Getting Fucked Hard Compilation

Finally, I can tell my story without worrying too much. So let's just get straight to the story. I was 18 at the time. After my exams, I decided to find a part time job. So I went looking for one. After a few days I found a job at a food and beverage place. I started work the next day and I was greeted by a wonderful manager. Let's name her Bella. Around the age of 24 years old. I found myself to be a happy boy and bubbly. So I worked at that place for a few days when things got more interesting. Bella was being super nice to me. Treated me well. However, we joked around in the kitchen. Biting each other jokingly. We went for smoke breaks together and all. The staff there thought there was something between us. But it wasn't like that for me. I treated her as a friend only. Not forgetting we texted each other day and night. One day I was working, but Bella wasn't working. And I suddenly received a message from Bella. Bella: "I want to tell you something. But I don't want it to ruin our friendship and we would be awkward." Me: "What is it just say." Bella: "It is okay. I changed my mind already." Me: *Getting annoyed because I was busy at work* "Can you please just say it." Bella: "Promise me this wouldn't affect our friendship." Me: "Sure, sure." Bella: "I don't know if it is weird, but I have feelings for you." I went speechless. I just stopped doing whatever I was doing. My heart was pounding.

Me: "Ohh. Okay." Me: "Sorry I am really like speechless." Bella: "It's okay. I understand. Just promise me things won't fade away alright?" Me: "Sure." We then texted and chatted like usual every night. We met and all. And I still had no feelings for her or whatsoever. One day we were working the same shift and I was in the kitchen. I suddenly felt a nice tight hug from the back. I looked behind and it was Bella. I felt her boobs pressed against my back. Her boobs' size was around C cup. I allowed her to hug as I didn't want to hurt her feelings and all. I playfully struggled out of the hug. Next thing I knew I felt a quick kiss on my cheek. I just kept quiet and she left me and I continued my work. I slowly had a small sensation in me where I felt I liked her. Later that night we texted and she apologized to me for not asking my permission when she wanted to kiss me. All I could say was it's okay. Every day we went to work we met each other. She will make time to come to work even when she was on off to see me as I worked almost every day. We went to smoke often together. I kept getting slight kisses on my cheeks every now and then at work. I felt like a jerk when I didn't do anything. So I decided to kiss her back. Her face just brightened up after being all stressed over work. After a few cheek kisses became french kisses, it became something normal then. My little brother hardened up every time we made out. One day, we were making out while we smoked. We kissed like we couldn't kiss anymore. Our tongues fought each other to get into each other's mouth. My hands were running down her back, but nowhere close to her boobs or anything as I did not dare to. We grabbed each other's shirts and hair to pull each other closer. My feelings just grew for her. It was all so fast yet so loving. I felt loved. After few make out sessions during breaks, she asked me… Bella: "Erm. Baby erm would you mind if I were to touch you?" I was clueless at that time as I was a newbie. Me: "Erm, what do you mean?" Bella: "I feel very turned on whenever we make out. My temptations to touch you at other parts was high. But I am afraid you would get angry." Me: "Ohh. Actually, I also felt the temptations to touch you too. But I didn't. You sure can touch me all you want. I am all yours." After that we had kisses and our hands ran around each other's bodies. Suddenly I felt something grabbing my crotch. I looked down and it was her hands. She stroked my little brother from outside my pants while I rubbed her pussy from the outside. We like literally in our world. But we had to stop as it was in public. She messaged me at night… Bella: "Erm baby, what if we ended up doing something else? Hehe." Me: "Erm, I don't know. Let it go with the flow?" Bella: "Sure." I couldn't sleep that night from what happened. Dirty things were running through my mind, even though I was still a virgin. Yes, whatever I know, I was still a virgin. The next day after work, we went to a slightly secluded bench to smoke. As usual, it turned out to be a make out session and after that my hand was already rubbing her pussy from outside while she stroke my little brother from outside. Suddenly her zip of her pants opened. I thought she opened it, but she didn't. But I just