Porn parody compilation

"Jesus, you big pricked fucker!" I hissed between clutched teeth with my sun dressed pushed up over my ass holding on the kitchen cabinet as my stepson pushed his big dick into my overly stretched cunt to the hilt. "You like it you tight cunted bitch." He growled into my ear as he started saw away at my greedy slit. "Fuck me with that big prick." I hissed enjoying the feeling of his cock banging off my ovaries. I guess you could call me a slut or a who're. I kinda fit the bill sense I'm married and banging a kid less then half my age. It's not like I planned it or went out of my way to make it happen. It kinda just happened I guess. I guess it was about six months ago Tyler and I was setting around the house doing nothing watching it rain. His dad was gone again to God knows where.

I don't remember who's idea it was. But, we started drinking. The more we drank the bolder we got in our questions. I remembered a rumor I heard about Tyler. The more I thought about it. Finally with enough liquid courage I just asked. "So Tyler. I hear you have a giant prick." I grinned looking him right in the eye with big curious eyes. "Yep." He quipped grinning back at me. "Can I see it?" I smiled again with a big goofy grin. "You wanna se my big prick?" Tyler grinned. "Yep." I quipped with a smile. Tyler stood up and doing the best strip tease he could dropped his pants and the largest cock I had ever seen in my life came I to sight. "Jesus fuck!" I gasped. "Is that thing real?" I asked mesmerized by the sheer size of his prick. "Yep!" Tyler said with a big grin swaying his hips making his big prick swing side to side. The sheer weight of his prick was so much that it couldn't stand up and just dangled there hard as nails. Slowly I climbed out of my chair and crawled over to Tyler. "Are you planning on ducking my big dick?" Tyler grinned down at me. I could tell even in our drunken state that this wasn't the first time this had happen to Tyler. I found out later I was right. Several of the moms around the neighborhood had done similar things to him. Some got him drunk. Others just through themselves at him and a couple tag teamed him and one even played him. "Yep." I grinned as he smiled own at me as I did the best I could to deep throat him. "Jesus." I grunted when his large cock head popped inside my pussy as I looked down on him and worked my tight little twat down on his cock. I will say I was glad we where drunk. Because if I had been sober it would have painful. I rode Tyler till my pussy got stretched out enough to handle him easily then I rolled over on my back and let him put d my hard and deep. God did it feel good having him on top of me driving his monster to to my tiny hole.

I will say I was surprised when he filled me up twice with a good, thick, heavy load of cum. One in my and one in my pussy. I didn't know a man could cum as much as he does. To my pleasure, it's like someone pours a half gallon of milk in me every time he cums in me. After that day we started fucking regularly. Some times it's just a good fuck. Others it's a all out love making session enjoying each others bodies. Then there is times it a brutal bashing he gives me. I still fuck his father when ever he wants some pussy and Tyler still fucks the neighborhood mothers. It's something we neither of us talk about. But, we spend as much time together as we can.