Birthday sex group party

Jim I married Julie while we were both in college. She got a degree in sports medicine and me in construction. Before things turned to shit, we had what I thought was a good marriage, I was not what you would call "wise to a women's sexual needs" because she was the first woman I had made love to. I had had a couple professional ladies of the night, but Julie was a virgin. You could say this started about 5 years ago, and 10 years into our marriage. While I was at home off work a neighbor's wife (Pam) came over to the house (while Julie was at work) and stared flirting and made it known that she would like to fool around, so we did.Didn’t make love just fucked. This went on whenever the opportunity was available for about 4 months. Then I told her I felt guilty and couldn't do it any more, she got pissed! Julie I work 10 12 hours a week 3-4 days a week. the rest of the time 6-8 hours 2 days a week. A little less than 5 years ago I was out with Pam drinking when she started crying and said she couldn't stand it any more because we were good friends. She told me that my husband seduced her and she was so so sorry, and would do anything to make things right. I wanted to shoot the SOB, cut his dick off. What an asshole. what a bum fuck, he never brought me to an orgasm, just jumped my bod and "wham bam" with no "Thank You". We stated out with sex once a week which quickly went to 1 or 2 times a month because I got no satisfaction, he couldn't even eat my pussy worth a shit. I didn't want to go to jail, I had to find a way fuck him over for "pay back". First I cut off all sex, I just made up all kinds of excuses. Then I thought, well "what is good for the gander is good for the goose". There was a good looking single man (Alex) at my place of work, who was always flirting with me. I told him what my husband had done and that I wanted him to bed me for pay back, I told him this was a one time thing. He said that was fine with him. He took me out to dinner than back to his place. He dimmed the lights, put on some soft music, and started plying me with wine. I hadn't had sex in over three months, and was horny as hell, plus the the excitement of forbidden love, it didn't take long for him to get me in bed.

