Porn With Horny Asian Babes

I worked for a large multi national firm and was sent to a small country that was poor by my standards. I could live like a king on my pay and back home, I would be classed as okay. So I was a little slow in my uptake of the situation and it was a month before I realized, just how good it could be there. One of my colleagues had a housekeeper and a maid and was fucking both. They were widows and had no children and would do anything he wanted, just for their jobs. I was shocked at first, but it seemed to be the norm for singles foreign workers. But I wasn't looking for a housekeeper as I lived in hotel and it done every thing I needed at first. I was a bit afraid of catching something.

But I as I became more aware how everything worked, my fears went away. I then had the chance to go to another city away from the capital. I wouldn't be under the eye of the company employees, I decided to find my own place and get a housekeeper/bed warmer as they were called at our offices. I found a nice place not far from my new office, I was at a lost at first. On how I would find the right housekeeper/bed warmer, I've always been a bit shy at first till I find my legs so to speak. On starting at my job I had an assistant Asha, she spoke English very well and was quite attractive. After the first week learning my job, I found out that Asha travelled for 2 hours to and from work and lived with mother Kiara and younger sister Grishma. They were just getting by as was normal there. Then one day there was a fierce storm and the railway line was partly washed away. Asha would have to home by road and it could up to 5 or so hours. I had a spare room and offered it to her for the night. She accepted, but was wary of my intentions I think. If she was classed a used she wouldn't get a husband and staying the night in a single man's home. Might give her that tag, I told her that nobody would know as it was dark and raining heavily. She stayed in the spare room and I stayed in mine, I did think about going to her. But decided not too, the next afternoon the railway line was patched up and she went home as usual. The next day her Kiara and sister Grishma came to see me about my intentions about Asha. I told them that I only had the best intentions for Asha. But I couldn't shake their belief that Asha was now soiled goods. I asked them what they wanted me to do and they said I should take Asha to my bed as my wife, it wasn't a bad idea I thought straight away. But their was shock till to come, as Asha didn't a dowry. They would act as her dowry and I would also have the right to bed them as well. I was unsure. But my cock started getting aroused and so I agreed and within the the week Asha was my wife along with her mother as housekeeper and sister as maid. The next few years I was very happy with my job and extended family. But all good things have to end and I got recalled home.

I didn't have any trouble getting my extended family back home with me. On my return some people I knew were a bit confused at first thinking I had 3 wives ( I did) but I just told them the others were mother and sister of my wife Asha and helped with my 4 children. 2 from Asha 1 each from the others, now thirty years later I have 15 children and 6 grandchildren and still have 3 wives.