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Looking back I shouldn't have started it or said anything at all. I should have just let it be playful banter. But, no. Instead I egged it on. Begged for it and overly enjoyed it. At 45 years old I found myself divorced and living alone. For the first time sense I was 18 I had no one. My two girls are grown and have there own families and my now exhusband had his new 20 something waitress and new baby. For the first eight months I was like a zombie. Just going through the motions. One particular rainy nasty day when I was particularly depressed. I stopped by Jim's shop. Not really looking for anything. Just looking. Jim didn't miss a chance to ask me out to lunch. This had kinda became a game with us. He had been trying to get to go out with him for the better part the hole time I've known him. Always before I could use the excuse I was married and I had to get home to start dinner. But, that had run dry. So not have anything better to do and out of excuses and tired of being alone I excepted. I've known Jim for several years. He's a good kid. He's plenty good looking enough and always pleasurable to be around. I actually met Jim through my exhusband. Jim had built us a bed and a kitchen table. That got my husband some good pussy both times on both of them. Jim's 28 years old. Like I said good looking. Well built, sexy blue eyes, killer smile. He's smart and hard working. He's also wild as a March hair. He started building furniture and other odd and ends when he was in high school and just stayed with it. He always claims he's to lazy to go find a real job.

That day changed everything for me. My world got turned upside down. I don't what it was about him. But, I couldn't help myself. He never made it back to the shop that day. He spent the rest of that day and most of that night between my legs. I screwed him everyway I could think of. I woke the following with a good nut emptying blow job. I never did that with my husband. After breakfast that morning I had him screw me on the same table I screwed my husband a few years earlier. We spent almost two full days locked in my house fucking before I let him leave. After that we spent most nights together. Jim wanted pussy. Jim got pussy. I never turned him down. If we where together I would him with a blow job and send him to bed with an empty nut sack. I even started taking it up the ass when it was that time if the month. At first I didn't think I'd like it. But, boy was I wrong. I loved it. Especially when it that time of the month. My toy collection so grew from and single pink dildo to a full blown collection. From butt blogs to ball gags. I also was never bashful about letting people know that I was his slut. But, like I said Jim was wild as a March hair and so was most of his friends. The girls that came around I always liked most of them. They where more my type of people then the ones I had when I was married. We had alot of fun all the time and where getting more serious too. It didn't matter weather we where scrwwing or drinking we had fun together. And if we where drinking. Screwing was gonna happen. As a typical Saturday night we had some friends over drinking. I dont know why. But, I was extremely horny. I think it was because we had been so busy that week we hadn't been rabbit fucking like normal. Later it got and the more I drank the hornier I got. I was flirting with and teasing Jim like a drunken high school prom date. It got down to just me, Jim and his best friend Mike. I was feeling extremely brash and was flirty with Mike almost as much I was with Jim. We was all laughing and having a good time. "Jim your woman needs fucked." Mike laughed. "She gonna get it too." Jim smiled giving me a kiss. "Well, you better hurry up or I'm gonna take care of it for you." Mike laughed. "What! A threesome." I giggled. "I'm game." I finished grinding my ass into Jim's cock. I should have stopped there. But, no. In my drunken state of horniness I kept it up. Our little playful banter got more and more heated. Finally I stood up walked to the middle of the room and undressed. I should have taken the message from Jim's eyes. But, was to drunk a to horny. "Come on baby. I want to do it. I want you both in me." I whispered in his ear as I set on his lap bringing my naked pussy into him. "This is a bad idea. Even in our drunken state." Jim said trying to tell me I needed to go to bed. But, I wouldn't listen. The only thing I w as listening to was my pulsing pussy. "It'll be fun." I cried. "Okay. Fuck it." Jim said giving in. Hence another warning. I was right it was fun. I was the perfect fuck doll. I took it every way the wanted to give it to me. They spit roasted me. I did double vaginal, double anal, me on top, me in cowgirl, fisting, dildos, rimming. I did it all and kept asking for more and they gave me more. I will honestly say they fucked me sober. I didn't stop though. I just kept going. I woke the next with the sun blaring in my eyes and a pounding head ache. I wa sore and hurt all over and was a sticky mess. I was covered in cum, sweat and oil. "Jim." I croaked out wobbling to the bathroom. But, Jim was no where to be found. I knew then I was in trouble. My heart sank and I got that pain in my gut. So I showered and went and set at the kitchen table to wait for him. After another hour I sent a text and tried to call him. Nothing. I knew this was bad. I had plenty of time to replay the events of last night in my head. Another hour and I did the same. Phone call and text. Again nothing. It was almost six weeks when I couldn't handle it anymore and drug up the courage. "Don't." I said when I walked up to him in the shop as he started to say whatever he was gonna say.

I looked into his eyes searching for a answer. "Jim. I'm sorry." I said breaking out in tears. "I didn't listen and well you. Damned you. I can't control myself around you. I try. But, I can't. You do things to me I can't control." I pleaded. "Sara. I should have stopped it myself. But, I figured that you where gonna fuck him anyway. So I might as well enjoy one last fling." Jim confessed "Never Jim. I would have never. I was drunk and horny with you and well I went to far." I cried looking into his steely eyes. "Why didn't you tell me Mike was trying to fuck you behind my back." Jim asked in an angry tone. I just looked at him in fear. Fear of what was to come. "Well, I've had plenty of time to think this over." Jim said looking at me with a look that I had never seen. It was pain and anger all combined into one. "You have two choices here." Jim said catching his breath. "Anything Jim. I'll do anything you want." I cried relieved he was giving me something. "You better listen before you speak." Jim warned letting me know this wasn't gonna be easy. I just nodded. "We will have another threesome. This time with a woman. Anna in particular. And" Jim started when I cut him off. "Jim. You know I'm not that way and why her." I said with hurt and anger. "And all is even, forgiven and for gotten. Or two you walk out that door and never return. It is your choice." Jim finished with a look that let me know it was all in my court. "Why Anna? She is my best friend." I cried again with tears running down my face. "Mike was my best friend." Jom said with a cold look. "Your choice." Jim stated. I looked at him with a thousand emotions running through my body. I knew I was beat. I had done something that I shouldn't have. "Hand me a towel." I finally said looking Jim right in the eye collecting myself. "Well girl. Your finally gonna get your dream fuck." I said into the phone looking at Jim. "No. No. Its gonna be one time and one time only and its gonna be a threesome." I said into the phone looking at Jim. "Tomorrow night at Jim's place. 8 o'clock and plan on being here all night." I said into the phone. "Are we square after this." I asked looking at Jim with questionable eyes. "As far as I am concerned. We will be even. This will be the last time this ever comes up." Jim stated. I believed him. One thing I had learned about Jim he was as honest as the day is long and when he said something it was done. You didn't ever have to question it. "Can I have a hug now?" I said almost crying. Jim and I are still together. We still fuck like rabbits and I still let everyone one know I'm his slut. I turn 52 next week and still act like im 32. Jim and I still each have our own places. But, we spend ever night together. Anna is still my bestfriend. But, I haven't heard or seen anything out of Mike. Someone said he moved to California..ike has never said. But, if you wanna know what happened with the threesome between Anna, me and Jim stay tuned. It's alot better story.