Don't take off your glasses

There are days when it's just hard to get started. It seems that the brain doesn't work and the body doesn't respond. The latter is easily solved by a blond like Samanta Sainz who makes your blood rush but at the same time deprives you of blood flow by moving it from the top to the bottom. Result? No ideas for the scene. We'll just have to turn on the camera, improvise and see where Samanta takes us. As soon as she picks up her glasses and puts them on we have the idea for today: we want to cum all over her glasses.

As I worked my case I settled in a routine of fucking at least one dog a night. I would run a few nights a week. Taking a different dog each time. For the simple fact that a white man with 2 German Sheppards would stand out. So I ran only one at a time. I always looked down the alley when I ran with Sampson hoping to run into the prostitute again. Finally luck smiled on me. I ran and I saw the door of the shed open. So I walked into the alley and whistled. The prostitute stepped in the doorway. "Are you working tonight?" I asked breathlessly. "For you or the dog?" She asked as she squatted down spreading her legs showing her spread wrinkled pussy. "Both" I said as I walked closer and grabbed her greasy hair yanking her head causing her to look up at me. "How much you paying?" She asked as she pulled her top down exposing her saggy titties. "200 for both of us" I smiled as I pulled her face to my crotch. "Make it 3 and I'm all yours". She hissed. I released her hair and walked into the shed. I signaled for Sampson to 'stay'. I pushed my shorts down to my ankles. She joined me and got on her hands and knees on the floor in front of me. She began to suck my cock. Her toothless mouth did feel really good. I reached down and patted her back which signaled Sampson to mount. Once he began to hump I told her to help him out. Which she did. She reached under and guided his cock into her pussy. She began to moan with my cock in her mouth as Sampson began to fuck her hard and fast. I grabbed her head and ground my cock deep in her throat. She gagged and tried to push against my thighs but she wasn't near strong enough. After 30 seconds I eased my grip allowing her to gasp air around my cock. I watched Sampson whine and lean onto her. "Yeah boy fuck her boy". I encouraged him. She began to moan and her body quivered as she was cumming on my dog's cock. "You fucking dog slut. Are you Cumming on my dog? You should pay me you fucking slut"! I hissed as I watched her body react to my dog fucking her. I could tell he was knotting. As her moans turned into grunts. I held her head and I ground my cock deep in her throat again. I felt my cock throb as my balls tightened. I shot stream after stream of cum down her throat as Sampson filled her pussy with his knot and dog cum.

I stepped back causing her to fall onto her stomach which Sampson fell with her. I watched as his knot was stretching her hairy pussy. Once he was able to slip out she curled into a ball on the floor. I reached and dropped her $300 on the floor as I called Sampson who was licking his cock and we walked out of the shed. Once back home Sadie was jumping and panting as she wanted to get fucked too. I stripped and sat on the couch and when I called her she didn't come. I walked into the room and I saw Sampson trying to mount Sadie. I yelled and ran to her. I picked her up. Her fury tail brushed across my hard cock. I told Sampson "go to bed". I didn't know that she was in heat as she is always ready to fuck. So I had to keep them separated so he didn't breed her. I smiled at this thought "only daddy can breed you Sadie, only daddy" I whispered as I carried her to my bedroom and I closed the door. I laid Sadie on the bed and I moved my fingers to her fat, wet and swollen pussy. I shoved 3 fingers into her pussy. Feeling her pussy welcoming my fingers. Feeling the squishy velvet folds as I finger fucked her. I rubbed her ears and I rubbed my face over hers. My cock was throbbing hard knowing that Sadie is all mine and that Sampson wanted her too. I pulled Sadie closer and I lined my cock in her wet fur. I thrusted my cock in her. I shoved all my cock in her. Feeling her pussy juice gush around my cock. I rolled her onto her back. She was limp as she trusted me. I mounted her in the missionary position. This was new to us. But fuck did it feel good. I leaned over her and buried my face in her chest and neck as I began to fuck her. I moaned as her pussy was hotter and wetter than ever. I felt I couldn't get deep enough in her pussy. I wrapped my arms around her my hands met under her tail. Each thrust I felt her asshole wink. I slid one finger in her asshole as I continued to fuck her pussy long slow strokes. I added another finger to her asshole. Then a 3rd finger. I needed to cum. I began to thrust faster, harder. Feeling my cock through the think membrane of her asshole where I was 3 fingers deep. I began to cum I dug my fingers as deep as I could in her asshole. I groaned into her fur as I shot my cum deep in her pussy. I calspsed my full weight on her. I pulled my fingers from her ass. She laid panting.

My cock was still hard. I laid waiting for my cock to soften. But her body moving as she panted kept me turned on. I heard Sampson whining at the bedroom door. I moved my hips slightly and then more. I began rocking my hips causing my cock to slide in and out as her pussy made sloshing sounds. I groaned as I was fucking sloppy seconds. I began to rock faster. I shoved my 3 fingers back in her asshole. I dug my fingers deeper holding her while I fucked her again. I sat up and I watched my cock sliding in and out of her sloppy pussy while my fingers kept deep in her asshole. My mind was racing with arousal. My heart was racing. My cock felt like it was going to burst. My fingers kept trying to get deeper. Sadie whined and I felt a flood of hot wetness from her pussy. I didn't know if it was cum or piss and I didn't care. It felt so good. I shot my load again. I groaned and grunted until every drop of cum was deep in her. My cock slipped out and I pulled my fingers from her asshole. She was such a good girl and she started licking my fingers and my cock clean before she started to clean up my creampies. I fell into a deep sleep. Only to be woken up my Sadie licking my cock.