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I'm Vernon 30 named after my grandfather, I'm a geek or nerd and always done very well at school and university, On leaving university I already had a job with the family firm and really didn't need to work to get by. I had my own home as I prefer a quiet life style and have never dated. I threw myself into my work and done well, but that was usual for me. I never got distracted by anything else while working, especially women. As I never considered myself having any chance with them and so I had learnt to put it out of my mind. After completing a project and above the expectations of my father Henry, I was given another project to finish a harder project that had been dragging it heels so to speak. Fresh eyes were required according to Henry, but it meant going to another state for several months. I'm great at doing the work, but poor at keeping everyone up to speed with my progress. With that in mind I was give a Personal Assistant Paula 55 divorced no children, the office manager of the firm. Her job was to keep everyone in the loop, I have a bad habit of working all hours and forget to sleep or eat also. It would be she job also to make sure I got enough sleep and ate meals.

To that end she would be living with me in the apartment rented by the firm. Paula is a no nonsense person and had been with the firm a long time and really let anyone know what she was thinking regardless of whoever they were. The first week was getting updated on the project and the supervisor on hand ran foul of Paula and soon realized why she was sent. After about two weeks I was starting to make headway with the project and had learnt to stop working and eat or go to bed when I was told by Paula. Paula is only about 4'9" or so and slender and the way she acts, you would think she was 12' tall. No one at the office wanted another run in with her after having a first one. After another week Paula decided I should have a break and at least see a movie or something. I wasn't too interested in anything, but agreed to see a movie with her. She soon realized I had never had any social life at all and noticed I didn't even check out the girls in the offices either. So she asked me why I wasn't interested in women, I replied I not anyone they would be interested in. I'm skinny short and wear glasses and started to go bald, nonsense she answered. But then left it at that, I must admit I enjoyed the movie. But Paula started getting out and about more after that. She knew I wasn't gay, I just didn't think of sex or believe I had any chance of ever getting any either was her conclusion. Paula then decided to change that mind set of mine, then on a Friday night I had gotten into bed as instructed and was about to go to sleep. When Paula came into my bedroom and dropped her robe onto the floor and she was totally naked. She then got into bed with a very stunned me and told me its time I lost my virginity. She took the lead and I had my first ever fuck, followed by another and again in the morning. From than on she joined me in my bed every night. After a couple weeks of fucking Paula I had changed a bit, I was interested in sex. But still didn't check out the office girls, I only had eyes for Paula and would sometimes give her a feel up. With project now on the final straight I was recalled home. Paula spoke to Henry saying I was a great hard worker and I should be given a fulltime assistant. He agreed and I was told to get an assistant and a receptionist as well as I was promoted to be the project oversight manager for the whole firm. Of course I wanted Paula and she accepted and also got a good pay raise and she also moved into my apartment to continue her oversight of me. Nobody besides Paula and me knew of our sexual relationship and unless they caught us in the act, would believe it either. The job as receptionist was left to Paula to find someone suitable, I didn't care one way or the other about it. I was busy getting to grips with my new job, Paula looked thru all the current staff looking for the one as she said. Nobody in the firm could stop her poaching their staff, if wanted them. Nobody was what she wanted, then on a visit to another project office she saw the person she wanted. Emma 26 orphan and a very shy quiet person who kept out of everyone's way. She firstly had the skills to be a receptionist and wasn't a party girl either. On further investigation, Paula found Emma lived in a one room apartment. Paula told Emma she had been chosen to be my receptionist, Emma wasn't sure, but Paula being Paula told her she was now to be my receptionist and that was that. With my work there almost finished, Paula got Emma and her belongings ready to return with us. I was aware of Emma becoming my receptionist, but hadn't taken much interest. I made one observation, where was Emma going to live as Paula had arranged everything and I hadn't saw an address for her. Paula told me that Emma would staying in my 2 bed apartment with us. As was now usual for me I accepted what Paula said. On our return we settled in and Emma was as quiet as a mouse, Paula still called the shots and the first Friday night after our return, the 3 of us went out together.

We started going out regularly since then and Paula was getting Emma use to being close to me and when she thought it was time got Emma into my bed with and herself. Emma lost her virginity and became a regular in my bed, Paula also still slept with us. Only real change was a bigger bed, no precautions were being taken and I got Emma pregnant and Paula got us to marry. This was a shock to the rest of my family, but they all loved Emma. After we married, Paula still lives and sleeps with us and Paula is currently looking for a house for us all. Emma is still my receptionist, but Paula has found her replacement Janet 59 married and Emma is to be Paula assistant. So I'm informed.