Sexy biker Angela

Oh shit! "Please dohhohhnnnnnnghg, plsstommmmphhhpppoopo!" I just scream incoherently, can't even speak in words! My pelvis was pure fire, unbelievable comforting waves of pure tingling joy exploded in my pussy and flooded my body, my muscles clamped in endless waves of violent contractions. I have lost all sense of time, was it hours? No idea. Almost in a panic, I ask myself, can you die from too many orgasms? Heart attack maybe? Shit, that way to die was making me too horny! Oh God, my pussy, I'm pissing into my bed again! Still I can’t stop to want more. „Are you giving up already? Fuck me you swine!“ I moan before another climax hits, „come on, I want your cock spurt into my filthy womb again. Damn! Please fuck my cunt forever!“ Uh yes I want his dong in me, his sweaty body just coming over me, use me, make me shake and fill me again and again. I don’t care anymore if he cums right in me as long as he gives me so much pleasure. "All in good time," he breathes kissingly on my lips. Then he pushes the vibrator back into my overexcited vagina with such strength that I could only answer him with a painful groan. The guy forced me to endure this pleasure torture and damn it was awesome! My own sex toy was stuck in me practically for an eternity without much interruption while I was completely tied to my own bed. I had squirted so much piss and pussy juice that the mattress was probably completely ruined and his semen poured out of my pussy too after he took me without a rubber sometime in between and used my body to his leisure. All I do now is scream and moan. What did it sound like for my neighbors, I wondered. What would they think if I met them in the hallway in the future? My goodness, I don't care! Somehow the thought was even thrilling, I will enjoy their staring. As long as I have that kind of pure wild sex more often, they could go to hell. Yet our date had begun so innocent and comfortably with a small meal that we had cooked together. We had got to know each other through a dating website. He seemed charming and kind of cute, so I took the first step and wrote him. When we met I was still intrigued and knew we would come along good. The guy was quite handsome and in his mid-thirties about five years younger than me. Also a few inches shorter than me and really slim. His smile was always lively and he had exactly the humor I liked. After a few dates in small bars, I invited him over to my place for dinner. We dined jokingly and giddy together but afterwards, while he helped me to wash up, we got really close in my tiny kitchen. Not unintentionally he touched my body several times and with a giggle I rubbed myself against him. Giving him a good sensation of my supple flesh.

Just when I was supposedly reaching for a drawer, my hand wandered into his pants and panties without any shame and I felt for his two sperm donors and played with them. It was suddenly so hot and tingly in the small room and he grabbed my plump ass and immediately kissed my wide lips. I tasted our meal in his kiss and suckled his tongue while my fingers massaged his cock to a real hard-on. Uh, his fingers clamped my big buttocks. „Forget the rest,“ I mumbled, „let’s go down for the dessert.“ „I thought you never asked,“ he grinned and we both hurried down to my bedroom. All the way long he touched my body and we stumbled kissing wildly into my bed. Awkwardly he fumbled with the buttons of my dress and after a while he gave up and just tore the fabric roughly off my body. My protest was calmed with another passionate kiss while he turned me around in his surprisingly strong arms. I was pressed with a firm grip onto my bed while we kissed each other more and more violently. Then he reached for the rest of my torn dress and took a seat on me. I looked at him curiously. Whoah, he mounted me and pushed my arms up. Intrigued I giggled when he started to kiss my shoulders and licked my freshly shaved armpits. But then he took me by surprise and tore the maltreated dress into ribbons while he controlled my body with his own weight. It happened so fast that I realized what happened when he already had tied my arms to the bars of the bed frame above my head. "Hey! What are yo...nghhh" I tried to protest, but his tongue interrupted me with a passionate kiss. Then he grabbed my left leg and pulled it to the bed frame roughly to tie me up there just as quickly as before. He winked at me and grabbed my other leg as well. My squirming and resistance was completely pointless and now he had me stretched out helpless and naked in front of him. Gosh, I never was in this bondage stuff and certainly I never planned to loose control in my bed at a first private date. I was really at his control now and he could do with me whatever he wanted. Yet I was in a pervert way excited, would he just take me and rape my body for his pleasure or do with me some freaky stuff? I felt a bit fearful too and still intrigued and I longed for his touch but he just sat there a while and looked at me, obviously enjoying the details of my body. His fingers tickled my little tummy and strolled gently over my hips. The evening sun still fell brightly into my bedroom and some sweat shone on my light white skin. A good contrast to the dark bush in my crotch which he just devoured with a greedy look. My saggy big breasts rose and fell in excitement and my dark rosy tips longed for his warm tongue in the cool wind that blew in from the open balcony behind. He grinned and flicked both sensitive knobs cheekily with his fingers as he bent down to me and licked my lips hungrily. His hand came up to stroke my more than shoulder-long black dyed hair that clung to my face. He took carefully my glasses away and looked at me smiling with his deep grey-greenish eyes. Another deep french-kiss followed before he leaned over to my nightstand to put the glasses there. A moment of hesitation later he winked at me and opened the drawer. I was caught blushing while he brought out my pink rabbit for the many lonely nights. Oh God! He even sniffed at it and then he licked the dried pussy juice from my vibrator before he kissed me again. "Oh little Sabrina, I think we're going to have a lot of fun with this," he whispered. He forced me to kiss my toy but I did it with joy, already horny, I started to suckle it as if it was his cock. With relief I saw him fumble a condom out if his pocket to flip it on my drawer for later. He smiled and soon kissed my saliva off the toy, before he started to undress himself. I stared at his slim and handsome form and I drooled when I glimpsed his unshaved curls around the hard-on. He was of average size and I wanted to taste his dick, lick him clean and moreover I wanted to feel him inside of me. Yes he could do anything with me now as long as I finally got a real living love rod in my dripping tunnel. Even as we began to kiss again, I felt him fumbling all over me. Sometimes tickling, sometimes roughly massaging my body, he pushed himself just as naked over me. I could smell our food on his breath and his masculine smell mixed with a perfume. It was intoxicating. Then, finally, he pressed his mouth on my soft breasts and began to smooch me wonderfully wet, kneading and sucking my teats smacking between his lips. Ouch! His bite was bittersweet and roughly he pulled the nipple and flesh with his head up just let it bounce back and repeated it again and again until my knobs were fury red. „Ohh,“ I moaned and he flicked his tongue all over the sensual skin, caressing and soothing. His hands crawled further and his lips followed, leaving a trail of wet saliva on my belly before he kissed hard on my hairy pubic. „Yes, take me,“ I thought or did I say it loud? He just grinned and then pulled my legs apart to smell my sex and I felt the jolt running up my spine when his lips touched my labia. Oh my, his kiss was intense and yet so gentle. His tongue wriggled into me and I heard him moan delightful when he tasted my juices. His tongue probed even deeper and his nose rubbed allthewhile over my hood that concealed my tiny clit. I shivered in my ties and moaned. His stiff tongue fucked me with loud slurps and I knew my pussy was wetening not only from his saliva. Out of a sudden I jolted in my bonds, feeling his licks snuggle and dance directly into the hood to my love knob. „Oh gosh, yesss!“ I moaned and he rewarded me with intense nibbling, even suckle kisses right on the spot to free my clit for a swirly tickle with his tongue. „UHHHH! BABY THAT‘S IT!“ I screamed and humped my pelvis up into him so he needed both hands to steady me. His play concentrated just on my clit now but I felt also one, two, then three fingers penetrating my vagina from below, scratching inside along their way. It was just too much and I rocked hard in such an intense orgasm as I haven’t had for a long time.

