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I have written two other stories on this site about my wife and my experiences since we started swinging several years ago ("Wife gives ex Boyfriend a Birthday present To Remember and" Wife Sends Boyfriend to Fuck My Hot Ass"). These two stories were two of the hottest times we shared but I have to tell the story of her first Black cock fucking. My wife was a little reserve and was not real sure if swinging and strange cock was going to be something she liked or not in the beginning. As we met more guys and the sex get better and better she really came out of her shell and became very comfortable with being shared and even let me video some of her encounters. It made me so much hotter for her and I loved being married to a hot wife that enjoyed 3 -sums and wife sharing. She was a 3 hole woman and loved double penetrations until she got her ass tore up good one night and got hemmoroids form it and that was the end of anal sex for her. Anyway as she got to enjoy and even look forward to fucking strange cock she got bolder and hotter and more forward with the guys and I was loving it all. There was one fantasy that I had that she would not do though and that was fuck a black guy. I would try from time to time when we would get an email from a black guy at one of the swingers sites we belonged to asking if she would be interested in meeting but she would always decline. My wife has a sweet ass and I had put a naked picture of her ass up on the website and the brothers LOVED HER SEXY ASS as did all the guys but I had all but given up hope of seeing a big black cock fuck my wife's pussy until...…… Tammy works at a large institution in town and they sometimes have vacancies they can't fill right away so they will hire temps or travelers to fill those jobs. These people will work there for 12 weeks at a time and then they go someplace else for 12 weeks and then they can come back for another 12 weeks or not. I had always hoped some black stud would show up as a traveler and hit on her and she would figure what the hell he is not local and will be gone soon so why not give him some pussy I know Hubby wants me to fuck a black guy. So one weekend we are out and she says that there was a new traveler at work and that is all she said. So I asked "who, how old, hot or not," etc. and she tells me his name is Tyrone, he is 30 well built, nice looking light skinned and he came in and started flirting with her the first day he was there! My wife was 36 at the time but worked out at the gym 4-5 days a week and kept herself in great shape. So I started getting my hopes up and we talked about inviting him over and letting him in on our secret but she was still not sure she wanted to do a black guy. She did leave things open though and said if she was going to do something with him it would not be until he was there for a few weeks at least so she could get to know a little more about him and see how he handles himself at work. That sounded like a definite "maybe" to me and I made sure to ask about him a few times a week and always got the " he seems ok" or" he is alright I guess" but always mentioned he was still flirting hard with her. I told her that it was probably hard to get laid as a traveler because you were always moving so frequently and about the time you would get to know somebody you had to move and that he had probably learned that his bet shot at getting some pussy was with a married woman that wanted some strange or whatever. I asked her if she thought he could keep a secret and she said she didn't know. I said "well at least you know he won't be out at the bar with a bunch of his buddies bragging about fucking this married woman because he doesn't have any buddies here. She said" well that's true" and I thought man I might get to see my fantasy come true yet. We have a pool in our backyard and we have a few parties at different times each summer and Tammy would always invite her work crowd over at least once. Most of them were either married, or single and happy that way, and older and not very big partiers. Ty had been working there about 4 or 5 weeks when Tammy told me she was going to have the work crowd over for a party in a couple of weeks. I asked if she was going to invite Tyrone and she said "of course, he works there don't he"? Man I started planning how I could get the two of them to fuck that night right then. So the day of the party we had a lot to do to get ready but it was a Saturday and I usually roll over in bed on Saturday mornings and get some of my wife's sweet pussy to start the weekend off right but I intentionally left her alone so she would be a little hornier than usual.

