Splashes on glasses

All names have been changed. Long story short, I return from years abroad and got a job with the city council. I David 38 single one child, I was working there about 2 months, when Elizabeth 59 married came on a visit to see how a project we were doing was progressing. Elizabeth is the mayor and I soon found out a very hands on person who goes after whatever she wants.

My part in the project almost over I would probably go on to another one. I noticed that Elizabeth kept looking at me and I didn't pay it much mind. The next week my time at the project was over and I was told to go to city hall for another assignment. On arrival I was sent to the top floor and the mayor's office. I found out from Tracey 30 the mayor's personal assistant I was now the mayor's technical advisor. I was to check over projects of the council and advise Elizabeth on there progress or lack of progress. I'm not a really handsome person average at best, only 5'8" slim well tanned from working overseas. So being wanted as a sex toy for the mayor wasn't on my radar. Elizabeth is married and they live separate lives and only get together mainly during elections, Henry her husband is a senator also. They pretend that they are devoted to each other and so rarely meet up. It's all show, Elizabeth is bi-sexual and so has a female P A and not a male P A. To keep the press guessing I suppose, as Henry has all young female staff. My first direct meeting with Elizabeth I was left with no doubts why I was chosen. I had a cock and not so handsome as to get the press talking about my true purpose in Elizabeth office. Elizabeth has a apartment a couple of blocks from her office and it was there at she, Tracey and went for special meetings regularly.

I'm always willing to have sex and Elizabeth is a great looking woman for her age and a great fuck also, Tracey is also a great fuck and the mother of my daughter Jennifer after her mother's mother. Now a few years and great sex later, Tracey lives with me and we both still sleep with Elizabeth. The press hasn't suspected anything as far as I know.