Gigi Love - Cumlouder gives you wings

This is the third installment of some of my first times with girls. Other than a few sexual encounters when I was young, all my experiences have been in relationships. But three girls were significant to me. Amy was 14 when she and I first fooled around with each other. And it was a hand job in my car. I was 18. She was a mature girl for 14. And her tits? How could I describe them? Melons. They were huge. Every time we made out my hands were all over them, but we always got interrupted before I could get them out.

So when I was 20 I came home for college and I was looking for some odd jobs to make money. A friend of mine offered me a job painting his house. I was out back one day, I had access through the window from a back bedroom. I got a text from Amy asking what I was up too. Since I got home we already went out to see a movie where she sucked my cock in my car after. I debated if I should invite her over, but she sent me picture of her in her school uniform. Damn she looked good. She was 15 and perfect. I told her to come over. She arrived and sat on the bed in the back room while I continued to paint. She talked about her day for a while until I was ready for a break. I sat on the edge of the bed and I placed my hand on her bare leg. I moved it up towards her short skirt. She quickly jumped off the bed. I asked her what was wrong? Amy told me to sit on the bed, she wanted to show me something. I sat on the bed and unbuttoned my jeans. She slowly undid the buttons on her shirt. I could see her bra and those tits. She took her skirt off to reveal White panties with flecks of gold in them. She took her shirt off to reveal a matching bra. She looked incredible. Her tits were just massive. She crawled up my body and while looking into my eyes she un-zipped my pants and pulled my cock out. She stroked it while we kissed. I got naked quickly and had her sit on my cock and grind her pussy on my hard cock. She tried to take her bra off but I like underwear on at all times. She was wet and ready to take my cock in her. 15 but sat on my dog like an old pro. She moved back and forth as a grabbed her tits in my hands. I started to speed up my cock fucking. She sat deeper on my dick as she moved her body back and forth. I was going to come so I lifted her off my cock. I moved her on to her front and ripped those panties down around her ankles. I slid my cock in hard and I fucked her with no merc

I’ve never fucked a girl who enjoyed being pounded with such glee. I eventually got her to come pretty quickly, with Amy letting my come in her mouth. She swallowed it with some of my juice dripping onto her large tits. She laid on her back and told me she loved me. I think I loved her too