The guests start showing up and Ty is one of the first few to show and brings some drinks with him. Most of the work crowd are not big drinkers and usually leave after a few hours while it is still light outside. I was glad to see Ty had brought plenty to drink and that might keep him there late and he would be one of the last to leave hopefully THE LAST to leave and not before he fucked the shit out of Tammy's pussy! Tammy introduced us and I talked to him a lot about where he was from, his interests and how he liked being in our town and how Tammy's company was to work for etc., trying to make him feel relaxed and welcome. He and Tammy talked a few times for a few minutes and she was hitting the beers pretty hard along with a few shooters and I thought man, this is all going really well, hopefully she gets good and drunk today ( she normally did at our parties) and she really gets horny when she is drunk. So about 3 hours into the party the crowd starts to leave and by the time it is starting to get dark there are only a few people left and Ty is one of them. He had been drinking pretty good too and seemed to be having a good time. When the last two guests said they were going to be going Ty got up like he was going to leave too and I told him not to leave without fixing a plate to take with him because we had a lot of food left over and he had remarked what a good cook Tammy was. He thought that was a good idea but Tammy looked at me as to say "I know what you are up to" but at the same time I thought I could read " I just might" in her eyes. While we were inside I was stalling finding him a plate and the wrap to put over it and told him," you know, I noticed you still have some of your drinks left, just because everybody else is leaving doesn't mean you have to go too. Feel free to stay and we can all get to know each other a little better. Most of the people Tammy works with are not the party kind of people and we like to party late and enjoy ourselves."" I can put your plate in the fridge and you can get it later if you want" I said and he said " hey man that sounds good to me, these beers are going down good." When Tammy came into the house after saying goodbye to our last guests I was putting Ty's plate in the fridge and I said " Ty is going to stay a little longer so he can finish his beers and we can all get to know each other a little better." She gave me a look like I know you are trying to set me up with him and I might just do this so you better be ready" and my cock started getting hard. We went back out by the pool and were talking and I started turning the conversation towards something that could lead into a finish of " I share Tammy and she has fucked several different guys but has never had a big black cock and wants one". I had to be carful because Ty still had about 5 or 6 weeks to work there and I had not had a chance to ask Tammy if she had decided to give Ty some pussy or not. I was just going on how she acted, looked and her demeanor after all the years together and all the different swinging partners she had been with. I didn't want to push too far too fast and ruin this, but if it was going to happen it probably had to happen tonight! So I am sitting on one side of my wife and Ty is on the other and he remarked about what a nice place we had and how nice the backyard and pool looked and I said " we spend a lot of time out here in the summer, I work a lot back here and she lays out almost naked a lot out here". Tammy giggled and Ty looked at her at said "is that right?" Tammy said " I like to get my tan on in the summertime" and Ty said "it shows, you really have a nice dark tan." I said " I like her tan too even her feet and toes are tan and I try to get her to lay out completely naked but she doesn't want to get her tits or ass sunburned". Ty remarked " yeah that would not be good". I said " I really kind of like the fact that her "FUN PARTS" are not tanned so when she is naked they stick out and almost GLOW!" "Fun parts" asked Ty," he is talking about my tits and the booty" said Tammy. "oh" laughed Ty. I said " I hope I am going to get to see her fun parts a little later" and Ty said" I should get going I don't want to keep you guys from anything". At that moment Tammy and I looked directly at each other and she gave me the go for it look and I almost started hyper ventilating! My wife had just said to me with her eyes I want to fuck this black cock baby, get it for me. I said, " well Ty you don't need to go anywhere because Tammy had told me you have been flirting with her and if you want you can see and play with her fun parts too! I share her and we have been swinging for a while now but she has never been with a black guy but wants to try it with you tonight if you are ok with that!" Ty chugged his beer down and said, WOW what a great party this is turning into and I wasn't sure I was going to come." "Oh I gurantee you are going to cum I said and we all laughed loud and hard. "Guess we should go inside" Tammy said and I told Ty not to worry and that Tammy wanted her sex bareback and he didn't need to pull out because I liked sloppy seconds and he seemed really glad to hear all of that! As soon as we got inside Tammy grabbed Ty's hand and said " the bedroom is upstairs come on" and led him up the stairs with me right behind, cock rock hard. Once in the bedroom Tammy stripped her shirt off and pulled Ty's shirt off and said " one deserves another" and I said " let Ty have the honor of taking your bra, shorts and panties off and you can strip him down and get your first look at a real black cock baby and they both liked that idea. In no time Tammy was naked and Ty remarked how he liked that her fun parts did look like they glowed next to her tan. Her 36 B tits have long pencil eraser nipples that were stuck straight out and was a sign that she was horny and ready to be fucked! Tammy said " I guess it's my turn to look at your fun parts" and started undoing his shorts. "Looks like there is something big poking out of these" said my hot wife and there was no doubt that Ty was turned on and well hung by the bulge in the front of his baggy shorts. Tammy worked his shorts around his hard dick and dropped them around his ankles and rubbed his cock thru his underwear and said" My, my you have been taking your vitamins haven't you, and worked his underwear off. Ty had a 9 or 9 1/2 inch cock that was very thick and had a big head on it and I knew Tammy's pussy was in for a serious fucking tonight! Tammy looked at Ty after getting a good look at his big black cock and said WOW, I might have a hard time getting that big thing in my