled her ass with his spunk. Hovering on the brink of orgasm she wanted to cry with frustration. Todd began to go soft inside her and grabbing the putt plug he shoved it in her ass as he pulled his cock out. He slapped her butt a couple more times before moving to the edge of the bed and sitting down upon it, his breathing heavy. "Did you enjoy that Todd?" Master asked. "Oh, yes. Thank you, Sir," he gasped. "You may go now," Master said, dismissing him. As the door closed, Sarah waited for her orders. "Dress in the clothes in the boxes," he said. "A car will come for you at 10:30. Be outside waiting for it." "Yes Sir," she replied but he had already hung up. She rose from the bed on shaky legs and turned off the phone. She tenderly touched the plug in her ass, holding in Todd's cum. She shuddered slightly before setting about opening the boxes. Forty-five minutes later she stood outside her apartment building waiting for the car to pick her up. She was attracting quite a few stares and she knew Master had ordered the car late to humiliate her. She was wearing a very short, sheer black lace dress with only a very tiny thong on underneath. The neckline was a halter style and cut so wide and low that her nipples were in danger of peaking out. On her feet were four inch heeled black strappy sandals. Finally a long sleek limousine pulled up and she gratefully climbed inside as the driver opened the door for her. She was settling on the seat, feeling the butt plug push up her ass when Master's voice filled the car. "Hello Sarah. You look lovely," he complimented. She knew he had the car outfitted with hidden cameras so she smiled and replied humbly, "Thank you Sir." "You're overdressed though. Take off the thong," her ordered. Knowing her bare pussy would be visible through the sheer dress, she nervously pulled off the tiny garment and put it in her purse. She saw another white box sitting on the seat but wouldn't touch it unless Master gave her permission to. The car only traveled a short distance before pulling into the empty parking lot of an out of business restaurant. "David, get in the back seat with Sarah," Master said. Her heart began to beat faster as the driver opened the door and climbed in the back seat. He was very good looking with thick blond hair, green eyes and lush full lips. His muscular body filled out the dark suit he was wearing very well. "Do you like Sarah's dress, David?" Master asked. "Yes Sir, it's very sexy," he replied, his eyes roaming over her. "Kneel on the floor Sarah, with your chest on the seat, spread your thighs wide," Master ordered. When she was in position, his voice asked, "What do you think of her ass?" "Very nice Sir," David replied, staring at her half covered rear end. "Would you like to fuck it?" Master asked. Sarah was again shocked. Another man was going to ass fuck her? "Yes Sir, I would love to fuck her ass," David responded eagerly. "Then go right ahead. Take out the plug she has in and fuck her good and hard. Spank her as well. In the mini-bar you will find another butt plug. Shove it in her ass right after you cum, keeping your cum insider her ass." Without another word, he was kneeling behind her and pulling out the butt plug. He didn't waste any time, just rammed his cock into her. Todd's cum was still inside her and that provided some lubricant but David's cock still hurt her and she cried out loudly. His hand came down sharply several times on her ass as he plunged in to the hilt. He gripped her hips and began to drive in and out, pumping her hard, his hips slapping against her butt cheeks. His cock began to leak some pre-cum with provided more lubricant and soon she was widening for him and was almost beginning to enjoy his relentless pummeling and spanks when he drove in hard and with a loud grunt shot his load in her ass. "Oh yeah baby!" he cried, giving her a few more hard thrusts before pulling out. She jumped when the ice-cold butt plug was plunged into her. It was larger than the first but fit nicely after David's rough fucking. She began to rise when Master's voice stopped her. "Don't you dare sit your dirty ass on my leather seats! Stay on your knees like the dirty slut that you are!" His voice turned friendly with his next order. "David, take the car to the next location." David zipped up his pants and with a final swat to her behind he climbed out of the car, returning to his seat in the front. He angled the rear view mirror so that he could see Sarah's upturned ass and soaked pussy. He would have liked to fuck her cunt as well but had he been given one choice he would have gone for her ass. They pulled up in front of a run down apartment building. Master's voice again filled the car. "Sarah, take the box next to you and buzz apartment number three." She pulled her skirt down over her ass and got out of the car, carrying the box in one hand. She buzzed apartment three and the front door buzzed back almost immediately. She pulled it open and tentatively stepped inside. She found number three and nervously knocked on the door. It swung open and there was guy about her age standing there staring at her most appreciatively. "Sarah?" he asked, hungrily eyeing her breasts and pussy. "Yes," she answered, her nervousness growing. He wasn't bad looking, at least he has a nice body, she thought. "Well come in, come in," he said, stepping aside. She slowly walked into the apartment to find two other guys sitting on the couch, also hungrily eyeing her thinly covered body. "Sarah?" Master's voice emanated from a speaker phone on the coffee table. "Yes Sir," she replied with a slight tremor in her voice.

