Sasha Rose - You choose: you fuck or you walk

She caught his eye across the dance floor. Ample thighs, squeezed into a short black skirt were a huge turn on for him. The fact that she also had huge mounds of curvaceous flesh protruding from the top of her sheer turquoise blouse sent him over the edge. He was sure that she had caught the eye of many men that night, but he wanted to be the one she chose to leave with. He moved across the dance floor, and held his hand out to her. She accepted without a word, and they began to dance.

So electrically charged was their dance that he found he had an enormous hard on straining at his pants. She seemed to like that, and turned and gyrated against him with her huge ass. As they danced, she reached behind herself and slid his zipper down, releasing his monstrous cock into her hand. She backed him against the wall of the crowded dance floor, and raised her skirt in the back to make it clear that all she had on underneath was a sheer black g-string. His cock throbbed madly. She bent over and pulled her panties to the side, revealing a fabulous pink pussy, dripping wet, and obviously ready for his throbbing cock. She glanced at him over her shoulder, and wordlessly invited him to sample everything she had to offer. He reached down and grabbed his throbbing shaft, and plunged it into her amazingly tight pink slit. He grabbed her hips and thrust against her as the music blared on. He watched as she ran her hands up the backs of her legs, and spread her ass cheeks further apart so he could thrust deeper inside. His balls slapped against her twat as he fucked her wet hole. As she ground against him, she began playing with her enormous tits through her blouse. He looked up and saw a voluptuous blond beauty watching them from across the dance floor. He was mesmerized by the swaying of her hips as she crossed the floor to them. He watched as she ran her long red fingernails over her friend’s back. He shuddered in anticipation as she ran her nails up his chest, and undid the buttons on his shirt. She teased his nipples with her tongue, and then slid her head down his leg. He watched as she slid across the floor and took one of her friend’s massive tits in her mouth. He felt a shudder of pleasure as she ran her leg up his thigh. The two buxom beauties began to kiss passionately and he thought he was sure to blow his load. Suddenly, the blond moved away from his brunette beauty, and spread her flesh out on the dance floor. He felt himself moving to the floor as his fabulous fuck friend suddenly positioned herself between her friend’s fleshy legs. He caught a view of pink flesh and realized that the blond was wearing nothing at all beneath her little red dress. His partner’s tongue dove in to taste her friend’s sweet hole, while she continued to rise up to meet his throbbing cock. She turned to her side and put a leg up over his shoulder. His balls began to slap against her sweaty ass. Her friend moved up to straddle her face, and at the same time the blond began to tongue him, and run her hands across his chest. Underneath him, his first fuck of the night began to rock in ecstasy. He could feel her pussy contracting with the orgasm. Suddenly, her pussy gripped him so tight that he almost lost his load again, but he knew he had unfinished business with the buxom blond who was now tugging gently on his nipple.

The blond moved off of her friends face, turned and pulled her little red dress up to reveal her asshole to him. As the brunette’s orgasm subsided, he pulled his wet cock from her dripping pussy, and toyed with her friend’s tight ass. The blond reached back and invited him in by spreading her ass cheeks with her hot red fingernails. He obliged, aided by the pussy juice from his first fuck. She was hot and so fucking tight that he knew he was ready to explode at any second. The brunette, not to be ignored, stood in front of him, and pulled her massive tits out of her blouse for him to admire. The pendulous breasts swung against his face, as he banged her friend’s asshole. She lifted one up to her own mouth to show him what she wanted him to do. He took her other tit into his mouth, and sucked wildly. He could hear the blond begin to moan over the music. She was close to cumming, and so was he. He reached one hand between her legs and played with her pussy. The brunette joined him, and both of their fingers played with her tight wet twat. Suddenly, she let out a passionate scream of ecstasy, and squirted her juices over both of their hands. Her asshole pulsed so tight that he couldn’t help but unleash his load of jism. He pulled out and sent it shooting all over her enormous backside. The brunette smiled at him as she began licking his cum off of her friend’s ass. He had never experienced a night like this before, but by the look on the brunette’s face, he was sure that he might get another chance. As the dance floor and everything suddenly came back into focus, she said, “Hi welcome to my party.”