I need a big dick

Late last year I started my own business, separate from the family the family's businesses. Nothing flash just a small diner/takeaway. I could let run its self and check it every now and then. I knew I would need a manager, but till I found one I would come and go and only be there to open and close it mainly.

My 3 staff didn't know when I would come in and were only sure I would be there at opening or closing times. After 2 months with no real problems, I started to look for a manager. It was then I met Karen 56 divorced and nice looking and she came in for an interview for the managers job. She was straight to business type no nonsense and she got the job. No more dropping in during the day or opening and closing the place. After 3 months and the business was running smoothly and doing quite well also. Karen would open and close and I decided I would I take a short holiday. On my return I dropped by the business on a Sunday when it was closed, only opening Monday thru Saturday as it was in the central city area and it wasn't busy on Sundays. I came to door at 7am and saw a light in the back of the diner, thinking they had left a light I opened up and entered. To my surprise I found Karen was living in the small backroom of the diner. At first she was shocked at being caught in her underwear. But after getting dressed she told me, that she had lost her rental place due to the council condemning it as unsafe in everyway. Unable to find anything close to her work quickly. She started living at the back of the diner, till she found somewhere she could afford. I wasn't upset, just a little shocked and told her I had a large apartment only 3 blocks away and there were 2 spare bedrooms. If she wanted I would let her stay there until she found her own place. She accepted and I help her carry her bags back to my place. Over the next few days everything was almost as normal except I had someone living in my apartment with me. I no ladies man or party guy and it was a little unusual to have some living with me. Karen was quiet and you wouldn't know she was there unless you saw her. Only one bathroom and Karen was gone before I got up and so I would just walk around almost naked and on Sunday I was doing just that and had a stiff cock and was slowly stroking it walked into the bathroom. Forgetting that Karen wouldn't be at work. I walked on her drying herself with my cock in hand and at first we were both shocked. Karen was first to speak and asked me was I wanting to fuck her, I awkwardly told that I had forgotten that she didn't work Sundays. But her asking me about fucking her caught my attention and I awkwardly asked if she was willing to join me in my bed or was she afraid of my me coming in to the bathroom naked. She replied if I wanted sex she would be willing and she hadn't lock the bathroom because she had also forgot about it being Sunday also. So we both went to my bed and fucked twice and later I took her out to the zoo and seeing the sights.

Then back home and fucking again, I really enjoyed the sex with her it has become a regular for us to fuck. I told her she didn't need to find a place of her own quickly as I liked her in my bed. Then last month I received a very good offer for my diner and they wouldn't need a manager, just 3 staff was all they would want. So I hired Karen as my P A and she is now working with me and sleeping with me. I really don't require a P A but Karen is great to be with and I'm also getting more responsibilities in the family business and Karen is becoming very handy as she finds her way around the business. I'm Oliver 35 single and short at 5' 4" little overweight and balding with glasses