"Do you see the large ottoman in the room?" he asked. Her eyes swept over the three foot square leather ottoman, strangely out of place in the shabby living room. "Yes Sir," she replied. She had a feeling that she would soon be bent over it. "Give the box to one of the men and bend over the ottoman," he ordered, confirming her fears. She handed the box to the guy who had opened the door and bent over the ottoman, spreading her thighs wide. "Now boys, inside that box is a butt plug. I want you to pull an anal train on her. Try not to let any cum leak out of her and when the last of you is done, shove that plug in her ass keeping your cum inside her." She shivered as she heard Master's instructions to the three young men. "Oh and boys, fuck her good and hard and as many times in a row as you can. Spank her as well," he added. "Whoa," she heard one of the guys exclaim. "Check out the size of this plug!" She closed her eyes in dismay. It was even bigger than the one she currently had in her ass. Her dress was lifted and her plug was slowly pulled out to be immediately replaced by a lubed up cock. At least they had some mercy for her ass. The mercy, however, was short lived as the owner of the cock fucked her harder than the two previous had. Her ass was smacked hard and fast by one guy while the other rammed her deep and hard. She was crying out with pain as they continued their assault on her flesh. After only a minute of driving thrusts he clutched her hips hard and pumped his cum into her with a loud roar. "Yeah, your turn," he muttered as he pulled out. He was immediately replaced by another well lubed cock. "Oh yeah!" he cried as he drove in deep. The simultaneous spanking and fucking continued, the guys ignoring her cries. "Yeah man, give it to her! Fuck her hard!" she heard one of them cheering him on. He laughed and exclaimed, "Look how red her ass is getting! Right on!" Her ass was burning, yet the spanking continued. The cock in her ass wasn't as relentless as the first but she still wasn't enjoying it. He lasted slightly longer than the other and with a loud cry he also came in her ass. He pulled out and she braced herself for the third. She gasped loudly as his lubed cock thrust into her. He was huge! "Oh God!" she cried out loudly, pain searing through her body. "You like my big cock baby?" he laughed, plunging in deeply. He began to thrust deep and hard into her, pistoning in and out of her abused hole. Tears were sliding down her cheeks as his punishment of her asshole continued along with the endless spanking. The other guys were also laughing at her torment, cheering their friend on. "That's it man, ream her hot ass!" "We've got this huge plug to shove in her after, spread her good for it!" He gripped her hips and drove his big dick into her. "God this slut's ass is fine," he grunted. "So hot and tight!" Sarah cried out again as his large hands began to squeeze and knead her sore ass cheeks. He only laughed and bent over her so that his stomach and hips would slap her tender flesh. At least whoever was spanking her no longer had access and his body hitting her was less painful. After a few minutes of him hammering at her ass he finally grunted and with a groan, pumped his cum deep into her ass. Without pulling out he called, "Either of you guys ready to go again?" "Yeah, let me at her," one of them called. Oh no, she thought. She didn't know how much more she could take. Each of the guys was able to fuck her one more time and as the third one filled her ass for the second time she was almost sorry it was over. She recalled their comments over the size of the butt plug and she was nervous about it. "You got the plug?" he gasped from behind her, his dick going soft in her ass. "Here you go baby," he said, a laugh in his voice. She again cried out as the large plug invaded her ass. "Oh God," she yelped as she was spread even wider with it. She could feel it stretching the insides of her ass as her hole closed over the tapered end. "Sarah, stand up and thank the nice men for their hospitality and then go back down to the car," Master's voice ordered. On trembling legs she stood, pulling her skirt back down. "Thank you for a lovely time," she murmured, much to their amusement and then fled the apartment. She couldn't get back into the car fast enough and almost wept with relief as David pulled away from the curb leaving the seedy area of town behind. She remembered Master's words and didn't sit but instead knelt on the floor, her elbows resting on the padded leather seats. "How does the butt plug feel?" his voice asked. "It's quite big Sir. It's uncomfortable," she ventured, risking his displeasure. He only chuckled. "Good," was all he said. They drove for awhile, reaching the outskirts of town before pulling into a trailer park. Her stomach began to knot as she imagined what sort of degrading torture her Master had planned for her in this place. They pulled up next to a trailer in the middle of the park. A car like theirs was an unusual sight in the park and a crowd was forming. "Sarah, get out of the car and go into the trailer. In the kitchen you will find two orange circles on the floor. Place your feet on them. On the counter you will find two orange circles. Place your palms on them and close your eyes." "Yes Sir," she replied uneasily. She took a deep breath and opened the car door, stepping out to the astonished stares of the park's residents. She ignored them and entered the trailer. She easily found the cramped kitchen and the orange circles. The ones on the floor weren't too far apart, only two feet, but the ones on the counter were three feet away! She bent over and found she could just reach them. She shut her eyes just as Master's voice filled the small trailer. "Very good