A Booty Queen in a Tiny Teen

It’s the middle of the afternoon. I have lots of work to do and no shortage of interruptions. Even as I write both my phone and computer are making different buzzes and blings. I tried to have a quick break and watch some sexy women and men sensually masturbate. I sat on the office couch and began rubbing my cock. As I loaded a video of a woman smoking a cigarette and talking about how horny she was feeling. She revealed her large soft breasts and beautiful vagina. My slim fit jeans were to tight for my oversized cock, so I opened them and pulled them down. I clicked open another window of a bisexual couple, two men and a woman. I slid the windows side by side as I slide my hand up and down my long shaft. I could see the guys stoking each others smooth sexy cocks while their sexy friend sucked them one at a time with her delicious looking lips.

I remembered that tonight was the night I was going to make my first erotic/porn movie. I’ve wanted too for so long. I’ve recoded some sex with girlfriends. Nothing very spectacular, I’ve always wanted to take some time and add music and a story. Maybe even do something artsy. The movie will just be myself. Mostly my cock, but I have so many ideas to make it fun and sensual to watch. I got rigid as a tree thinking about where to put the camera and what to do first. Then the buzzing got faster and more frequent. My Dick swung around like rope as I tried to jerk some relaxation into my day. I got up and answered the messages and then started writing the story of “My First Solo Amateur Porn Movie”. Back to work but when the whistle blows. The show can begin. It’s finally after 5 and they expect me to work late. I’ve already taken my underwear off so I can enjoy my cock bulging against my jeans. Plus I was planning to start my movie some tight jeans wrapped around my horny love bone. Before it comes out to put on a show. Before making my movie I throw some porn on the old laptop and get inspired and horny again. I check to see if there are any new comments on the photos I’ve posted of my cock. New arrangements of sexy, horny words rev me up fast and hard. If there are no new comments I read some old one and get excited. Then I prowl around the amateur photos of other horny men and women. Leaving comments letting them know how hot they are turns me on as much as getting fresh comments. No new comments yet tonight. Hoping my job will leave me alone for the night, I unbutton my pants and stroke my chubby flaccid cock while I decide how “artsy” my movie should be. Instead of getting to work right away I found a bunch of videos a woman posted of herself masturbating. She was clearly a naturally horny person and I was excited to leave to comments and maybe send her some dirty messages. Her profile no longer exists. Her videos however still floated around in the favorites of others. Her breasts are big with a hypnotizing jiggle. Her body is beautiful and soft and I just fantasize about squeezing her close while she vigorously rubs her clit to orgasm after orgasm. Fully horny at this point I still need some nice cocks to motivate me to make some of my own cock porn. I load my favorite; two hot guy loving each other’s dicks by the pool when a very nice woman comes along and joins in. While stroking and planning I loaded some images and videos in my computer so that my solo stoking film has something more than just a cock or a print out getting sprayed with come. Not that I don’t like every one’s video… tonight just happens to be about making a cock stroking film. I turn on the camera and get ready to start posing my cock. I stroke slow and fast and from several different camera angles. I mime reaching out to change the porn I’m watching when I re-edit the video. The only thing on the screen is my big cock. I pulled it out of my jeans ad swung it around while the sounds of a woman fucking and talking dirty from the window behind my cock-cam. The more I filmed the harder I got. Demonstrating it’s length by squeezing my shaft with two hands I ended up jerking faster and faster. My cock tingled with impending orgasm and cum explosion for the camera. But not yet. I’d already jerked myself to ecstasy today. I should jerk off while I put the movie together and save the cum til last. So it will be more visible on camera. Like I said, I’m making a film. Not just jerking off. But mostly I’m jerking off

I added to my story while the lady in the movie continued to fuck her neighbor while her husband was out. Which leads us to this word. Horny. I spent a horny night in making a film about getting horny that kept me horny all night long. Adding little close ups of tits and cocks kept me hard throw the whole editing process. I add special fx and music, all with one hand. Before I knew it the film was finished. But I still hadn’t cum yet. To horny to cut I decided to end the film and upload it anyway. As I write this sentence it’s on it’s way to the public. I’m not sure how long it will take to process. I hope it’s available immediately. Now I’m off to finally stock my fat cock to orgasm and get some sleep. As it is very late at night.