The Whoring files

Alexa Nasha, Pablo Ferrari and Potro de Bilbao really want to spend an unforgettable night out of town, so they book a weekend in an old and creepy house known for a few paranormal events from the past. Right after they get there, weird things start to happen, which will make them reconsider their decision of messing with the dark force that lives there

I had just got home from work and pulled up to the stables to unload the feed and supplies from the truck. As I entered the stables I heard some moaning coming from one of the stalls. I followed the sounds only to find my wife with our thoroughbred. She was stroking his big horse cock and was reaming her pussy with a dildo. I stood there for t couple minutes watching the beautiful sight. I had made her a swing for such an occasion that she didn't know about. I threw the leads over the horse and hooked it up. I had Christine slide into the swing in which positioned her perfectly.

She reached down and guided the head of horse cock into her wet waiting pussy. As she slowly started to swing taking in more and more of horse cock in her tight pussy. As I stood and watched her taking more of him in, she took more than before. She was screaming out, " I'm going to split in half! He's so huge and deep! I want to feel all of him inside me! She was swinging back and forth until she had worked all 18" of horse cock inside her. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" As her body convulsed as her orgasms rolled through her body the stud exploded filling her with horse cum.

She continued swinging on his cock until her orgasms subsided then slid out of the swing. As she stroked his empty cock and licked the head Clea"I can't believe I got this monster all the way in me.