My mind wasn’t able to think anymore and I had no idea when it stopped. But suddenly I sniffed a smell of piss and pussy and realized him kissing my face. It was plastered in my juices and he gave me a good share, invading my mouth with deep kisses. I moaned and we kissed for a long time while he gently stroked my body. „Time you get a visit by someone you love,“ he said grinning and got up to sit between my spread legs, the rabbit already in hand. "Please don't be so harsh," I pleaded and bit my tongue, knowing that it was probably a mistake to beg for mercy. At that moment the thick glans-shaped end of the vibrator pressed mercilessly my labia open and penetrated into my overstimulated pussy. Whoom! The devilish little motor started and I winced when the little ears seemed to beat my clitoris. But he just pushed the thing in me forcing the toy in my body. I jolted and gasped for air. The thing rotated in my tunnel while my clit got all attention of the little extra. He bent over me and started nibbling my breasts and sucking my warts with such fervor that I soon shook groaning with pure lust into another orgasm. Oh God! He did not stop again! Instead, he made me moan in turn, gasp for air, and just scream loudly. My body was just enflamed Joy! I was sweating, I was trembling, I couldn't control anything anymore and my pussy started to squirt geysers of piss and juice after minutes of this torture. He pushed, he screwed, he rammed the rabbit into my crotch and I could not escape him, no matter how much I pulled at the straps holding my body. I wriggled back and forth, up and down and I was torn between incomprehensible lust and fear how long I could take it. Then, finally, it was over and he pulled the thing out. I fell back on my bed grasping for air. Holy shit! It was awesome! My body shivered but felt so incredibly hot, my pussy hurt but yet it itched also in such a horny way. I felt the damp under me and knew my bed was completely soaked. Gosh I didn’t care. With closed eyes I lay there and smiled. „Wow, oh wow!“ I whispered. „Not over yet,“ he said between my legs and I felt him kiss my sex, sending electronic jolts through my body. „Shit!,“ I groaned, but already started to shake when he drove the toy once more into me. This time I gave in completely and screamed „YES, YES, Give it to me!“ To support him I pressed my pelvis into his hand , driving the toy deep into my body. „Come, rip my pussy open!“ I said screaming. I knew some of my neighbors would hear it and I wanted to give them as good a show as he had here. I climaxed hard and it didn’t stop, one orgasm went into the other and I lulled and screamed and lost all sense of time. All I knew is that he paused sometimes and we shared juicy kisses or he caressed my teats. Two or three times he just ate me out and tasted my pussy while each touch on my clit send me to heaven. Sometimes I came to my senses for a moment and noticed how urine and ejaculate squirted out between my legs to drizzle down on both of us, so violently he drove the vibrator into me. The smell of sweat, piss and pussy was intoxicating and while I was panting and screaming from climax to climax, I kept bathing us in my juice with loud squishy noises. Then, a small pause and I lay there and watched him with a transfigured look and gasping for breath. My body was still twitching, every touch of his lips on my tiny clitoris sent new shivers through me. My salty, greasy juices stuck to his face and in my pubic hair. He leaned forward and let me taste my piss and pussy juice from his mouth again. Only then did I realize that it wasn't my toy that slid in, when his penis hammered into me already. My tormentor grabbed my tied up body and fucked me relentlessly, while he satisfied me with his tickling fingers and in the middle of another orgasm I realized from a glimpse of the still wrapped rubber that my own contracting vagina betrayed me and milked his sperm into my body.