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With no hesitation, he jabbed his hips forward, Sarah trying to relax herself fully, feeling her anal ring stretch to accommodate him, and, with a sudden intense shot he stretched her ring to the max as his head slid into her tight teen bottom. “OOOOH, aah,nnngg!” Sarah gasped, the incredibly painful, stinging sensation of a man’s thick, hairy cock being driven savagely up between her soapy buttocks and into her ass was overwhelming.

The moment he felt the sudden stretching of her sphincter he immediately pressed home the advantage, forcing himself firmly into her ass, hearing her yelp at the sharp pain and clench her ass down on him, but he was in now and she would just have to take it for a moment, breathing hard as he held still. It pleased him to release his control on her; still keeping her body in thrall to his perverted desires but allowing her control over her voice.

she screamed as she unwittingly wiggled her hips beneath him, allowing him to prod into her ass at different angles with his meaty tool.

The stanger smiled and held onto the helpless teen with his hands on her hips. "Just take a few deep breaths my little slut, and it'll pass,” he said, holding still and allowing her to catch her breath, feeling her spasms subsiding. The burning pain in her ass was intense and overwhelming and she willed herself to escape from the terrible pain, but her actions were not under her control.

The man gave another push and the pain multiplied as her anal ring began to lose the battle with his insistent dick, another thrust and another jolt of pain flashed through her body, feeling him holding her firmly by the hips with his shaft now sticking halfway out of her tight little bottom.