Slutty Pole Dancer

Another story of some of my early sexual encounters revolved around our next door neighbor; Rose. In her late 60’s by the time I came home for college over Christmas break. She was a youthful Woman and I would always spy on her in the back yard, as she liked to sunbathe. She looked good for a Woman 20 years younger, and I remember jerking off to her when I was a kid.

We met out in the street one morning. She was on her way out. She hugged me and welcomed me home. She was wearing a tight fitted red sweater and a mini skirt. She asked if she could borrow me later for some work. I said yes. I convinced myself that she would suck my cock as a thank you, I shaved and cleaned down there meticulously. I had a thick 7” cut cock that I’m sure she would enjoy. Night time came and she knocked on our house. I followed her next door. She was still in her outfit from this morning. We joked as we moved boxes upstairs into her attic. After we were done I didn’t want to leave and she was not giving me much to go off of, until she got pissed off that I was just staring at her. I was transfixed with her chest. But again nothing. My dick was super hard and I wanted to fuck Rose. We ended up staying by her front door. We hugged goodbye and she was alarmed when I rubbed my hard cock against her. She asked why I had an errection, I told her I was attracted to her. She thanked me for the compliment. She asked if I was going to rub one out when I got home. I said probably. She didn’t like that idea and agreed to give me a blow job instead. We went into her living room and she sat me down and undid my pants. She pulled my cock out and held it in her hand as she got on her knees. She began to suck my cock with a real sense of sensuality. It felt amazing. Her tits were rubbing against my legs. I asked her to take her top off. She laughed but did it anyway. Her tots were massive. One of the best racks I had seen up until that time. She continued to suck me off.

I could hear her moan a little as she took my whole cock in her mouth. I told her I could be quick if she let me fuck her. She caved. She pulled her panties off and sat right on my cock and rode me hard as I sucked on her massive tits. She told me I could come in her if I wanted. That’s all I needed before I blew a load in her wet pussy.