Giant boobs

With those nine words, I could feel the cum filling my balls. Leigh always knew what to say, but this time was different. As she stood at the foot of the bed in super short jean shorts and brown low-rise boots, I knew she meant it. Not only are legs in short shorts and boots my thing, her legs in short shorts and boots are my thing. The absolute softest and silkiest legs I have ever touched and ever will. “You see these legs? These are your legs. You can do everything you’ve ever wanted to do to them.” There was a long list. The first time I saw them was about 20 years ago in college. You’d think that after that much time that they wouldn’t be as incredible as they once were, but in this case the opposite was absolutely true. And when I started rubbing them, it took everything I had not to shoot my load right there. Luckily, I’m good at controlling my orgasms because saving that much cum for later would end up being something she still talks about to this day, as in: “I never had that much cum on a part of my body. And I never will again.” So what does someone who has been dreaming about one pair of legs for 20 years do first? That’s easy. Rub them from the knee up. One at a time. As she watched me rub and saw my cock nearly splitting my boxers in two, she gave me a naughty look. She knew massaging them was not even close to the main event. “Turn over for me?” She was a woman of her word. Her legs were my legs. And I wanted to see them from behind. As she lay flat on her stomach in those shorts, I reached my hands between her thighs and felt how wet she was through the denim. “Oh my God are you wet!”

“Go ahead and worship my legs, you naughty boy.” Normally I would have dove headfirst into that pool of sweet goo, but this was a different kind of fantasy playing out, one where the legs had to be the star. Could I have made her cum with my tongue in 30 seconds or less? Absolutely. But this was about holding out for me. This was about doing things I have never done before. This was about my tongue running up and down the back of those legs. This was about my tongue licking up and down the sweet skin where the back of her knee meets her thigh. This was about me seeing every inch of that perfect body. As I licked her legs, I found myself sneaking a few kisses on her ass cheeks. A few turned into a few more. And then a few more. Until my kisses turned into long loving licks that extended from her knees up to her crack. She was loving every second of it. She was still so wet I just couldn’t take it anymore. At first I was going to turn her over but I was too excited. I took my hands and placed one on each cheek, and then I pulled them apart wide. Her beautiful bush came into view, along with her absolutely pristine butthole. And before I knew it, my face was lost inside that sweet juicy heaven, my nose rubbing in the wetness. My beard was now soaked and coated with the sweet smell of that beautiful pussy as my tongue teased around her tight little hole. And like a lizard flicking its tongue, I flicked mine into her butthole. That resulted in a moan I’ll never forget. Now we were going from leg heaven to oral nirvana. And I knew a darting tongue was just the start of what I had planned. I spread that little asshole wide with my fingers and inserted my tongue as far as I could get it. And as good as I am at giving head, my ass-licking skills were pretty top notch. Of course, I still had the wherewithal to rub my cock on her thighs as I ate out her sweet ass. And that was all I could take. I mentioned the cumshot of all cumshots earlier, and this is how it began. The combination of tasting that delicious asshole and those soft thighs against my cock sent me over an edge higher than any I’ve ever experienced. I lost track of how many spurts of cum but her legs were absolutely drenched in my cum. I wish I was able to take a photo of the mess I made, because it was that memorable. As I finished emptying my now gigantic balls, she whispered in my ear. “That’s a lot of cum, you naughty boy.” She was right. I started to rub the cum into her thighs, first with my fingers and then with my still semi-hard dripping cock. As my cock rubbed over her thighs, it started to grow again.

I remembered how much I loved licking the back of her knee, so I put my cock there and bent her thigh so it acted like a vice grip. Before long, I was fucking the back of her knee with furious abandon. It felt like a combination of a handjob and a blowjob, until I felt more cum building. This time, though, there would be no adjusting or licking. I was hellbent on blowing my load a second time with the help of that little spot behind her knee. Faster … faster … oh my god I’m going to cum again! And I did. Hard. Powerful. Hot. I used her soft, silky legs to cum and it was better than I could have ever imagined. I was spent. Two more hours would go by until orgasms three and four, the last of which was so deep in Leigh’s throat that there wasn’t a single drop of proof left in that final tongue-twisted kiss. With that, Leigh stood up and put on her shorts. She stood over me to rub those legs one last time on my face. With a wink, she summed up the entire day perfectly. “You naughty boy.