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The tables have turned and Lia M is the boss today. She will guide us in her search for a man to satisfy her thirst for dick. Albert is the lucky one, and gets the big prize, though the truth is that Lia also gets a huge, long prize. At the end, as usual, comes a dirty trick but in this case we will also change the outcome.

it was the summer of 2018. My parents told me to spend my summer with my cousins. They where all boys ( age 18 & 19 ) I was 16 at the time. This particular cousin would always stare at my tits and ass ... i noticed so I stopped hanging around where he was cause I was so uncomfortable. One time i was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when he entered and rubbed his dick on my ass . He claimed it was a mistake and just wanted to pass , he does it almost all the time he would want to pass . He would purposely rub his dick on my ass and say “oh sorry”. One day His parents and his brother went grocery shopping so I was the only one in the house with him. I was very conscious of him and knew he was attracted to my body so I stayed clear of him and went to the guest room . I was using my phone , just scrolling through Instagram when he came on the same bed as me , he was like “aye Whatsup “ and I was so freaked out I thought he wanted to rape me or something ... so many scenarios where going through my head. For a while nothing happened it was super casual .. I began to think everything I have been experiencing and noticing was just my mind play games . I kept looking at him and saw how cute he actually was . He was scrolling through his phone laughing at memes and posts

I analyzed every feature in him and I looked down and saw his massive dick print...he had a boner, his dick was so hard and I began uncomfortable again ... I immediately excused my self and went to the other room . I started thinking... did he get hard cause of me ?? I laid on the bed and got sleepy so I removed my shirt wore a bralette that revealed my nipples ( cause it was hot ) and decided to take a nap. 30 minutes into the nap I feel a wet sensation around my breasts . I liked it I thought I was dreaming until I started moaning and could hear my moans from my sleep so I opened my eyes and saw my cousin sucking on my breasts. My breasts are very big so he used 2 hands to squeeze them and started teasing them slightly

he started biting my nipples . I loved the way I felt so I closed my eyes and pretended like I was sleeping. I couldn’t take it anymore I just had to scream ...in shock he released me and I still was pretending I was asleep so I turned the other way, facing my ass to his cock and he started rubbing my ass . Dry humping me . He came a lot closer and started kissing my neck and kept rubbing his hard dick on my ass . He wanted to pull down my shorts and that’s when I turned around again cause I didn’t want to have sex with him . I was just 16 so I woke up and sat down he too sat down staring at one of my breast which was still out of my bra . I quickly put it back in and pretended as if nothing happened. I looked down again and see cum all over his shorts