Anal discipline

"All the way baby, all the way,” he said to her, unable to stop himself from having an unseen smile as he didn't stop, pressing hard into her until he was jammed tight against Sarah’s firm, rounded ass, feeling her anal ring clutching spastically around his embedded erection, his hairy cockroot was forcing her anal ring open and she could feel his swollen, hairy balls tickling her pussy. He wasn't going to be gentle with the helpless young woman. He wasn't going to pass up the chance to fuck this sensationally pretty teen actress exactly how every guy who’d set eyes on her teen body wanted to; extracting the maximum amount of perverted anal gratification. He pulled his cock back so that just the swollen flange was held tightly by her youthful anal ring and paused.

Sarah’s tightly-clenched anal ring was spasming and clenching his dickhead so tightly that he could feel her pulse, Taking a deep breath, he firmly slid his meaty length back into her again; a little deeper this time, the feeling of her elastic teen ass tensing up round his cock was blissfully pleasurable for him but must have been incredibly uncomfortable for her judging by the increasing volume and intensity of cries and whimpers from between her gritted teeth.

Although her cries amused him greatly he decided that he should quieten her in case her screams were to attract the attention of others so decided to tighten his control on the teen actress "Just try and relax Sarah, he mocked, now stroking her body softly as he took it slow for the first few strokes to make sure he got her going just right. As he retook control of her, the mind-controlled actress relaxed and waves of pleasure washed over her, the crude, depraved act now felt to her as if he were doing the most loving things to her unknowing body. She smiled and sighed, leaning forward slightly, her face against the cool tiles, presenting her delightful derriere for his pleasure.

"Rub your clit bitch,” he said, again employing that dominating tone that she responded to so well, emphasising the word ‘Bitch’ and she couldn't deny that her pussy was tingling with lust and slippery with her girly juices, and as she reached down to finger herself she gave a little jolt at the intense sensation from her clit. She just hesitated a moment before starting to massage herself, feeling the pleasure melt through her, and then him start to move in her ass again, only this time it didn't feel so bad, far more of that unique new pleasure than the discomfort.