OMG I didn't know what I had been missing, I had multiple orgasms that night. He is one hell of a lover, and I didn't want to leave, I wanted more, a lot more. I thought about getting a divorce so I could be with him. But I had two problems, one my husband has a great income due to a substantial inheritance and we maintained a very nice lifestyle that I didn't want to give up. Two, my new lover told me he liked his freedom and would like to just give me a "poke" once or twice a week, plus he also was bisexual. After a couple of hook ups with my new lover, and not having sex with my husband, I was getting nervous that Jim might want a divorce; that couldn't happen! Alex and I had to come up with a plan. After a few weeks Alex thought he had the answer. Alex First we need to find out what Jim is doing to relive his sexual desires. So I want to check his bank records to see what he spends his money on, and second we need to see want he is looking at on his computer. Third we need to install some hidden cameras through out the house.Hopefully this might tell us what he is doing. Well he bank records didn't show anything but his computer did. Well kiss my ass, he is watching porn. He started with straight porn, then went to 3 way, then cuckold with creampie. And the hidden cameras showed Jim putting on Julie's bra and panties while he watched his porn, then would get a zucchini and get on his knees by the bed and suck it after he wiped his precum on it; then fuck himself with it. This guy needs some help and I think I know how to do that. Julie Alex's plan was for me to tell Jim that I was going to a new doctor about my lack of sex drive, and she (the doctor) started quizzing me about Jim. I told her that Jim was slight is size and a little overweight.. And she wanted to see Jim to check him over also. Jim was hesitant at first but finally agreed to go. She (not a doctor but a nurse friend of Alex) gave him a complete physical. When she checked his testicles she became alarmed (not true). She told him she needed to run some tests and for him to come back in a week. She prescribed him some meds to take in the meantime. The doctor called Jim after just one day and told him to drop what ever he was doing and come in right away and have his wife drive him to the office. The doctor told Jim she was sorry to have to tell him this but he had a rare testicle cancer, (a lie), and they needed to be removed immediately, today, right now or it might be to late. She could do it there in the office now. The doctor scared the hell out of Jim, but he was reassured that if he did it now there wouldn't be any problems and it could even extend his life 10 to 20 years. Jim went under and snip snip now he is a eunuch. When Jim came to, the doctor told Jim and Julie that he would be sore and possibly have a little drainage from the incision. There was no good way to apply a bandage, also it really needed to breathe. Her recommendation was for him to discard his boxers in lieu of panties with a liner. His wife had brought a pair of pink lace panties and a mini pad for him like the doctor told her to do. The doctor gave him some pain pills and a prescription to take daily to help with the lack of testosterone. Little did he know it was estrogen And ketoconazole. She told Jim that should keep wearing panties because they breath better and cause less irritation. Damm he look cute in those panties. A month or so after the "snip-snip" Alex told me to tell Jim I was super horny and for him to fuck her. But of course he couldn't get it up. Alex got me some DVDs about pegging to watch with Jim. In the movies both partners panting and moaning. I talked Jim in to trying it. He said he would try it if she really thought it would help. So we did this for a few weeks, in the meantime I went from a 5" dildo to a fat 8" one. He said he enjoyed it but never got a any kind of hard on although he manage to cum a few drops.Then Alex got me some three way DVDs to watch with Jim. He wasn't to thrilled about it but I told him that I really needed a real hard throbbing cock in me. I told him that I could go behind his back but I preferred to do it with him there. He finally consented to invite someone over and ask if I could think of someone. Hello Alex! Jim About one a month after the "nut cutting" I got the urge to to fuck something but can't get it up so I would try to rub it out to no avail. My groin just aches and aches until I get a dildo and fuck myself with it. It is the only way I can have sex now. When I met Alex for the first time he was super nice to me, he treated me like we were old buddies, I guessed because we were fixing to have a three way. We where having drinks out by the pool at the time I first met Alex. After we, Alex,Julie and I, got through with the usual ice breaking talk about the “weather “ Alex said that if I wanted to to learn how to please a woman he would like to help. I said that would be great. Later that evening, after I had a few strong mixed drinks made by my wife, we all retired to the bedroom where Alex instructed me how ream my wife. He had me start on him so he tell me if I was doing it right or not, he said for me to pretend that his penis was my wife's clitoris. He directed me for 15-20 minutes. Alex said for me to try what I learned on me wife now. After a while Julie said it was her turn for Alex, so she jumped his bones and rode him like a wild woman while I watched and listen to her moaning and quivering with desire that I had never heard before. While she was riding his big pole he would occasionally reach over and ether fondle my limp 3' dick or finger my ass.

Alex pulled out of her and then directed me to go down on her so I could taste the the difference fresh and used. As I laid on my back and she climbed on my face with dripping pussy over my mouth, I felt Alex lift my legs while he proceeded to fill my ass with his big dick. which I have come to love as much as my wife has. Alex comes over once or twice a week to have fun with the both of us and sometimes spends the weekend, he has also has brought a some friends a few times. Julie has convinced me to quit my construction job due to my loss of muscle mass and to take over all the household work and make sure the pool boy is taken care of (I have come to really enjoy that). And for some reason my breast have developed some what. My wife recommended I get a bra, she should know, she a fabulous pair. So now because of the hot flashes I get, I go around doing my house work in panties and a B cup (not quit full) lace bra and cute little lace robe *that my wife bought for me) that only goes down to mid thigh. The Pool boy really likes it, so do most of the deliver men. I still get horny, but thank god it only about once or twice a month, problem is I can't stroke it off like I used to do. Once it starts it just builds and builds and I can't do anything to relieve it, the dildo just doesn't do it for me anymore. At that point I will call to have to have something delivered in hopes that a horny man (hopefully young and full of cum) shows up and fucks the shit out of me after I have swallowed his load first. I have become a real cum slut. I like keep all my men satisfied (even if not really horny at the time) because it usually doesn't take long to get there. I love to please and I just can't say no. I have let my blond hair grow down to my shoulders and keep my body shaved except for a little inch wide strip above little dick which normally is shrunk up into my body (looks like a little pussy) until I get excited, then it slays limp but extends out 1 or 2 inches and will drip a drop or or two of cum. I get more sex now than I ever had with Julie. Life was good but now it's GREAT