took the chance to put my hand in. I felt her soft panties, but I felt something wet. Very wet. She was so wet already. I kept rubbing her from the outside of her pussy while she still stroked my little brother from outside. She was moaning into my mouth and my dick became harder. I was praying she would take out my pants soon because I needed to be free. And yet she did. She unbuttoned my pants and went to grab my little brother. It was small. I was sorry. I felt she would be disappointed. But I bet she was. My hand then found a way through her panties and went in. I felt a bush in there and I kept going in and I felt her very very very wet vagina. She was so wet dripping wet. I rubbed her vagina even faster and she moaned even louder. She stroked my dick quickly and I felt as if I was floating. It was damn shiok. I then couldn't tahan anymore, I told her to get down and suck my dick. I thought she didn't hear me so I grabbed her head and pushed it down to my dick. And she went down kneeling on the floor and then my eyes were closed. I felt a warm sensation and I went like crazy. It was fucking shiok la bro. She kept sucking and sucking I grabbed her hair and pushed her head into my dick. I looked down and I didn't even see my dick. She had it all in her mouth. I couldn't hold it back any longer. I knew I would have cummed if she kept sucking my dick. I pulled her up and told her to pull her pants down. She rode my dick in reverse cowgirl raw. Yes, my first sex was raw. I felt her warm pussy and I was so shiok. I knew she had the most joy and pleasure when she had my dick in her. She wasn't a newbie liked me. She was experienced. After that we saw somebody walking and she pulled my dick out and I cummed. We quickly packed up and got dressed. Her pussy was so swollen from me fingering her so hard with three fingers. That same night, both of us were full of regrets because we knew we shouldn't have done that. We didn't want to do it again, but it was not true. It happened again. She told me she had slept with a few guys during her schooling days. But now not as much. She then found out that I was a virgin. A few days later we were sexting. Whenever we met, we will make out and touch, but no sex or blow job or whatever. One day I was free at night and she was working late to settle some admin stuff at work. I met her and once she finished work we went up to smoke. It was super late at night around 11+ pm. We went up to smoke and we ended up kissing each other. We made out and started touching each other. My hands were running all over her and into her shirt. I unbuttoned her shirt and grabbed her boobs. I felt so good and she grabbed my dick. She was moaning whenever I touched her and squeezed her boobs. We couldn't hold it back and I told her to bring it down and we could get more comfortable. We went into the office at work. Once we got down, we continued making out and I slowly unbuttoned her shirt. It showed her boobs. It was not big, but good enough for me. I was struggling to open her bra so she helped me. I saw her nipples which were a dark colored nipple with the size of a fifty cent coin. I went on to suck it. She started to moan louder.

She went down and pulled down my sweatpants and pulled my dick out and went straight to sucking it. She sucked as if there wasn't any other day. I went to moan loud as it was damn shiok. I then laid down on the floor and we did a 69. I licked her pussy and she was very wet. Very. She kept sucking my dick and I was like so crazy. I pulled her up and told her to suck my dick while I sat on the table. She went down and sucked my dick. Not only that, she went down and sucked my balls. Putting both balls into her mouth. I went moaning louder. I just had to bring her down and told her to go doggie style. I found her pussy and fucked her hard. That's when she moaned louder and louder. I went to sit down on a chair and she fucked me on reverse cowgirl. She rode my dick as if there was no tomorrow. I told her I was going to cum and she just got up and I cummed on her back. It was the best time of my life. I laid down beside her while I played with her nipples and she kept stroking my dick. My dick went soft. She kept stroking it and it became hard again. She then apologized that we couldn't fuck longer as her pussy got swollen. We then tried to fuck her asshole. I slowly put it in but she said it was too painful. So we didn't. We then got dressed and went out. It was around 4 am already. A few days later my heart was heartbroken when I found out she slept with another guy. And she still had the cheeks to tell me that I was being unreasonable for getting angry. WTF. After that we stopped contacting each other.