Sarah," he said approvingly. He must have cameras in here, she thought. She swallowed nervously, wondering what anal torment was about to befall her. Her nerves stood on end as she heard footsteps behind her. "Oh yeah, she's sweet," a deep voice behind her rumbled as large hands caressed and squeezed her ass. Her dress was pushed up and he twisted the plug in her causing a gasp to slip from between her lips. "Now remember," her Master's voice said, "Fuck her good and hard, spank her too and when you're done shove the plug back in." "Yeah, I remember," the deep voice said. The sound of lube being squirted and spread came to her ears as he chuckled. "You ready for this, bitch?" Her breath came out in a long hiss as he slowly pulled the large plug from her ass, the wide part passing her hole, momentarily stretching her. "I'm going to split your little ass wide open." He laughed again and she tried her best to relax as she felt his cock pressing against her opening. She screamed wordlessly as he entered her. Where did Master find these mutant men, she thought wildly as his huge cock plundered her ass. She longed to spread her legs wider to better accommodate him but knew better than to disobey. She screamed again as he pushed in deep, his balls slapping her embarrassingly wet pussy. "Yeah that's right, bitch. You take my big cock, take it in that tight ass of yours," he grunted as he began to pump her, his hand slapping her ass hard. She was sobbing openly, tears streaming down her cheeks as he rammed his length in and out of her. "Oh come on bitch, don't you like it one bit?" he laughed at her. "I can feel your wetness on my balls, so I know you must liking some of it," he sneered, slapping her again. She didn't respond, only hung her head, waiting for it to be over. His hands reached around and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them roughly. "Only her ass," came Master's voice. "Don't touch her anywhere else," he ordered. "Sorry, they're just so fine," he apologized. His hands returned to her ass, raining hard, stinging slaps on it as he drove his meat into her. "But then your ass is fine too, bitch," he said. "You're not as tight as I thought you would be. You been fucked by another guy today?" he laughed. "Five others," she said quietly. "Five?" he exclaimed. "You're not a bitch, you're a slut!" he exclaimed, slamming in deep, spanking her ass hard, causing her to cry out. "Yeah, that's it slut, scream for me. Scream, slut!" he growled, plunging his cock deeply into her ass, ramming in and out of her. Desperately she tried not to scream, but couldn't help it and the shrieks erupted from her throat, only to be met by his laughter. "Are you a slut, Sarah?" her Master's voice asked. "Yes Sir," she gasped. "Say it," he ordered. "I'm a slut, a dirty slut," she moaned. "Yeah, that's right," the man behind her confirmed. "A dirty slut," he repeated, slapping her ass a few times. Her butt cheeks were starting to get truly sore from the abuse they had taken that day as well as her hole and was just hoping it would all end soon. Unfortunately her latest cruel lover had quite a bit of stamina and was showing no signs of tiring or coming soon. "You getting tired, slut?" he jeered. "Your slutty ass getting sore?" He laughed and slapped her ass again, whipping his hand back and forth across the cheeks, causing her to cry out again. "Yeah, I like it when you cry, dirty slut." To please himself he slapped her hard and fast again, driving his cock in deep. Finally he gripped her hips hard and slammed in deeper than he had before, causing her to scream, drowning out his cries of ecstasy as he pumped a huge load of cum into her already brimming ass. He stayed pushed in hard until his cock began to go limp and then pulled out fast and shoved the big plug back in. It slid in easily this time, only hurting because she was so sore. She remained where she was, her feet and hands in the orange circles as the footsteps receded behind her. "That was very nice Sarah. How do you feel?" her Master's voice asked. "Sore," she replied in a tired voice. He chuckled and said, "Go back out to the car."

She stood and slowly walked outside. The crowd had grown, her screams attracting almost everyone in the park. They stared at the scantily clad woman curiously, wondering what kinky things had been going on the trailer. She got in the car and knelt on the floor, resting her head on the seat. She didn't think she could sit on her ass even if she wanted to. She was driven to the mansion and told to go inside. She was praying that her abuse for the day was over and almost cried with relief when Master directed her to go to her rooms to take a shower. He was waiting for her when she arrived. He stripped and stepped into the shower with her, finally pulling the plug from her ass. He watched the cascade of cum pour out of her gaping hole. "You were so beautiful today, getting repeatedly fucked in the ass. You took so much abuse, such a good slave," he whispered, soaping her ass, washing the cum from her. "And you didn't come once, did you?" he asked. "No Sir," she replied. "Bend over," he said, pushing down on her back. Oh no, she thought. No more, I can't possible take any more, when she felt his cock slipping through the folds of her neglected pussy. She sighed deeply as he slid inside her wet hole, filling her cunt with his dick. He fucked her deeply and slowly, taking care not to press against her tender ass. She came repeatedly, gently, her soft cries echoing off the walls of the bathroom, finally mingling with his own as he achieved his own orgasm. Afterwards they had an early dinner and retired to bed before it was even fully dark out, where her soft cries again drifted through the halls of the house well into the night.