British Bitch

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I'm Gene 43 divorced 3 children who are with their mother, I'm a know all type and that's the main reason for my divorce. I really arrogant and act badly to people a great deal, then Last February I had an accident and after my release from hospital was at home in my apartment. Able to move around slowly and as I already had a housekeeper who came 3 days a week to clean my apartment. I got her to get anything I needed while she working for me. As the injury was healing very well and just sitting around reading and doing some computer work. But unable to go and pickup woman, I was rather horny and never liked masturbating myself. Then one day while sitting and not doing anything much, I focused on Margret 56 single/divorced (I didn't care enough to ask) was working nearby and as I watched her I got a hard-on.

This was a great surprise to me at the time. But I started to focus on her more and realized she wasn't that bad looking for her age. But I didn't do anything about it then and only after she had left for the day. Did I think I should've asked her for sex and decided I would the next time she came. As it was Monday she wouldn't come again till Wednesday. She rang me Wednesday wanting to know if I wanted anything from the supermarket and I said no. Little while later she arrived as was normal for her and started her work, I watched her for a time and than I went into my bedroom. A little while later she came in to do whatever was needed and I asked her straight out for a fuck. That shocked her straight away and she said the usual stuff you don't want me, I'm too old and stuff like that. I just said I want a fuck and your here and a woman so let's fuck. She was quiet and I got up and walked over to her and started to play with her breasts and then open up her top to get to them. I led her back to the bed and sitting beside each other, I continued to feel her body. She wasn't resisting and hadn't said no and so I continued. Once I had her naked I laid her down on the bed and fucked her. After fucking I laid beside her for a while, then deciding to go again. But wanting to improve the sex a bit, I decided to shave her pussy and so I did. After shaving her I went down on her and had her moaning with delight. Then fucked her again, I fucked her again later just before had to go to her next job. I seen my doctor on the Thursday and was told I could return to work if I wasn't feeling too much pain the next week. I quickly decided to tell him I was still feeling a lot pain especially when I first started moving about and convinced him to tell to stay home another week. I wanted to have more sex with Margret and try everything I wanted to do with her. I'm not kinky and just want the basic OVA sex. Oral, Anal and straight pussy sex.

The Friday Margret arrived as usual and I told her I wanted her in my bedroom and I started by shaving her pussy again and then having a 69er and then I took her anal virginity and after showering together back to regular fucking. The same following week Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I returned to work and my previous lifestyle and was getting woman and bring them home for sex. But something was missing, I did everything with them I had done with Margret, but it didn't satisfy me like with Margret had. I still enjoyed the sex with the woman, just not as much as I did with Margret. After a couple of weeks, I came home on a Wednesday when Margret was at my place and took her to my bed and shaved her pussy and done everything I wanted to her. She was just as good as before and wanted her more now than ever. As she was going to leave she asked would I mind her changing her work hours with as another client wanted her earlier than she was doing their place now and my times were the times they wanted. I wasn't sure until she said that she would be still here cleaning when I would get home from work. I said okay straight away and the following Monday she started the new work times and now regularly stays overnight