Taylor Shay - Passionate Sex

This is the second installment of stories describing my early sexual encounters. Gemma was my first, Charlotte was my second, a very different girl and a very different experience. Charlotte and I went to the same private school together. Our parents knew each other so I knew her from a young age. When we had sex I was 18, and she had just turned 16. We had a routine that she would come over my house on Fridays after school before her mom picked her up. So for one afternoon a week I tried my hardest to fool around with her. U like Gemma who was a major crush of mine, Charlotte was a girl I just wanted to fool around with. She had a great body and big tits. And I wanted to see her nake

So one Friday afternoon she was sitting on my bed, no parents, just us, and she was reading a magazine. I was at my computer across the room and I had a direct view up her short school uniform skirt. Usually she wore dark tights but today no tights and a pair of white panties. Her legs were open to me. She had to have known that I could see everything. My dick was so hard and I was struggling to figure out a way to get in-between her legs. She got done with her magazine and leaned back, her legs opened even more. She asked me if my parents were coming home soon. I said no. She then asked me the most outrageous thing I’ve ever been asked: I’ll let you lick out my pussy if you want? I said yes. And then boldly I counter offered; if you come you have to suck my cock. She agreed. I moved over to the bed and she laid on her back with her legs up. I separated them and pulled her panties off. I laid on my stomach and started to kiss her shaved pussy. It was moist as I started to bury my face into her sweet smelling lips. I added my finger and began to eat her pussy as passionately as I could. I could feel her move her hips in pleasure. She took her sweater off and unbuttoned her school shirt. I reached up and felt one of her tits. They felt huge. I could feel her whole body tighten as she prepared to come. She told me to stop. I pulled back and she there she was: red-faced and sweaty. Her tits hanging out, she was disoriented and smirked at me. I told her a deals a deal. She told me to fuck her first. Okay. I said. She wanted to do it doggy-style, so she got on her knees and held onto the headboard to my small bed. She was ready for my cock. I slid it in her wet, dripping pussy, and began to ride her slow and deep. The more she responded the harder my jabs became. Soon we were going back and forth with such ferocity that the bed was banging against the wall. She was yelling in pleasure as I pounded and pounded. I didn’t want to go easy on her because for some deep reason I wanted to punish her for teasing me for years. It felt good to be the one that made her beg for more. She asked me to slow down. She didn’t want it to end.

I slowed down and gently went in and out of her pussy. I balanced myself so that I could grab both of her big tits. I pulled out at one point to which she panicked and begged me to stay in her. I had her groveling. We started up again and probably fucked for a good ten minutes. She loved it so hard and when I came I thought I blew a valve in my cock. When I finally pulled out I jerked the remaining globs of come on her ass. We laid in my bed for a while. She soon caught her breath and went down on me and gave me a fantastic blow job. I came in her mouth just minutes before her mother arrived at the house.