The naughtiest chick in Spain

Sometimes a girl just needs a good fucking and it don't matter who gives it to her. That is just exactly what I needed Monday afternoon. Was a good hard fucking from stiff cock. I was planning on my husband giving it to me too. But, it wasn't to be. As I was half way home he called and said he would be hung late. When I asked how late. He let me know it was gonna be late evening early morning. Fuck was I pissed. I wanted screwed and not have to do it my self. But, I guess I was. As I stood in the kitchen deciding to shower or go didle myself first the door bell rang. Which only added to my frustration. When it rang the second time I almost screamed. But, luck was on my side or Tommy's one. Depends on how and who is looking at it. But, I was surprised to see my sons best friend standing on the other side of the door when I yanked it open. I almost sent him on his way till I seen the bulge in his jean's. "Come on in." I smiled knowing Tommy had no idea what was in my head or what was about to happen to him. I know it was wrong. Tommy and my son had been friends sense kindergarten. But, I was horny and he was of age. Besides, Tommy is naive cute. That little boy naive cute that makes mature, married woman wonder. I led Tommy to the livingroom giving my little bubble butt some extra wiggle hoping he was paying attention.

"Whatcha need Tommy." I asked with a sexy smile and a low sultry voice looking Tommy in the eye like a tiger about to pounce. "Mike has a book in need Mrs. Ralston." Tommy grinned that cute little grin of his nervously as he looked me up and down as I pushed my part C tits out. "I see." I said in a lustful voice as I stood up and off the arm of the couch and walked to him almost laughing as Tommy got more nervous and started fidgeting. "Tommy can you keep." I smiled lewdly as a swaggered to him. "Yep." He gulped making me smile. "Good boy." I grinned as I squatted in front him and started undoing his jean's. "Mrs. Ralston what are you doing. I have a girlfriend." Tommy croaked. "Well Tommy I about to suck your dick. Then I'm gonna fuck you. Unless your gonna let your girlfriend get in the way." I smiled up at him pulling his nice, thick seven and half inch cock free from his shorts. Before Tommy could say another word I grabbed his dick as close to his balls as possible and swallowed almost his entire length. I never gave Tommy a chance. I sucked him hard and fast. Deep throating him as much as I could. I was in full blown who're mode and I was enjoying myself. "Nice cock." I smiled when I stood up looking Tommy in the eye. "How about you stick that sexy prick in me and fuck me now." I grinned lewdly as I backed up to the couch holding Tommy by his cock. Tommy crawled on top of me and worked my Jean's off of me as we made out. It had been so long sense I had had sex like this I almost forgot how much fun it was and was glad Tommy was here. If it had been my husband we would in the bedroom having sex behind a closed door. Once free of my jeans Tommy dove into my pussy and devoured me like a hungry puppy. It didn't take long and I was in full welcoming orgasm. "Stop! You got stop!" I giggled pulling Tommy up my slim body kissing him deeply when we where face to face enjoying the taste of sex on his lips. Tommy didn't need to be told what to do and slowly fed me his cock, which my freed pussy welcoming accepted. "Fuck me!" I moaned lustfully as Tommy pumped away at my mature cunt. "Jesus!" Tommy moaned into my ear when my pussy clamped down on his cock as I orgasmed again. "Good boy. Fuck me harder." I growled ramming my twat hard up onto his rigid shaft as I wrapped my tone legs around him as high as I could in the middle of his back. After he brought me to my third orgasm I pushed him off me and got on my knees leaning over the back of the couch and wiggling my tight little ass. "Come get you some." I grinned over my shoulder.

To my surprise Tommy leaned in and spred my ass cheeks and gave my little brown hole a good licking that I have never had done before he grabbed me by the hips and started plowing me. I will say he had more staying power then I figured he would. Which I'm not complaining about one bit. As I layed over the back of the couch young Tommy banged me with all the power he had. Turning me into a continual orgasmic machine. I was setting on Tommy's lap facing him slowly but very deliberately fucking him when he finally gave me what I was looking for. We had our eyes locked on each other and he was holding me tight when his prick swelled and exploded in side me driving me to the most powerful orgasm I had. "Jesus yes!" I cried as pushed as deep into me and emptied his young nuts in my maturr pussy. Slowly we fucked until his cock finally went soft and popped free of my greedy cunt. Which I was beginning to think we wasn't gonna go soft and fuck me some more. Which in would let him, if he wanted. Before I let him up off the couch I slid off him between his legs and sucked him clean of our sex. As I sucked Tommy off his prick hardened up to as hard as it was in the beginning. I thought Seriously about fucking him again. But, I had another idea. Using ever tactic I knew. I sucked his young cock till he put his hand on he back of my head and forced his cock into my throat and blew his tasty load. "Yummy!" I smiled big licking my lips clean of his cum. It did amaze me he could cum a second time so quit. "Our secret." I smiled as as I stood in front of Tommy bashfully smiling as he held my hand. "Our secret." He grinned back at me. For now on when I need a good fucking and my husband can't do it. I know who I'm gonna call.