mouth!" as she stroked it with her hand. She dropped to her knees and put her mouth over just the head of his dick and started to lick and suck it and then started working her mouth down the vein in the middle vertically up and down a few times then stopped at the bottom and sucked and licked his big balls that were trimmed and he closed his eyes and put his head and said "ummm". Tammy then took his cock and started sucking it about half way down up and down faster and faster while she worked his nuts with one hand and held the base of his cock with the other. I suggested that Ty lay down on the bed so he could relax while she sucked his cock and so he did. Tammy followed right away and went back to work sucking his dick like she has never sucked a dick before and trust me she has sucked a LOT of dicks. "umm" Tammy moaned" This big black dick is awful hard now, I want to ride this thing" and she got on top straddeling Ty's legs and guided his manhood to the tip of her wet cunt and without hesitating lowered herself onto his huge dick a few inches and her head went back and she let out a moan that said my pussy likes this! I knew my wife and when she rides a dick she takes a few minutes to get her first nut but then can usually cum at least two more times in rapid succession and I knew that is why she wanted to start out riding Tyrone. Ty said it was a good idea to ride it because that way she would only take as much as she could handle in her own time. Well, it wasn't long before my wife was sitting all the way down on Ty's dick and then she started riding faster and harder and Ty started to suck on her tits and I knew that nut number 1 was coming soon. Ty's big black cock looked so good sliding in and out of Tammy's juicy pussy and his cock looked even bigger and thicker once she got it all wet from her juices and she said "Umm I am going to wet that big black cock good in a just a minute". Ty said" Damn girl your pussy is so wet, it feels so good" and from the pace she was riding I knew she was about to cum. "OH GOD TAKE THIS NUT" screamed Tammy and stopped for a second or two. Ty started to roll her over but she stopped him and said "Ooh I ain't done with that big dick yet I got another nut or two to give you" and started riding him again. Just a minute or two later came nut number two followed by number three a couple of minutes later and then Tammy fell on top of her black lover exhausted. Ty knew just what to do and rolled her over and shoved his big dick in her cunt and immediately started pounding her hard and deep. Tammy's legs went out wide and I saw her toes were curling and her pussy was making that sloshy sound when it is in the FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE stage and I knew Ty was loving that and would probably get his first nut (hopefully more to cum) and I could not wait to see Tammy's pussy all stretched out and leaking his load. Sure enough it wasn't long before Ty said "its my turn to give you a nut" and Tammy said "fuck me and give it to me!" and then Ty grunted and shot his load in my wife's pussy!

They laid there in each others arms for a minute and Tammy said"ummm I really like your big black dick" and Ty said "Man I wish we would have done this sooner, I only have five weeks left here". I said " I think you are going to be getting plenty of that over the next five weeks" and Tammy said " yes you are". I was hard and ready for sloppy seconds so I grabbed my wife and slid her over to the edge of the bed so I could stand up and fuck her from the side and slid in her sloppy pink cunt. I knew I wasn't going to last long and didn't even care how that made me look in Ty's eyes, I just wanted to see how my wife's pussy felt after being fucked long hard and deep by this huge black dick. I got a nut in like two minutes and said to Ty " see why she needs boyfriends"? and we all three laughed. "Go sit in your chair and watch me fuck this big black dick some more" said Tammy in her hot voice as Ty started towards her. She got on all fours with her ass in the air and said"fuck me doggie style Ty". I sat in the chair at the foot of the bed that gives me a great view of her getting fucked and Ty went up to her mouth and had her suck his dick a little. In no time he was hard again and got behind Tammy and pushed that black dick in her all the way and she let out a moan. "You ready to take a serious fucking from this big black dick" Ty asked my wife "give it to me good, I can take all you can give me" begged Tammy. Man Ty took that as a challenge and he started fucking her harder and faster than any other man ever had and Tammy was moaning, groaning and letting out an "ow" "AH" "UM" in between and Ty said "you wanted this big black dick and now I am going to give it to you, take it baby!' Tammy's ass was bouncing her tits were bouncing her toes were curled tight and her pussy was making all kinds of noise and I though if he doesn't cum soon she might ask him to stop and that would be a first. Then Ty started to say "um, "ah" "sweet pussy" "Oh nice pussy" and I knew he was about to blow his second load in my wife for the night. Sure enough Ty asked her if she wanted it in her mouth and she said" Yeah let me taste that black cum!" Ty pulled out and Tammy rolled over just in time for Ty to stick his cock in her mouth and groan. He pulled back a couple of times and shot a little on her face and mouth so I could see he cumming in her and man that was hot! After that nut they were both satisfied for the night and lay together for a minute or two and then Ty said "I have had a great time with you and would like to do this again if you want" as he got up to get dressed. Tammy said" I really liked it too and we will definitely have you over several more times before you have to go to your next assignment". Ty said " As soon as I get to my next job I am going to put in to come back here". and Tammy said "that will be a long twelve weeks" in her sad voice. I chimed in "you guys need to make up for all that lost time in these next five weeks then. Ty, one thing you will never hear me say is that you are fucking my wife too much." "Man that is cool with me bro" he said. Tammy got up off the bed and walked downstairs with Ty and gave him a hug ( I knew he would not kiss her after he came in her mouth but I was going to after he left) and said" I will let you know what days next week you can come over" and he said "sounds good" and left. Man, it had finally happened, I had watched my wife get he hell fucked out of her by a big black cock and knew she was going to get a lot more of that big dick over the next five weeks and was looking forward it