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My aunt Kimberley 37 was married to my late father's younger brother Bruce, sadly Bruce died in traffic accident and Kimberley's parents also died in the same accident. Thus Kimberley as an only child got everything from her parents estate and 3 large life insurance payouts as well. But Kimberley and Bruce had only been married a couple of years and hadn't yet had children of their own. I'm Adam 26 only son of Nigel (deceased) and Mary and youngest of the 3 children. Mary now lived with Jean my oldest sister and her family and close by also lives Janet and her family my other sister.

So I was living alone in the same city as Kimberley. Kimberley came to see me and I wasn't expecting her to visit me. But she wanted something from me and only I could provide it. My sperm I was the closest living male relative of Bruce, Kimberley thought if she was able get pregnant by using my sperm it would be like having Bruce's child. I wasn't concerned by it all that much and said I would give what she wanted and asked how and when she wanted it. Once I had said yes she went off to see what was needed to be done to get her pregnant. I thought I would masturbate into a cup or something else and that would my part done. She started to discover the legal minefield that surrounded doing what she wanted. Then her lawyer told it would a great deal easier just to fuck whoever was supplying the sperm until she got pregnant. She hadn't told the lawyer it was her late husband's nephew. Kimberley rang again and had me come over to her place for a talk, after I arrived she asked me would like to make a direct donation, it didn't register she meant me straight out fucking her. But it soon dawned on me as she went to tell me of the legal minefield. It easy if your married, but if your not there's a lot of hurtles placed in your way. If she had wanted any baby she could go pick up some guy bed him and that is that if she gets pregnant. Once fully aware I said would still be willing, I'm no great lover. But I've had my fair share you could say, anyway she decided I should move in with her and during her cycles we would fuck and see what happens. I suggested giving her sperm and she could tell the doctors it was from her late husband, but she said there are no records of him storing sperm and they would know that it wasn't his straight away. Kimberley is good looking and has a nice figure, I just felt a little awkward talking about fucking my aunt, blood relative or not. A week later I was moved in and shortly after she was ready for the session. She got herself ready and I got on delivered the sperm and got off and repeated it 3 times that first session.

Several cycles and no positive result, finally we just fucked like we wanted just a fuck and added some enjoyment into the sex session. That done the trick as the next test was positive, she told the rest of the family she had IVF and not that she had been fucking her nephew. I was bit excited also about being a father and more excited when I heard Kimberley my mother Mary she had just enough left to try again later. I still live rent free with Kimberley who is soon to have our son who she is calling Bruce. No more sex with Kimberley as yet, but I've a girlfriend who is providing that. But I've told Kimberley I willing if she wants more children and all she was thankyou.