The only thing make me happy

I recently relocated to a new town for work, I'm Jake 31 was single on arrival but soon to marry. I got a promotion and was sent to manage a mill for my family's company. As the youngest of 4, I've been learning the family business from my oldest brother Mark till the transfer. As the mill manager's job became vacant, I was selected to take it on.

As I was now ready for working solo as Mark told me. On arrival I moved into the house I had purchase online and not viewed. It was as claimed and soon settled in, I mainly got as was close to the mill, but also big enough for when family came to visit. I got a great surprise soon after I had moved in. My neighbor was Wendy 30 who I had been at university with and was dating at the time. But she left suddenly and all I knew there was a family crisis and didn't return. Once the shock of seeing her again had passed, I found out her mother had died and her father was seriously ill, so she had to run the family business. Then her father passed away and she was kept busy running the business. Still single we got back together quickly and I got her pregnant almost as quickly. Even those it wasn't confirmed before I asked her to marry me and she accepted and it was confirmed shortly after and we're marrying at the end of the month. So we're now living together and my brother Mark has found a manager for Wendy's business and the manager will have Wendy's house to live in. My mother Elizabeth has come to help Wendy with the weddings planning.

Wendy was already known to the family from our university days and they are happy we finally got together again. Her business is now been taken under the umbrella of our family business is getting extra business though it connection to our businesses. Paul my father has come and looked over the area while visiting us on the news of our engagement and sees a great future for the area.