I'm always ready to do anything that takes my fancy, usually it means making money and sometimes sex. I don't break the law, but have tested it to almost its breaking point. I do okay with women, but don't consider myself anything special. I'll fuck any woman with a pulse and last year in October I was sent by the my family company to oversee a small project overseas which had been delayed due the pandemic. I was to get it back on track and finished as soon as possible. I didn't have a partner then and was ready for whatever came my way. On arrival I got all the information on where the project was at that point and as I settled in. The local manager was on top of the project and there wasn't really a need for me to be there. I then realized I had pissed off my father once too often and that was the main reason I was there. I could have let get to me, but I don't usually do that and started looking for something to pass the time. My eyes spied Maria 22 single working in the local project office and thought she would be a great distraction while I was there. But she came from a poor family and she wouldn't date anyone and a few had tried and failed. I'm no fool, I don't believe everyone else failed because their idiots and I'm not.

So I looked closer at Maria and her family to find why she wasn't dating. Normally you would expect her to date and find a husband to improve her life. On closer inspection I found she lived with her mother Carmel 39 and sister Juanita 19. They were old school when it came to relationships and they couldn't afford dowries and so they never dated. No father or rich relative to give them dowries, only working and saving their money would allow them to marry. I like a challenge and this became my whole purpose while I was there, I still got sex from other women. But I wanted Maria the forbidden fruit, I looked for any cultural edge that would help me and found nothing. Then fate took a hand, I finally had something I had to do workwise and I drove up to the project site and bought Maria along to take notes, but I wanted time away from the office with her (was the main reason). Not that I had any chance of anything outside of work happening with her. It started raining heavily and we left the site to return to the office, the dirt road turned slippery and we slid off the road into a ditch. We weren't hurt but the car was bogged and no phone signal and so we had to wait. It was the next morning when someone came looking and found us. Nothing had happen between us during the night, but that wasn't the problem. Maria was dishonored for spending the night with a man and not a relative. She took it very seriously and I was told she might take her own life because of it. If not her family might also kill her, I asked the project manager what I could do to solve the problem, nothing was his answer. Then I remembered my research and a phrase that marriage always provided honor to a family. I thought if I married her her honor would restored, I hadn't done anything to her and I had taken her with me for my personal satisfaction of her company. So I asked her to marry me and at first she refused saying she couldn't as had no dowry, I replied I have your honor and that is good enough for me. Carmel and Juanita were the only others in the room and they were at first shocked and then told Maria to accept. She still hesitated and then finally accepted we married that afternoon and I got to fuck her that night.

Shock wasn't confined to Maria and her family my family were also stunned by the news. In March this year I returned home with a pregnant Maria and her mother Carmel and sister Juanita coming as well. I was expecting my father to be annoyed at least, to my surprise he wasn't and liked Maria as did my whole family. Maria and our baby girl and her mother and sister all live with me in my house on the family estate.