Crazy about Hot ass

We're joining Jessica Hot during her morning training session. The way she works out, moving her fantastic ass back and forth in a series of exercises, is hypnotizing and makes us go crazy. And that's exactly what happened to Max Cortes, who simply lost his mind after fucking Jessica in this scene.

Early Sunday morning, I was just walking in the local park, minding my own business. A guy on a bike, with two dogs following him, passed by me, heading towards the pedestrian only swing-bridge, you know... the one that goes over to the island. I couldn't help but look at the dog's. Feeling the attraction. Unable to ignore how they made me feel. I wanted it, from them! I hadn't been thinking about sex until I saw them, but as soon as they showed up... off I went, getting horny and wet for it. Aroused, thinking about getting it on with them, getting off with them. I had a preference, of course. Not the obedient one... no, I wanted the other one, the one that was lagging behind, the one that peeled away, off the trail, to smell the ground near by, ignoring the commands from his owner. He was a Pit Bull... harnessed and muzzled, ignoring his owners command, with a "Fuck you, Boss!" attitude. He was a big bundle of solid muscle and bone but, best of all, he had a sheathe that intrigued me... I'd never seen one like it before... most sheathe's are reasonably close to the dog's belly and aren't very big, at least to start off with. But this dog's sheathe sagged down with the weight of what it contained, swollen with the dog's cock, even though it wasn't being stimulated... and if I provided that stimulation? I imagined him inside me... I couldn't ignore what it did to me. All sorts of interesting thing's and thoughts. Yeah... I liked the look of him. Big, bad and disobedient... my kind of dog. My desire to try him out made me ignore the risk's. Big and bad... that was him. Wet and wild... that was me. Come and have a quickie with me, bad boy! I'll be good!... you can be bad. Come and be bad, with me! As if he knew what I was thinking... or maybe the scent of me reached him, he trotted over to me and sniffed the air... so close to touching me... but not quite... I leaned towards him... yes!, that's right... wet for you! Want you... closer... closer! "Good dog!" I murmured to him. "Bad dog!, get your arse over here!" called his owner. The dog snorted the smell of me more deeply, so close to me now... then growled low in his throat. It wasn't aimed at me, I thought, but at his owner. He turned to follow the guy. Looking back at me as he trotted off, licking his lip's... like he wanted to taste what I had for him... a promise, if I'd ever seen one.

I wanted to feel that that tongue on me. Wanted to discover how big he was. Wanted to feel it in me, feel him going at me. I wanted sex from him, no matter how briefly it lasted. Even if I hadn't been heading the same way... I would have followed him over to the island. As soon as I got off the bridge, on the other side, I veered off into the bushes, further... into the undergrowth... waiting for them to come back past, hoping he would smell me and come to me. Thinking about what I would do... if he did. I loosened my track pants... eased them down slightly, ready to pull them up and run, ready to drop them down, depending on what happened. Thinking about what I wanted to do... teasing myself with the thought of it... him. It took a while for them to return. They must have gone right around the island. Finally I heard the sound of the bike pedalling back past, dog feet trotting behind... one dog or both? I wasn't sure... the sound faded. I waited... then he came! He pushed his nose against my pussy, drawing in the smell of it, so hard, that I could feel the air being drawn around his muzzle and down through me... an additinal rush of need. We didn't have time to do it slowly!... it had to be rushed... how long before the owner realised he wasn't following and came back to find him? Not long. 30 seconds? Not really long enough. I didn't care! Anything would be good!

30 seconds! I dropped my pants and got onto my knee's, crouching forward, ready for it. He thought he could take his time about it... wrong! I grabbed his right front leg, he growled as I manhandled him, lifting the leg, draping it over my bum and drawing him forward, his chest, his belly slid up and over until his front legs were above my hip's. He caught on quick!, realised what I was there for and started to fuck my hand. I felt his cock extending, swelling, as he started to hump my fingers... for a second he was just fucking my hand, squirting liquid over my bum, between my legs, against my lip's as I spread my leg's, spread my pussy with his pumping dick... desperate to get him in me, get him started, properly. The tip touched me, parted me, in, out.. back in again, he lengthened, thickened, he started to root me hard, fast... and deeper, deeper... I gasped as he went in all the way, and then tried for further, further, further, wanting all I could give... and more. Wanting all of me. That cock of his started to fatten up... man-sized... larger... all that I had imagined, just what I had hoped for. 20 seconds! I pushed myself back at it, letting hin screw me the way he wanted to... he wanted me as much as I wanted him, my arousal complete, I was desperate for satisfaction... his sheathe felt fuzzy as he rammed it up against me, his balls slapping me on my clit... his knot in me, out of me... no! no time to get knotted! I held it out of me... how long did I have left? Not long! Don't get caught! I felt it swelling... time to stop! I didn't want him to go back with a monstrous boner!, the owner might come looking for the cause of that! I slipped him out of me... it wasn't easy... I was fighting him... his grip on my waist, the claws dragging me back, holding me onto it... he was pumping, straining his body and cock forward. I was fighting my own desire too... just a few second's more!... not long!, just a few seconds! He's so good! No time! 10 seconds! I spun around to stop him taking me again and was met with him trying to mount me again, but face on, this time! I drank in the sight of him, huge, thrusting at my face, squirting still... no sign or sound of his owner! I took that cock into my mouth, swallowed the taste of him... and me, then got a mouthful of liquid to sample. He grabbed hold of my skull and fucked it hard. Stiff meat filled my mouth, making me gape wide... down my throat. He flooded it with his wetness. I gagged and tried to inhale around it, no good, but I let him do my face for a second or two longer, as long as my breath held out. Times up! Enough! No, not really! But as long as I could take. I heard the sound of the bike... stopping just this side of the bridge... just through the bushes. I pushed the dog away... regained the use of my throat and used it for breathing again, trying not to pant... Easy girl!... Quiet!... Shhh! Still fending the dog off, he was shrinking, retracting already... wanting more, wanting it all... I was wanting it too! But the stimulation, pussy for him, cock for me, was gone... I watched as it went away, hidden in his sheathe... now I knew, now I wanted it again. I was able to savour the taste of him, remember the feel of him... I moaned to myself... so good... if only I had had more time... what fun I would have had! Shush!... Later! I pushed the dog away... he didn't want to go! "Dog!?"... the owner! "Dog!!" The dog looked at me... the promise in his eye's was clear... we had unfinished business, he and I... he growled one more time... at me, this time... and was gone. I waited until they had left and then pulled my pant's back up my wet tush, used my T-shirt to wipe my face... I drove home, unable to wait, I stripped off my pants and climbed into bed... I had a come-covered T-shirt, I could smell the dog on it and on me too. I used the smell and memory of him to bring him into my bed, with me. I used the wicked promise in his eye's to fulfil his... and my... wishes. I used him... he made me come. In my imgination, he lasted longer than 30 second's. I fantasized that if I ever saw him again and circumstances permitted... I would find out how much longer. I didn't realise how soon that would be.