closes the deal for a hot night

I've worked for brother Donald since leaving university, Donald started his own company and it's doing very well. Donald married Jenifer and has 2 children with her, but Donald is always having affairs with women wen he is away. He wasn't doing Jenifer very much at all and left her and the children holiday with me on my private island and Jenifer and me started fucking regularly, she still fucked Donald on the rare occasions he wanted to fuck her. Jenifer had introduce me to Emily and she had already being having a sexual relationship with Emily. So we started having threesomes together and Emily has accepted my proposal and we are marrying on the 11th.

I've already gotten Emily Pregnant and Jenifer is also pregnant to me, but Donald returned the weekend after the deed was done and got drunk and passed out on his bed. Jenifer called me to come over and had me help put him into the bed. After she had undressed him, we had sex before I returned home. Donald woke up with lipstick on his face and Jenifer told him he was an animal the night before and had torn her nightie getting it off her. Donald doesn't remember anything except getting home so he told me. Anyway Jenifer has now told Donald that she is pregnant again and he thinks its his. He also told to get her tubes tried, as 3 children is enough and she said he should get the snip and he refused point blank. So neither is getting anything done. Emily is having a boy and Jenifer is having another girl, so they will have 2 girls 1 boy.

When Donald is away Jenifer spends her time with Emily and me staying with us with the 2 children. She told Donald that she stay with Emily and me while he is away due to her being pregnant. He is okay with that and also that Jenifer and the children are again going to the island with Emily and me. Threesomes are on the menu