Breaking big Ass

I'm Colin 32 and a only child of Paul and Ruth both now deceased. Paul was 42 when he met Ruth 39 and they married and had me Both had very good careers and were both well off before marrying and done even better after their marriage. I wasn't a good student and never went to university, but I was good with my hands and learnt trades becoming a carpenter, electrician and qualified plumber.

I started wood work at school and after leaving school became a carpenter before become an electrician via night school and then done plumbing. So I'm always got something to do workwise and even built my home from the ground up. Paul was upset I couldn't follow him career wise, but accepted it as God's choice. Both Paul and Ruth were born again Christians, but not the pain in the ass type. They accepted other people choice as God's will, the year before he passed Paul's pastor was caught and jailed for sex with underage boys. Paul local church then folded and he and Ruth kept their faith and stayed home on Sundays reading the bible. It was only seven months after Paul's death that Ruth died (2019) also and I got everything. No close relatives I knew of and so I decide to downsize and got what I wanted and sold the rest, preferring my hand built home to theirs. While downsizing I met Georgia widow now 40 real estate agent and she started sleeping together and with the pandemic Georgia lost her job and as she rented moved in with me, Also her only child Jane now 23 moved in as well as she had lost her job. I was sleeping with Georgia every night and during the lockdown Georgia got Jane to join us and by the time lockdown was over both were pregnant to me. Neither knew of how well off I was and only knew of my trade skills, but they decided I should marry Jane.

Which I did and of course I told them of my inheritance and that I wasn't sure of how I should use it. Georgia said I should invest in real estate and she would help me. Her previous real estate agency never reopened and as she had her license she done all the investing for us. We all still sleep together and now have 3 children. Georgia had a boy and Jane had twin girls and she wants at least 4 children. Georgia is happy with 1, but doesn't take any precautions either.