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I groaned as I shot cum across my stomach and thighs. Both dogs wasted no time cleaning up their daddy. Feeling their tongue licking me kept my cock hard. I remembered reading that with male dogs you need to establish dominance. I slid off the couch onto the floor. I reached between Sampson's legs and felt his cock still sheathed but hard. His fury balls were heavy. Sadie jumped off the couch and began to sniff my crotch. I squeezed Sampson's cock. I slowly moved my hand back and forth. Sadie began to hump her hindquarters. I knew I had to establish my role with Sampson but I know how good Sadie's pussy feels. I've never fucked a male human much less a male dog. But I was going to tonight. I kept stroking Sampson cock but I moved my other hand to Sadie's pussy. She was hot and fat. Her wetness enveloped my fingers. I held my hand still as she moved her hindquarters. I had one hand on each of my dogs. Jacking Sampson and fingering Sadie. Sampson began the hump his hindquarters. I knew I needed to teach him I was the master. I pulled my fingers from my girls pussy and rubbed her pussy juice on Sampson's asshole. I pushed up on my knees and I pulled Sampson back into me. He turned his head and began panting he was clearly confused being the dominant male who bred all the other dogs. I pushed the tip of my cock against his asshole. As it opened slowly my cock sank in deeper.

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