She sucked me perfectly

Every Morning my way to work I stopped at a coffee stall run by Sherrie 50 and I would have a coffee and a talk then on to work. Over time we became friends and one day she asked could I help her with moving her stall as her permit had expired and she to relocate down the street to the next block. As the council was going to do work on the drainage in that location. I agreed and helped her shift on the Saturday afternoon. Her partner and her had split up and that's why she needed help.

I'm Kevin 26 and work for a bank, I didn't have a girlfriend at the time and so my weekend was free. I do okay with women, but haven't found my soulmate yet. Over the following days, Sherrie and I would talk and I was invited over for dinner as a thankyou for my help. When a long weekend was approaching I was going to the lake for some fishing and had rented a cabin. Sherrie asked if I would like some company and I said Alright if you want you can come. On arrival at the cabin we settled in and had lunch before I went fishing. I caught a couple of fish, which we had for dinner. That night a storm started and it rained most of the night. Next morning it was nice and sunny, as I prepared to go fishing Sherrie asked was there any areas that she sunbathe naked. I had been at the lake many times over the years and pointed out a spot away from everybody, she told me to call her when I was ready for lunch. After fishing for a couple of hours I headed back to the cabin and decide to tell Sherrie, I called to her from the trees. Not wanting to approach her while was naked incase it upset her. To my surprise she came over to me still naked and only started to dress then. We talked a bit on our way to the cabin, it was still an hour or so till lunchtime and she asked what wanted to do. I said whatever you like and she said well how about we fuck as I'm very horny and masturbating myself isn't satisfying me at the moment.

I was a little shocked, but decided why not and we fucked on arrival at the cabin and again that afternoon. We slept together for the rest of the weekend and on our return I would go and see Sherrie for sex regularly after that. It just mutual satisfaction and when we both got new partners, we still see each other for sex every now and then.