Personally Owned Vagina

I'm Cliff 33 divorced and live in a quiet area of town, so quiet there isn't much traffic most days. The side of town I live on is away from the business and busy parts and no roads from outside of town enter thru the area. I got my home after the divorce 2 years ago and was settled in quickly after. Most of the people living in the area work and there are some retired people like my closest neighbor Wendy 66 widow of 10 years. Wendy spends her days gardening mostly. She is a slim good looking woman for her age, In the first months I hardly talked with her. I work from home a lot and was inside most of the time working on my computer. Not going anywhere much as well and keeping to myself.

Then at Christmas 2019 I went away to visit family and return just after Christmas. The area was like a ghost town as most of the people who were on holidays had also gone away, with just few still working. Wendy was still home and I started to talk to her more often. She wasn't doing anything for the year like me and I invited her over for a new year drink on new year's day. We kept up seeing each other, nothing special and as 2020 proceeded I expected nothing much to change in my life. Then the pandemic started to progress and a lockdown enforced. I ordered what ever I needed online and still talking regularly with Wendy ordered her things as well. As the lockdown went on my only face to face contact with anyone, was with Wendy. Masturbating myself watching porn on my computer and then I watched a porn movie of a grandma getting fucked and I realized that the grandma looked really good and sexy as well. My cock thought so as it was hard as rock, after that I started checking out more grandma porn sites. I also started looking at Wendy in a sexual way and decided to try to bed her. Thinking it wouldn't happen but was worth a try, over the next week I tried different things and no result. I started to think it was a waste of time. But Wendy hurt her back gardening and I started giving her massages, nothing sexual. When her back was better and I kept massaging her, telling her it would make sure she was fully recovered. I told her I had hurt my years before and had similar treatment, but stopped it when the pain had gone and shortly after the pain returned. I was told her that the pain had gone but there was still some injury there and I should have continued the massaging for a time after to completely heal it. The main reason I like touching her and she liked me massaging her, then one day I offered her a complete body massage, not just the back where the pain had been. She accepted and undressed down to her panties and bra and I started and as I proceeded I unclipped her and then put my hand under panties as well as feeling her bum as well. No reaction from her and so I got a little more adventurist and massaged her pussy thru her panties. She moaned a little than told me to remove her panties and I did. As she had stopped me rubbing her pussy I proceed to play with it and inserting my finger into her. I asked her straight out to let me fuck her, she was quiet at first and said okay lets fuck. Sex between us became regular and we stayed at each others house overnight fucking.

After the lockdown was finished, we still fucked regularly since. Wendy calls it our mutual satisfaction activity. She asks me for sex and I ask her, I recently met her only daughter Shelly 31 youngest of 3 and have started dating fucking her as well as Wendy. Shelly is quite shy by nature and I only got her into my bed with the help of Wendy and we regularly have threesomes. I'm seriously thing of proposing to Shelly soon