Three ones become one

I'm Percy 30, I'm not in a relationship at the moment and was feeling rather horny. I was sent by the family to check a property owned by the family and vacant to make sue it was secure and not being trashed. It's a warehouse with small office section at the front and a large storage area behind. It's not needed at the moment as a warehouse and there is some plans in the future to redevelop the property. I found glass broken and secured the area with heavy sheeting to close off entry. Anyway as I was checking out the area around the property. I saw a bag lady living in an old large concrete pipe, but she wasn't on our property so I didn't bother her. She was the only person I saw in the whole area. I was camping there overnight for 3 or 4 days to see what it was like during night in the area. My father's idea to stay for a few nights and see what happens. There was no one except the old lady, the area was totally dead as far as the locals thought it seemed. In the early morning I awoke and saw the old washing herself at a tap stripped to the waist with an old bucket washing herself all over. I was surprised by the sight and even more when I got a hard-on watching her. So I jerked myself off watching her and as I had a couple of nights yet to stay started wondering what it would cost for her to let me fuck her. She had a great looking rack and wasn't overweight and I'm no angel and always ready to push the limits. So after I had gotten off, I went over to see the old lady. She was afraid of me at first sight, but I calmed her down and asked a few questions about the area and why it was so void of people. Her name is Tina 59 widow had 2 children, but both had passed away in the last twenty years and no other family she knew of. She told me the area was unused mainly because there was nothing there. No shops, bars or anything for miles and people didn't come to the area much at all and if they did they soon left. I asked why she was there and she said it's safer than other places she could camp out at

I asked what she did to get by anything I can make a buck on was her reply, adding spot work is very spotty in this city. I decided to push it and asked what wouldn't she do to make a few bucks, I've never refused any type of work she answered. So I asked her straight out about having sex for money, I've never been asked in the 8 months I've been living rough she replied. I said but your a good looking woman and nobody asked you. She said there's plenty of younger women walking the streets and selling themselves cheap. I had to ask and so just ask how much for you to fuck me I enquired. She was quiet and looked at me and just as I thought that she would refuse, she said twenty bucks and a feed. I thought she willing and so I said okay you want the feed first or after. I really hungry she said, okay so I took her down to the closest Macdonald's drive thru and left her get whatever she wanted and then back the warehouse to fuck her. Getting back I asked was she still willing and she said deal is a deal. On her seeing a shower sign on a door asked me could she shower first. I replied okay how about we shower together and that we did. I got to feel her up as we showered and after we got onto my air mattress and had our first fuck and I really enjoyed it and so I asked her to stay with me while I was there and she agreed and she got all her belongings and she moved in with me. I made a bulk purchase a hundred cash and all the fucks I want and all the meals she wanted, which she accepted. I spent the next couple of days fucking her and really enjoying all of them. Finally it was time for me to return home and I decided I would take Tina with me. She wasn't sure she knew her way around this place and would be lost in a new place. I told I would get her own place to live and also a job as my assistant and all she had to do was keep me satisfied in bed like she had been doing since we've met. Still unsure, but as I was going and the cash wouldn't last very long she agreed. Once back home I set Tina up in an apartment next to mine, I owned the building and had kept that apartment empty just incase I wanted to enlarge my apartment. Her first day at the family business offices, she done fairly well and nobody thought anything was going on between us

After a month she was doing great as my assistant and still draining my balls regularly as well. I still dated and had other younger women at my apartment and Tina would bring them breakfast in bed. Tina would also shower with me after the other woman had left and then drain my balls again. My family were quite happy with my new work attitude. Now 14 months later, I'm still fucking Tina anytime I want and still regularly and have started a relationship with Maree 28 and have already had a threesome with her and Tina. Maree likes Tina and thinks I should keep her with us as long as she wants to stay with us. Maree is moving in with me this weekend and the next door apartment has been added to my apartment and both Tina and Maree sleep with me every night.